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Elsie Turner. FIFTY WAYS OF COOKING FISH. London: Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co., Ltd, 1933. with the original glassine wrapper over the opalescent fish scale patterned boards. Good recipes. A perfect little copy. $200. 


FIFTY EGG DISHES. London: Spottiswoode, Ballentyne & Co., 1935. screened printed patterned boards in eggs in nest and chick design. pasted title on front. with the original glassine wrap. A perfect little copy. a charming, charming book — maybe impossible recipes. $200.


Georgiana Hill. HOW TO COOK APPLES SHOWN IN A HUNDRED DIFFERENT WAYS OF DRESSING THAT FRUIT. London & New York: Routledge, Warne & Routledge, 1864. 113 recipes, using Ribston Pippins, Kentish Pippins, Newtown pippins, Dutch Pippins, Normandy Pippins, Reinettes, beaufins, Russets, Golden Mondays, wonderful use of descriptive adverbs. 64 pages. flexible polished cotton cover with penned  ownership on front cover. sewn binding in a fragile state. $125.

Malachi MacCormick. IRISH TRADITIONAL COOKING. NY: The Stone Street Press. Slip cased. Hand made, stitched book and signed and numbered. Irish Festive Fare, 1984, #408/995; Irish Traditional Soups, 1984, #377/795; Irish Bread & Cakes, 1981. #203/ 500. gift inscription on slipcase. near as new.  $65. 

Florence Jack. 100 HOME BREWED WINES; 100 PICKLES AND RELISHES; 100 JAMS AND JELLIES; 100 DRINKS AND CUPS. London: Country Life Ltd., 1927, 1928. Almost new. Some paper toning. Pristine. Flexible covers, uniform in size, charming. $135.


Alan Davidson. NORTH ATLANTIC SEAFOOD. London: Macmillan Ltd.512 pages., 1979. 1st edition.   a dictionary of fish varieties, with remarks, references with 19th century drawing illustrations from historical sources; recipes beginning with Arroz de Polvo from Portugal traveling northward and into the seas, circumventing Greenland rounding Eastern Canada continuing southward to Georgia, USA.

512 pages. incorporating history, anecdotes, quotes, bibliographies and notes. Davidson was a much revered author and publisher. This copy is in VG/VG, well preserved, with a bookmark (ca early 1980's) as found, from the very famous bookshop owned by Heidi Lascelles, Books for Cooks, Notting Hill, London. $70.



THE LITTLE BOOK OF JEWISH COOKERY. London: George Newnes Ltd., (1912). 96 pages. 6 x 9 cm. gold coloring to top edge. Part of a series that were uniform in size. $225.












Ambrose Heath. GOOD PUDDINGS AND PIES. London: Faber and Faber, Ltd., 1947. 94 pages. no jacket.


Fred. T. Vine. ICES: PLAIN AND DECORATED. HOW TO MAKE AND HOW TO SERVE. London: The British Baker and Confectioner, and Purveyor, n.d. ca.1898.  VIII chapters, with CLVIII recipes. A very good copy of a very scarce Vine title. 4 color plates, one full black & white. $475.


34. Mrs. Alfred Praga. EASY FRENCH SWEETS FOR ENGLISH COOKS. London: George Newnes, Limited, 1901. Some mould desserts included. Beautiful serving dishes and dessert plates are a must. Green cloth with a decorative cover.199 pages. $90.


H. Gribbin. SUITABLE GOODS FOR HOT PLATES. RECIPES FOR MUFFINS, PIKELETS, CRUMPETS, SCONES, &c., &c. London: Maclaren & Sons, Ltd., n.d. [1900]. 52 pages + many pages of advertising of oven and flour producers & other products for the commercial baker.  $65.


MARZIPAN. Surrey: John F. Renshaw & Co., Ltd. N.d. 72 pages. a manufacturers publication but with recipes. $45.


Mabel I. Rivers. TIPS FOR TEA. PLAIN AND FANCY BREAD, SCONES,BUNS, BISCUITS,UN-ICED CAKES, ICED CAKES, FILLINGS FOR LAYER CAKES, ICINGS, SANDWICHES, etc., etc. London: Secretarial Bureau, 1907. Flexible cloth covers, a bit soiled. The author was a staff teacher at the National School of Cookery, Buckingham Palace Road. 75 pages + advertising. $35.


Margaret Bates. TALKING ABOUT CAKES. Middlesex: Penguin, 1974. 219 pages. paperback. Good Scone Recipes, Flavoured With Ginger, A chapter on Biscuits, Dreaming Bread, Sweet Nonsense, many other chapters. $15.


A. B. Marshall. THE BOOK OF ICES. London: Simpkin, n.d. tenth edition. 73 pages. End pages decorated with full page advertising. 117 recipes for ice creams. 4 color plates of elaborate ice cream  designs, each with tissue guards. Several pages of decorative moulds,  as well as numerous in text illustrations of ice grinders, & freezers. In A. B. Marshall blue cloth covers with gilt titles. A nicely preserved copy.  $225.


Geraldene Holt. CAKE STALL. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1980. “The world is divided into those who, when asked to think of a cake, think of creamy, rich chocolate gateau, and those who conjure up a succulent, aromatic fruitcake. Fruit cakes don't stay uneaten at any time of the year, but they can help a lot when one has to keep going through a cold winter”. A lovely baking book, with personal stories attached, but don't expect pictures with her recipes. A scarce baking title from the U.K. 240 pages with a dust jacket both in vg ++ condition. $175. 


Emile Herisse and C. Herman Senn. PASTRY-MAKING AND CONFECTIONERY. INCLUDING CAKES, BUNS, FANCY BISCUITS, SWEETMEATS, ICING AND PIPING, etc. London: Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd., n.d. Bitting 225. 192 pages. More than 60 illustrations. 11 chapters. Dj. $150. 




MRS. BEETON'S CAKE-MAKING INCLUDING BUNS, BISCUITS & OTHER DAINTIES. London, Ward , Lock & Co., n.d. ca. 1950's. 350 recipes Fully Illustrated, with black and white photographs. 128 pages. Slight foxing to a vg/vg copy, bright jacket. $90.


George Read. THE COMPLETE BISCUIT AND GINGERBREAD BAKER'S ASSISTANT. London: Dear and Son, 1855. c1843. not in Bitting. 16mo. originally 3 plates, 2 are missing. p.11/12 missing with the introduction section, but carefully noted in small script by the owner. probably rebound, but worn with use and age. a bit musty, foxing. some pages repaired, but carefully done. a professional manual. completely devoted to the baker's craft. Chapters on hard biscuits, biscuits made with yeast, soft biscuits, pound cakes, sponge mixture, gingerbread and cakes, muffins and crumpets. scarce and delightful. $275.  


G.A. Jarrin. THE ITALIAN CONFECTIONER; OR, COMPLETE ECONOMY OF DESSERTS:CONTAINING THE ELEMENTS OF THE ART, ACCORDING TO THE MOST MODERN AND APPROVED PRACTICE. London: William H. Ainsworth, 1827. third edtion. 8vo. 276pp. 32 sections, On Sugar to Engraving on Wood. 556 numbered recipes. 19 figures,  with descriptions on 2 folding plates. light foxing in the beginning and end of the book, otherwise a bright, tight copy. in a new binding ¼ leather. with title page and frontis. There is a science to this art and Guglielmo Jarrin was the scientist. ‘Confectioner and Ornament Maker at Mr. Gunter’s. Thoroughly documented and written about in E. David’s Harvest of the Cold Months. $1100.


William Jeanes. GUNTER’S MODERN CONFECTIONER. A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE LATEST AND MOST IMPROVED METHODS FOR MAKING THE VARIOUS KINDS OF CONFECTIONERY, INCLUDING ICES; ADAPTED FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES OR LARGE ESTABLISHMENTS. London: Dean & Sons, Publishers and Factors, nd.[1873] third edition, stated, frontis of Summer Dessert for 28 persons246 pages + advertising. Pages 136,6,7,8 in facsimile. $225. 



May Byron. MAY BYRON’S PUDDING BOOK. London: Houghton and Stoughton, ltd., 1933. 353 pages. in a poor jacket. $150.





Joseph A. Lambeth. LAMBETH METHOD OF CAKE DECORATION AND PRACTICAL PASTRIES. London: Virtue and Company Limited, 1936. First edition stated. 308 pages + advertising. A very nice copy with firm binding, no pencil marks or stains, with insert DESIGN FOR GONDOLA Page 256 present. $350.


-another copy. Detroit, 1964, fourth printing. in excellent condition. slight edge bumps. SOLD

GOOD THINGS MADE SAID & DONE FOR EVERY HOME AND HOUSEHOLD. Leeds: Goodall, Backhouse & Co., 1886. Nineteenth edition. A company producing relishes, baking powder, egg powder, ginger beer powder and other household products. 104 pages + promotional advertising. Small 24 mo. Green decorated covers. Each page has a double frame with an inspirational proverb printed within. Nicely laid-out book design. $90.


Arthur Gay Payne. THE HOUSEKEEPER'S GUIDE TO THE USE OF PRESERVED MEATS, FRUITS, CONDIMENTS, VEGETABLES &c. London: F. Warne & Co., n.d. 163 pages. Listed alphabetically, canned and jarred condiments and soups, pastes & tins, how they can be used, what they are good on or with, produced by Crosse & Blackwell, Purveyors to the Queen.$90.


EVERYBODY’S COOKERY AND HOUSEHOLD GUIDE. WITH EVERY DESCRIPTION OF TABLE DISHES, DRINKS, &c. London: Saxon & Co. ca. 1898. OCLC Number: 8425608. small 24 mo. An all purpose cookery book with recipes listed alphabetically. 13.5 x 10.5cm. seasonable menus, weights and measures, sickroom recipes, house hold hints. Several pages of advertising. 198 pages.$75.


Mary Hooper. HANDBOOK FOR THE BREAKFAST TABLE. VARIED AND ECONOMICAL DISHES. London: Griffith and Farran, 1873. 64  pages. small green cloth covered boards with stamped decorative front titles. Text block wobbly, exposed mull. charming gift inscription: Miss Jinks This Book a Gift of her Mistris.   $75.


Mrs C. F. Leyel & Miss Olga Hartley. THE GENTLE ART OF COOKERY. London: Chatto & Windus, 1925. first edition. beautifully written with chapters on chestnuts, cold supper dishes, dishes from the Arabian Nights, rice and other cereals, fruit, almonds, the alchemist’s cupboard and several more.An author greatly esteemed by Elizabeth David who said that The Gentle Art was the equivalent in cookery as was Walter de la Mare’s Come Hither of her childhood. And “ When I first had Mrs. Leyel’s book nothing and nobody on earth could have sold me an English rice pudding, but a rice cream made with lemon and almonds and served in a silver dish, well, that gave one something to think about....’ 451 pages in yellow cloth, no jacket. a good sturdy copy. $250.

a later copy, 1947, from the collection of Robert Carrier, in a bright dust jacket. $115.


M.K. Samuelson. SUSSEX RECIPE BOOK WITH A FEW EXCURSIONS INTO KENT. London: Countryyy Life Limited, 1937. recipes gleaned from an 18th century manuscript book of Philadelphia Shoebridge whose family originated in Wadhurst and Ticehurst. Additional recipes. a charming book covering soups, fish, game pies, beef, poultry and game, vegetables, pickles and cakes. 1st ed. with its dust jacket, 188pp. $125.


Katherine Curragh. LADY INTO COOK. London: The Cresset Press, 1957. General bourgeois cookbook, with an emphasis on talking through a recipe. Dj and book in VG/VG+. $40.


Ambrose Heath. MORE GOOD FOOD. London: Faber & Faber, Limited, 1933. First edition. first printing. Decorations by Edward Bawden. A year of seasonal cooking.  In VG/VG++ $200.


COLD SAVOURY MEALS CONTAINING MENUS AND RECIPES FOR 67 MEALS & ADDITIONAL SANDWICH RECIPES. London: George Routledge, n.d. 87 pages. a very good copy in a very bright dust jacket. $200.


D.D. Cottington Taylor. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING A B C OF COOKERY. London: Good Housekeeping Magazine, 1929. All purpose kitchen cookbook. In a contemporary bright jacket. book is VG unused. $$65.


--THE BOOK OF BREAKFASTS. London: Alexander Maclehose & Co., 1932. 169 pages. in a scarce jacket. a rare collection of recipes and food from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland with commentaries of gathering ingredients, preparations, histories. Recipes include Boiled Herring, Broiled Herring, Grilled Herring, Gruel, Sowens Aigar Brose. In very good/very good. $250.




 --FARMHOUSE COOKERY. London: Newes, n.d. Regional cookery. One page (52-53) lists recipes for Rook Pie, Cloved Apples, Stuffed Apples, Mint Cure, Mushroomy Pie and Funeral Cakes. 134 pages. Very scarce in a dust jacket. And the most charming jacket for a cook book. Newspaper clippings inside. Small black and white illustrations, white lines on black backgrounds. $200.

Dorothy Allhusen. A BOOK OF SCENTS AND DISHES. London: Williams & Norgate Ltd., 1934. c.1926. a charitable collection of recipes that were gathered from friends and acquaintances from Lady Grace Barry to Vita Sackville West. 258 pages, very decorative boards and a scarce dust jacket. From soups to pot pourri. $145.


MRS. BEETON'S BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT A GUIDE TO COOKERY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. London: Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd., new edition. n.d. mid  30’s. 1680 pages + 11 pages of advertising. many chapters of cooking recipes and household management. A big book. $95.


THE COOKERY BOOK OF LADY CLARK OF TILLYPRONIE. London: Constable & Company, LTD., 1909. arranged and edited by Catherine Frances Frere. From 16 books of notes and manuscripts compiled by Lady Clark during her lifetime of travel and entertaining. an exquisite collection of recipes. 12 recipes for yeast, 7 pages of beverages, 4 recipes for grissini, scones, domestic household recipes which includes a remedy to prevent the taste of turnips in milk, 2 recipes for Rowan Jelly (without the addition of apples), ham, beef, mutton, with many recipes for all the parts, sauces, soups ( including Lady Hobhouse's dried turtle soup), lots of sweet dishes, vegetables and an appendix for opinions and to spare animals unnecessary pain. and a very good index. Ms. Frere tells us that the color of the cloth of the book was the tint of the beech leaves in autumn from the hedges in the garden of Tillypronie. It seems to have been a very special place and she a very, very special person. a better than a good copy, tight, a few stains to the edges. no cracks or pencil marks, a darkened spine but a legible title. Front cover gilt title with her seal of entwined C's below a raptor. 584 pages. $250.


F. Marian McNeill. THE SCOT’S KITCHEN. London: Blackie  & Sons, Limited, 1929. 1st edition. in a VG copy in a VG jacket.  light foxing to page edges. $150. 


S. Beaty - Pownall. THE "QUEEN" COOKERY BOOKS. London: Horace Cox. second and third printings of the series, dating from 1903-1906. grey waxed cloth with red and blue decorative front cover, title on spine and an advertisement on the back cover, in the original, flip lid CABINET QUEEN COOKERY BOOKS box 5 x 7 x 9". a very good box with design flaws (perhaps) for the cover- split end. $325.


Sacheverell Sitwell. TRUFFLE HUNT. London: Robert Hale Limited, 1953. short essays from The Sunday Times (London) not necessarily about food; some touching on the topic, though it is a nice title for a book. 


Georgina Countess of Dudley. A SECOND DUDLEY BOOK OF RECIPES. London: Hutchinson & Co., n.d. (1914) With 8 photogravures. Frontis of the author.  With a D.J. covers soups to beverages—a very good copy. $125.


JOHN FOTHERGILL’S COOKERY BOOK. London: Chatto & Windus, 1943. Who also wrote about his experiences as an Innkeeper & who hosted literary luminaries. Interesting for the jacket and the pub food recipes- in print. Rare as a first, with a jacket. $75.


Nancy Shaw. FOOD FOR THE GREEDY. Chesterfield, Florian Press, Ltd, 1951, c.1936.

British cookery at its best. A slim volume, 93 pages. + pages for notes. From the library of Robert Carrier, his signature on the FEP. $75.


(Victoria Lily Ponsonby nee Kennard.) LADY SYSONBY’S COOK BOOK. London: Putnam, 1948. c. 1935. family recipes from Marlborough Gate. illustrated with the delightful decorations of Oliver Messel. with a dust jacket. a very nice copy! $145.

--another copy. 1948.  $100.

M.S. Lovell. EDIBLE MOLLUSKS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WITH RECIPES FOR COOKING THEM. London: Reeve & Co., 1867. pages not in Bitting; Vicaire. in NYPL; Hollis, 2nd. ed.; British Library; LOC. covering the snail, the cockle, the razor-shell, mussel, oyster, scallop, the ear-shell or sea-ear, the limpet, whelk, pullet, piddock, cuttle, the purple sea-urchin. with many recipes, historical as well included within each description of the animal. Bibliography, including more than 20 cookbook titles. 207 pages + 12 chromoliths + 24 pages of publisher advertising. interior crack at page 160-1. clean and bright, with beautiful illustrations and a bright gilt front cover. $450.


W. R. Lord, R.A. CRAB, SHRIMP AND LOBSTER LORE. GATHERED AMONGST THE ROCKS AT THE SEA SHORE, BY THE RIVERSIDE, AND IN THE FOREST. London: George Routledge and Sons, 1867. A nature narrative of the species, where they are found, who would look for them, vivid descriptions of the underwater habitats.Illustrations of tools for collecting—also includes crayfish. Passing remarks that some are great food while others are not to be bothered with. Small red cloth with a gilt decorations, 118 pages + publishers advertising. Presumably it was a previous owners signature cut out with a scissor at the top of the title page, 1” x 4”. Book seller stamp of Lowenstein’s Corner Book Shop, N.Y. on front pastedown. Page toning and little bit of hinge wear and tear. Overall, bright and clean. $175.


John R. Philpots, L.R.C.P. & S. Edin., J.P., &c. OYSTERS AND ALL ABOUT THEM BEING A COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE TITULAR SUBJECT, EXHAUSTIVE ON ALL POINTS OF NECESSARY AND CURIOUS INFORMATION FROM THE EARLIEST WRITERS TO THOSE OF THE PRESENT TIME, WITH NUMEROUS ADDITIONS, FACTS, AND NOTES. London: John Richardson & Co., 1890-1891. With in depth research and observation on the subjects of: Ancient History, What is an Oyster, varieties of Oysters, Perils of the Oyster, How to Cook and Eat Oysters (with recipes) The Oyster and the Doctor, Oyster Culture in Germany, Italy, Holland, America, West Africa. England and France, Curiosities of Oysters, Oyster Fishery Legislation, Conservation of Beds, more. In 2 volumes, 1370 pages. 1st printing. In matching dark blue, with decorations and titles on the front and titles on the spine. In VG, no hinge cracking or repairs. $1500.


Rev. Charles Williams. SILVERSHELL; OR, THE ADVENTURES OF AN OYSTER. London: Judd & Glass, 1857, c.1856. 184 +1 advertising page. A small quasi-academic study. Classified as a juvenile study. 19 engravings, 12 chapters covering how an oyster develops, the shell structure, the pearl oyster, a mature oyster, no recipes. A very clean, tightly bound copy. Small, 6 ¾ x 4 1/2”. green blind stamped cloth with a gilt front title and oyster design. $165.


Rev. C. David Badham, M.D. PROSE HALIEUTICS OR ANCIENT AND MODERN FISH TATTLE. London: John W. Parker and Son, 1854. an anthology— from descriptions of the ancient to the modern art, fish sauces (!) ancient of course, different species described, in depth description of physiology, in the market places, unusual traits of that species, in art. An incredible anthology of fish prattle. blue decorative stamped cloth with gilt title on spine. 552 pages. index includes such varied topics as Chaucer; eel; minnow; Naples Bay; Pliny; poisonious fish; Shad; Sophocles. footnotes. hinges reinforced. $150.


On the subject:

Arnould Locard. LES HUITRES ET LES MOLLUSQUES COMESTIBLES MOULES, PRAIRES, CLOVISSE, ESCARGOTS, ETC. Paris: Librairie J.B. Bailliere et Fils, 1890. farming, taxonomy with 97 illustrations. scarce title. in French. in an early green cloth cover with ¼ leather, gilt decorative title on spine and a ribbon page marker. in very good, tight condition. Bitting 291.  $600.

J. Berjane. FRENCH DISHES FOR ENGLISH TABLES. London: Frederick Warne & Co., Ltd., 1931. a very good selection of recipes: For I know one place where my little book will find at least a friendly shelter- somewhere in sunny Devon, that blessed land of cream, cider and cheese, where old fashioned kitchen gardens, full of savoury herbs, breathe out the fragrance of their rustic scent. in a dust jacket, barely used, some toning and light foxing. $75.


Jessie Conrad. A HANDBOOK OF COOKERY FOR A SMALL HOUSE. London: William Heinemann, ltd, 1923. 12mo. 135pp. preface by Joseph Conrad. a good tattersall patterned checked dust jacket over very good waxed linen hardcover. INSCRIBED BY JESSIE CONRAD and dated 1925. Conrad’s cookery book was simultaneously printed in New York by Doubleday, Page and Company. Leonard N. Beck in his book Two Loaf Givers devotes a page to Jessie with an illustration and some publishing gossip. $375.


Eliza Acton. THE PEOPLE'S BOOK OF MODERN COOKERY. WITH ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS ON COOKING FOR CHILDREN, COOKING FOR INVALIDS, AND THE DIGESTIBILITY OF DIFFERENT FOODS. London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., n.d. ca. 1880's. 34th edition. 500 pages. black and white line illustrations, a frontis of sweet and savoury entremets. an all purpose cookbook, though vegetables lack attention and cooking recipes reflect that century. gilt decorations and title on the wide spine. tight, toned paper. $125.


William Cobbett. COTTAGE ECONOMY. London: Printed by the author, 1824. Practical advice for a small production by this famous farmer. see the wikipedia entry by clicking the author's name. Title page enlargement. $125.

Mrs. Glasse. THE ART OF COOKERY MADE PLAIN AND EASY; EXCELLING ANY THING OF THE KIND EVER YET PUBLISHED.CONTAINING DIRECTIONS FOR MARKET......MADE WINES, &c &c &c. London: For Ann Lemoine, White –Rose –Court, Coleman –Street And J. Roe, No.90, Houndsditch, 1802. ornamented with engravings, explaining the method used by the London butchers in cutting meat; with the names of the different joints; and a variety of cuts, shewing the art of TRUSSING AND CARVING. that being 3 engravings, the first is a folding frontis (repaired) the 2 others inserted within. marbled boards, half-binding. an OFF year, that is not in NYPL, LOC, Schlesinger. bright, clean copy. $450.

Dorothy Hartley. WATER IN ENGLAND. London: MacDonald, 1964. with a dj. a 'work of scholarship' a history, medicinal, scientific, running; static; caught, and conducted and compelled; domiciled; domesticated; drinks; plants and personalities pertaining to water; sundries, bibliography- profusely illustrated. 435 pages. $50.

J.C. Drummond and Anne Wilbraham. THE ENGLISHMAN'S FOOD. London: Reader's Union, Jonathan Cape, 1959. c.1958. 482 pages, footnotes. A very clean, near fine copy. A scholarly history covering Medieval & Tudor to the 20th Century. Production, quality, diet, scurvy, preservation, the rise of nutrition, diet in institutions. With some illustrations. $75.

Elisabeth Ayrton. THE COOKERY OF ENGLAND. Purnell Book Services Ltd., 1975. a very good history using recipes. Opinionated, scholarly and wonderfully written. $90.

C. Anne Wilson. THE APPETITE AND THE EYE. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1991. 8vo. 162pp. A collection of papers contributed by Wilson, Peter Brears, Dena Attar and Lynette Hunter to the Leeds Symposium on Food History and Traditions. The subject is the Visual Aspects of Food and its Presentation Within their Historic Context [of the middle ages]- Wilson is a respected food historian whose research has been published by several University Presses as well as for Petit Propos Culinaires. an 'as new' copy. $30.

SECOND HELPING. NY: Frederick A. Stokes, n.d. later printing (1925 first edition) frontis by Laboureur. more simple recipes, or simply put recipes. 156 pages, with a dust jacket. $125.


X. Marcel. Boulestin. HERBS, SALADS AND SEASONINGS. London: William Heinemann, 1930. 8vo. 72pp.with illustrations by Cedric Morris. #25 of a limited edition of 75. signed by both Boulestin and Hill. green polished linen cloth covers, sunned spine. $425.


Rev. G.R. Wedgwood. THE HISTORY OF THE TEA-CUP. London: T. Woolmer, n.d. ca. late 19th cloth with gilt and black stamped front cover, spine is also elaborately decorated. covering a bit of history, tea picking, jumping to the counties of Kent, Northamptonshire and Staffordshire and their ancient histories, to the potteries, covering vernacular terminology and the social heirarchy of the pottery works- including child labor. a scarce title. in very good condition. clean, solid binding, a few spots, a small stain to the ep. bright. $350.


'Please do not spoil your asparagus by pouring an indifferent white sauce like thin "congee" over it.'


"Wyvern" (Colonel Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert). CULINARY JOTTINGS FOR MADRAS A TREATISE IN THIRTY CHAPTERS ON REFORMED COOKERY FOR ANGLO-INDIAN EXILES, BASED UPON MODERN ENGLISH, AND CONTINENTAL PRINCIPLES WITH THIRTY MENUS FOR LITTLE DINNERS WORKED OUT IN DETAIL, AND AN ESSAY ON OUR KITCHENS IN INDIA. Madras: Higginbotham and co., 1880. third edition. 440pp. lengthy discourses on food and recipes by a colonel who very much so likes his food in his outpost in India. original cloth binding with title on spine. end pages have a stuck paper residue. otherwise in good condition. decorative designs at the beginning and end of the chapters. A mixture of English-French-Indian cooking. Very entertaining. $245.


LONDON AT DINNER WHERE TO DINE. London: Robert Hardwicke, 1858. c. 1851. revised edition. 16mo. 63 pages +24 adv. Cover illustration by Phiz. Worn, scarce. In NYPL. $200.

Elizabeth David. A BOOK OF MEDITERRANEAN FOOD. London: John Lehmann, 1950. small 8vo. 191pp. a near perfect 1st edition copy. red and white (warp&weft)  fabric cover which has remained bright, save for a slight bit of toning at the top, brown decorative title of gilt. The jacket has the most minor-est of wear. This was E. David’s first published cookbook containing the literary references that has sent many, including me, in reading tangents. An owner’s signature on the FEP dated is1950. $1450.

--A BOOK OF MEDITERRANEAN FOOD. 7th impression, 1955. $450


Elizabeth David. FRENCH COUNTRY COOKING. London: John Lehman, 1951. 1st edition, 1st printing. clipped jacket. some areas of the back jacket missing, front chips, in a protective jacket. recipes punctuated by references from other cookbooks and from many influential writers and travelers. $450.


Elizabeth David. SUMMER COOKING. London: Museum Press, 1955. first editiion with DJ variant. Illustrations by Adrian Daintrey throughout. a spot or two or three in the test, otherwise very clean and tight and clean. lightly sunned spine. $400.

Elizabeth David. DRIED HERBS, AROMATICS AND CONDIMENTS. 1967. a first printing, card covered. 20 pages. a lovely copy, bright and clean. stapled binding. 5 7/8" x 4 3/4". a thematic bean pot design on front the cover. $50.


ELIZABETH DAVID LTD. CATALOGUE 1968-9. 20 pages. 8 1/4" x 5 7/8". grey card covers with a marmite on front and Tuscan bean pot on the back cover- an advertising for the Cookery Book Set. what to find in her shop, spoons, bowls, whisks, knives, tools for straining, sieving, chopping, slicing, mincing. Pots for boiling, stewing, braising and oven-roasting. Pans for frying and sauteing, pate moulds and terrines, mousse and aspic moulds. more, more, more. with a few inserts- a news paper clipping from La Cuisiniere on Montague Street, Worthing, dated February 1971; a card stock folded insert NOTES ON THE CARE OF COOKING EQUIPMENT n.d.; a thick paper folded instructions for THE CARE AND USE OF KITCHEN EQUIPMENT dated 1982. 2 staple binding. a very good copy. $125.


THE USE OF WINE IN FINE COOKING. London: Saccone & Speed Limited, 1950. 16 page pamphlet. 4 3/4 x 6 1/2" a bright clean copy,some discoloration on the front top left, a strong binding of 2 staples. cover illustration is "From an Old French Engraving" an open larder, laden table, open drapery and hanging ham ! Commentaries by David with recipes. very scarce. $250.

Elizabeth David. ITALIAN FOOD. London: MacDonald, fifth impression, January 1959. as with all her books, lots of commentary and references and wonderful recipes. a small list of other recommended Italian cookbooks. this copy signed on the title page. $1500.


ITALIAN FOOD. London: MacDonald, 1955. third impression. (this copy was sold to me by a UK dealer who had gleaned from the remains of Edward Ardizzone’s house. Front FEP Inscription to Ardizzone from D.) $500.

--ENGLISH BREAD AND YEAST COOKERY. NY: The Viking Press, 1980. large 8vo. 592pp. covering the history and background, milling, flours, yeast storage and much, more and the recipes and an extensive bibliography. a bright jacket in a protective sleeve and a very good copy of this book. sold

--another copy. Middlesex: Penguin, 1987.c1977. a paperbound copy in VG++ shape. signed on the title page by David. see below.  $365.


--AN OMELETTE AND A GLASS OF WINE. NY: Viking, 1985. first American edition. a very good + copy with Very good, bright jacket. high lightening on p. 79 with the word 'no' written in and underlined. $65.


--HARVEST OF THE COLD MONTHS. NY: Viking, 1995. David’s last written and researched book on the subject of the social history of ice and ice cream. dust jacket and book are in perfect condition- unclipped price and no remainder mark as is common with this title. and extensive BIBLIOGRAPHY as usual. $75.

One of England’s most captivating and eloquent food writer was Elizabeth David. Writing about Mediterranean, French Country or Italian food, about Ice Cream or Bread, she was knowledgable and formidable to more than a few. She was inspirational and still is inspirational to many.
A group of postcards addressed to Elizabeth David. Liza, Liz, Mrs.David, Mrs. Elizabeth David, Mrs. Anthony David. 1 from 1948, the others from the 50’s and 60’s. one is addressed to National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, the others to her house at 24 Halsey Street London. $250.

A Wholesale Curer of Comestibles. THE ART AND MYSTERY OF CURING, PRESERVING, AND POTTING ALL KINDS OF MEATS, GAME AND FISH; ALSO THE ART OF PICKLING….. London: Chapman and Hall, 1864. 184 pages. a very good, sound clean 1st edition. covering meats and fish, dried and smoked, potted, pickled, preserving fruits and vegetables as pickles, ketchups or jams. a scarce title. 2 book seller stamps on front paste down. Welsh Dried Salmon; Fine Dutch Salmon; Superior Kippered Salmon; Kippered Mackerel; Cape Breton, or Digby Herring; Aldborough Smoked Sprats; British Anchovies; Italian Cincerelli; Jersey Black Pudding; Potted Lobsters; Young Pig Collared; Potted Moor Game; Potted Eels; Essence of Anchovies; Tomato Catsup; Bengal Chetna, West India Preserved Green Ginger; Lemon Pickle— $325.  


Madame Roxey A. Caplin. HEALTH AND BEAUTY OR CORSETS AND CLOTHING. London: Darton and Co., [1856]. second edition. Keeping women’s bodies healthy without corsets or constrictions. The idealized natural Venus. Theories of posture and body development by Ms. Caplin. A WELL USED Kellogg Library copy. gilt decorations on deep blue textured cloth cover. illustrations. very loose cracked spine. scarce. $300.