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NOREN. Natural colored linen with hand painted squash motifs. rod sleeve for hanging. 2 panels  hand stitched  at the top. 34” W x 47”L .very pretty. $300.


BREAD BANNER. 46”L X 36”W.  medium weight cotton muslin with sizing. a vintage banner from  the Bread and Puppet Theater. as new. with curtain rod sleeve. unfinished edges.
Schumann founded the Bread and Puppet Theater in 1963 in New York City. The theater is named for its combination of puppetry shows with free freshly baked bread.(Sommer, The Buffalo News) They are in Glover, Vermont now and the theater’s peace
productions themes are politically themed.  $250.



Alan Davidson. NORTH ATLANTIC SEAFOOD. London: Macmillan Ltd.512 pages., 1979. 1st edition.   a dictionary of fish varieties, with remarks, references with 19th century drawing illustrations from historical sources; recipes beginning with Arroz de Polvo from Portugal traveling northward and into the seas, circumventing Greenland rounding Eastern Canada continuing southward to Georgia, USA.

512 pages. incorporating history, anecdotes, quotes, bibliographies and notes. Davidson was a much revered author and publisher. This copy is in VG/VG, well preserved, with a bookmark (ca early 1980's) as found, from the very famous bookshop owned by Heidi Lascelles, Books for Cooks, Notting Hill, London. $70.



Mary Ellis Ames. BALANCED MEALS. Minneapolis: Pillsbury Flour Mills, 1933. deco inspired, novelty aluminum case with clip binder. Thumb indexed, 225 pages plus additional unused blank pages for write ins. $65.




GYPSY FAN. THE NEW WOBURN OR BEDFORD (GYPSY FAN) FOR 1808. 8.5” Smooth wooden guards, 2 washers, good sticks, leaf design on one side of playing cards and fortunes and directions for playing. A pretty lace capped and bonneted lady beckons. see the similar fan in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. $800.

Merle Armitage. “ FIT FOR A KING”. New York: Longmans, Green & Company, 1939. large 8vo. 258 pp + 3. true 1st ed. bright, clean dust jacket, yellow cloth cover with stamped titles. The book was later printed by Duell, Sloan and Pearce using the same date. a cookbook noted for the unique Armitage design and for Edward Weston’s rich, warm black and white photographs of vegetables- placed at the end of the book. a collaborative book with notable artist and writer contributors: Gertrude Stein, Louis Untermeyer, Crosby Gaige. Rockwell Kent and Raymond Loewy, many others. The papers of Armitage are housed in The University of Iowa, The University of Texas in Austin and at The University of Arizona in Tucson. $400.

--another copy. second printing. NY: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1949. a VG copy in a bright yellow colored jacket that lacks the back strip. $100.


MFK Fisher. A CORDIALL WATER A GARLAND OF ODD & OLD RECEIPTS TO ASSUAGE THE ILLS OF MAN OR BEAST. Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1961. st ed. recipes for herbs and pills for ills and sicknesses or and the histories that go with the cures -drawing from her collection and fascination of the subject. 178 pages. A vg copy. with some wear to the jacket.  $115.


C.M. Brown and C.L. Gates. SCISSORS AND YARDSTICK; OR, ALL ABOUT DRY GOODS. Hartford: Brown and Jaqua, 1872. 8ov. presumably a primer for the dry goods store. a dictionary of fabrics and fibers, coloring matter: cochineal, nutgalls, madder, etc.  White goods; flannels; dress goods; silks; velvets; carpets; tapestry goods. many, many more fabrics and goods defined. page text is within a linear block. each subject has a title introduction with decorative script. and there is a  very decorative bookplate from the publisher to Mr. and Mrs. Brown.  $125.

One of England’s most captivating and eloquent food writer was Elizabeth David. Writing about Mediterranean, French Country or Italian food, about Ice Cream or Bread, she was knowledgable and formidable to more than a few. She was inspirational and still is inspirational to many.
A group of postcards addressed to Elizabeth David. Liza, Liz, Mrs.David, Mrs. Elizabeth David, Mrs. Anthony David. 1 from 1948, the others from the 50’s and 60’s. one is addressed to National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, the others to her house at 24 Halsey Street London. $450.


N.M. Penzer. THE BOOK OF THE WINE LABEL. London: Home & Van Thal, 1947. 144 pages + 28 plates of labels in Mother of Peral, Porcelain, Silver and Curios. a science and an art for the collector. Bibliography. $65.



Pamela Vandyke Price. ALSACE WINES. London & New York: Sotheby’s Publications, 1984. covering The Alsace Vineyard, History, Varieties of grapes, How the wine is made, Special Wines, Confrerie Saint Etienne. maps and color plates. $30.


Alexandre Dumas.  GRAND DICTIONNAIRE DE CUISINE. Paris: Lemerre,1873. 155 pages + 24 pages of advertising. title page in red and black type. frontis with tissue guard, reinforced binding, tight and clean, 1/4 leather, mended corners. intro and portrait of Vuillemot     and several introductions, a calendar of months by de la Reyniere, the grand Dictionnaire, that will give histories, recipes or how the listed is used. a section of Vin. encyclopedic. $2100.
—PETIT DICTIONNAIRE DE CUISINE PAR ALEXANDRE DUMAS. Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1882. 819 pages. front paper covers detached, binding loose. fragile paper. clean. $550.


Robbins, Wilfred William; John Peabody Harrington; Barbara Freire-Marreco. THE ETHNOBOTANY OF THE TEWA INDIANS. Washington: Government pPrinting Office, 1916. 124 pages + folding map of the Jemez Plateau, showing topography, ruins, cliff dwellings and settlements of the Pueblo. The authors have identified the plant specimens the Tewa have used for healing and for foods, seeds, nuts, leaves, wood, juice, gum, gall balls, with annotated lists of plants and trees, indigenous and cultivated. Illustrations and photographs of plants and terrain. The authors also have listed Tewa words and pronounciation symbols and a small section on the uses for some of the gathered vegetation. Khaki colored cloth uniform to the government studies. title on spine, uniform to the series. $45.




Kendall Banning. THE SQUIRE’S RECIPES. Chicago: Brothers of the Book, 1912. reprinted from an 1784 copy found in a Connecticut attic. hoax. 'compounded recipes of toddies' and stories. a slim volume. unpaginated. deckled edges, uncut, addenda laid in with an extra title label. as new. $165.


May Beattie. RECIPES FROM BAGHDAD.  Baghdad: The Indian Red Cross, 1946. A mixture of recipes, Ajjat el Quarnabit, Kabab Mafrum, Marabba mal Qaddah, Abu Nawas—a cocktail, Kubba Lebania, Bubble and Squeak—to name a few. A mixture. black paper covered boards with green title, 163 pages. DJ. Beattie was a distinguished scholar of eastern carpets—a link to her studies and travels is here. No jacket. sold.



Letter from Alice B. Toklas to Mr. Cummings (Philip Cummings, Woodstock, VT)  from the apartment at 27 Rue de Fleurus. The letter was written one year after the publication of The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas, a book that brought much fame and notoriety to the couple. Alice had written the cookbook after Gertrude’s death, in it recalling the company and meals, the wars they had seen, their lives together in Bilignin.
It is a short, beautifully crafted letter. $750.


There are 3 different links in my short description from The New York Times and to Wikipedia pages about Mr. Cummings and 27 rue de Fleurus.

Critical of their clothes.

A 2 page handwritten letter by C. J. Cowles of Charlottesville N.C., who is a cousin of Livinia Andrews of New Britain, Ct.  C.J. is disappointed that Livinia wasn’t able to join her for the meeting in Shaker Village, known also as Watervliet (NY)  
But the letter gives a interesting description of what she saw and her impression of the Shaker ladies’ dresses. “ I am spending the day with the Shakers- attended their meeting which was thronged today & felt that you would have enjoyed the scene exceedingly. We had dozens of mediums  The Sisters looked rather grotesque in their plain white hoopless habits — all were dressed alike— all wore white muslin crepes— the skirt pleated back from the front— broad pleat front & their narrow ones not unlike a shirt bosom on a large scale— with kerchiefs laid smooth across the shoulder— folded from corner to corner…”  continuing with their pale countenance and also the dress of the men.

Dated August 9 1857.  The letter was dispatched from Albany as a ‘free’ letter meaning the postage was paid by C.J. and the carrier would not need to collect a stamp fee from Lavinia.  $300.

Henriette Davidis-Holle. PRACTISCHES   KOCHBUCH.  Bielefield und Liepzig: Verlag von Belhagen & Klasing, 1927. 667 pages, a very bright copy, decorative endpages. old Germanic typeface, color plates and line illustrations. All purpose cooking and household. In a beautifully preserved, bright  box.  $175.


Z. Guinaudeau. FES. Rabat: J. E. Laurent, 1962. In French. card covers. artichokes, olives, lemons.   $95.



Bruce Reynolds. PARIS WITH THE LID LIFTED. A. L. Burt & Company, 1927. first edition with a bright jacket.  a between the wars tour guide. Theaters, Shopping, Bars, Dance Halls, etc. in VG/VG. $75.

[Sidney Grimaldi.] THE TOILET. London: The Author, 1821, second edition. A book of good virtues for young girls. The author encourages virtues to be used as little decorations or adornments rather than Vanity, Lip Salve or Face Paint. Constructed as a “flap” book, unpaginated. In relatively very good condition, one  flap and one tissue guard missing. Original paper covered boards, centered title with simple decorative border. worn spine covering. hand colored flaps and virtue engravings.
Table of Contents:
1.The Enchanting Mirror. tissue, flap
2.A was to smooth Wrinkles. tissue, flap
3.An universal Beautifier.tissue, flap
4.Matchless Ear Rings.tissue, flap missing
5.Best White Paint. tissue, flap
6.Superior Rouge.tissue, flap
7.A mixture to Sweeten the Voice.tissue, flap
8.Fine Lip Salve. no tissue, flap
9.The late King’s Eye Water.tissue, flap



TEA. From The Mark T. Wendell Tea Company.
HU KWA. Green Tea, Earl Gray. Loose tea in tins. Call or write for prices.



Janet Ross. LEAVES FROM OUR TUSCAN KITCHEN. London:  London: J. M. Dent and Sons, Ltd., 1931. a very pleasing copy, tissue guard at frontis, tight, clean and a bright jacket with a bit of smudging. $115.


Auguste Escoffier. MI COCINA.  Barcelona: Ediciones Garriga, 1965. 2500 recipes. 569 pages. Book and recipe format is comparable to the early French editions. color photographs.  this edition is in Spanish. a pristine copy in a very sturdy slipcase. $60.


Madame Romaine de Lyon. THE ART OF MAKING OMELETTES. NY: Double Day, Garden City, 1963. “Over 500 tasty and imaginative variations on the this popular egg dish” egg yolk colored dj in near fine condition. A portrait of Mme Romaine in her restaurant on the back jacket.  But first her history, born in Lyon to restauranteurs -this is Chapter one and then on to how to make an Omelette and then the recipes. Her NYC restaurant was on East 56th Street. $75.

Fannie Merritt Framer. THE BOSTON COOKING-SCHOOL COOK BOOK. Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1921. c 1918. first published in 1896. This is a revised edition with new chapters on the cold-pack method of canning, on the drying of fruits and vegetables, and on food values.
This copy in VG++, book and jacket. $125.

By Several Ladies. THE POCUMTUC HOUSEWIFE  A GUIDE TO DOMESTIC COOKERY AS IT IS PRACTICED IN THE CONNECTICUT VALLEY. Deerfield, 1906. A charitable publication for the Deerfield Academy and the First Church. 56 pages with several pages of advertising. revised printing of 1906. Originally printed in 1805. Flexible covers. 2 staples hold it together. $50.


G. Hennequin. NOUVEAU MANUEL COMPLET DU CHARCUTIER DU BOUCHER ET DE L’EQUARRISSEUR TRAITANT DE L’ELEVAGE MODERNE DU PORC. Paris: Encyclopedie- Roret, 1923. With recipes, equipment illustrations, diagrams of the animals, 390 pages, fold out diagram of the different quality of the meat for the butcher. Table of contents and 36 pages of advertising from the publisher. $165.


Restaurant Receipt. LA PYRAMIDE. Lunch with a Hermitage. Ca. 1960’s- early 70’s. $125.