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Elizabeth Lucas. MRS. LUCAS’S FRENCH COOKERY BOOK.  London: Christophers, 1929.  Easy to follow recipes, if you know what’s what in a kitchen- no illustrations. In dictionary form—a bold type title followed by the steps, making it far easier, I would think, to cook. 231 pages, a little foxing, on the outer page edges, a bright jacket—maybe unused. $75.

Tanaquil LeClercq. THE BALLET COOK BOOK. New York: Stein & Day, 1966. Even if you don’t use it as cookbook the pictures of the dancers are so captivating and they will make you smile.It is a collection of recipes contributed by dancers. 424 pages, with the distinctive gold jacket. Scarce. $350.

George Saintsbury. NOTES ON A CELLAR-BOOK. London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1920. A great man of letters but remembered foremost for his Notes. This is a first edition copy with a dust jacket—with an Andrian Grant  ex,ibris plate with an image of a griffon, a Latin sentiment(?) front FFP and another on the FEP, and a bit of marginalia, presumably from Mr. Grant. Scarce and entertaining. $400.


Neil Gunn. WHISKY AND SCOTLAND. A PRACTICAL AND SPIRITUAL SURVEY. London: George Routledge, 1935.  The first edition, with a dust jacket.  UISGEBEATHA, the Celts, the tradition, the Highlands and the Lowlands and above all nationalism. Part of The Voice of Scotland series. $115.

 NYESTE OG FULDSTAENDIGSTE KOGEBOG FOR STOREOG SMAA HUSHOLDNINGER. Bertha. Kristiania: Sophus Kredits,  n.d. ca.1890. in Norweigan. $100.


Peggie Benton. FINNISH FOOD. 350 RECIPES. Oxford: Bruno Cassirer, 1960. 116 pages. Charming, good northern recipes— from soups to special holiday fare.$40.


J. Marshall Robb, B.Sc. SCOTCH WHISKY A GUIDE. London: W. & R. Chambers, Ltd., 1950. A brief history, with many illustrations and references. A small take-a-way. Hardcover with d.j. 80 pages. $40.


M.C. Cooke. EDIBLE & POISONOUS MUSHROOMS. WHAT TO EAT AND WHAT TO AVOID. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), 1894. With eighteen colored plates illustrating 48 species. Illustrations are bright and well executed for identification. A good, clean and attractive copy. $125.




THE BREWER: A FAMILIAR TREATISE ON THE ART OF BREWING, WITH SPECIAL DIRECTIONS FOR  THE MANUFACTURE OF THE PALE ALE & BITTER BEER, AND THE USE OF SUGAR BY BREWERS. London: William Loftus, 1867. Covering General Principles, Materials Used, Fermentation, Management of Beer in Casks, Small Brewing with Limited Conveniences, Bottling. 173 pages, some illustrations additionally there are  22 pages of advertising with more illustrations of brewing instruments. Restored end pages.


N. Beth Bailey. MEAL PLANNING AND TABLE SERVICE. Illinois: The Manual Arts Press, 1924. The etiquette of entertaining-- on a small scale, how to how entertain and the protocol at the table. $45.


William Nyce & Hubert Bunyea. GRACE BEFORE MEALS. ARRANGED FOR EACH DAY IN THE YEAR. Philadelphia: The John C. Winston Co., 1939. c. 1911. Meal blessings. A very clean copy with a scarce, although stained, jacket. SOLD



Bert Milton. HOW TO BEHAVE AT A BANQUET.  Boston: A. M. Davis Company, 1912. A humorous few pages of How To Behave, presumably by the comedian Milton Berle? Cloth napkin cover. Clean and ironed.  Very funny stuff.  6 folded pages. $60.

Alexander Francis Part. THE ART AND PRACTICE OF INNKEEPING. LONDON: WILLIAM HEINEMANN, 1922. 14 chapters covering such subjects as bookkeeping, the cellar, bars & buffets, layout of the kitchen and hotel, the law. In, a few illustrations, with a tattered jacket. $60.


By the Author of the Journey to London ( William King 1663–1712.) THE ART OF COOKERY IN IMITATION OF HORACE’S ART OF POETRY…. London: Bernard Lintott, 1708-09. Mr. King was a satirist and he made a career of being one; a prolific writer and if we can catch his point it would mean reading Horace, Lister, knowing The Royal Society, but maybe you have? Samuel Johnson included him in Lives of the English Poets.

Apicius Coelius is given the treatment in Concerning the Soups and Sauces of the Ancients.

All good literary outlines for commentaries of William King.

1st edition, in modern ½ calf, marbled boards. Very clean, occasional spot, corners of 2 pages are thinned—rag paper. $500.


Celestine Sibley. A PLACE CALLED SWEET APPLE. NY: Doubleday & Co., 1967. Stories of her home in Kentucky and  Southern recipes. SIGNED by the author on the FEP.  $35.

Austin De Croze. WHAT TO EAT AND DRINK IN FRANCE. London: Frederick Warne & Co., 1931. Covering the provinces, foods and spirits, with illustrated map inside covers. A VG+ copy +VG+ jacket. 332pages.  $95.

Cabinet Card. 12.5 x 19.5cm (5 x 7 ½”) unmarked undated. Monday morning? 2 young women drinking from a coffee cans, in this case tin cups, illustrative of the housekeeper’s clothing after 1870. 6x6 windows with flowered curtains Sepia toned with some scuffing to the photograph. $125.


Hilda Gerber. TRADITIONAL COOKERY OF THE CAPE MALAYS. Cape Town: A.A. Balkema, 1957. First edition. decorative papered boards. A history of the Maylay Slaves, who were brought to the Dutch colony in South Africa. A history told through their food-- the strict Muslim food traditions and how it mixed and evolved with the Dutch foodways. The history spans the 17-19th centuries. This is a well researched little cookery book that also covers different social events, cooking utensils, personal histories from diaries. Gerber’s references are noted. There are glossaries and drawings in the book that depict women in their Muslim headdresses. $90.


Elizabeth David. FRENCH COUNTRY COOKING. Macdonald, 1958. 2nd edition, with revisions.price clipped. a very nice, bright jacket. recipes and commentaries from other sources and from many influential writers and travelers—with notations. $95.


H. Lecourt. LA CUISINE CHINOISE. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1968. A reprint from the very special, limited printing of 1925.  Here a cooking manual and explanation of Chinese cuisine, relating the rituals, the etiquette, the reasons & rituals. Lecourt was an entrepreneur in China during one of many euro invasions—the Boxer Rebellion. $125.


Florence White. FLOWERS AS FOOD. London: Jonathan Cape, 1934. 154 pages. receipts and lore from many sources—Florence White, a scholarly, historical writer. First edition with a good jacket. $75.


M.K. Samuelson. SUSSEX RECIPE BOOK. WITH A FEW EXCURSIONS INTO KENT. London: London Life Limited, 1937.  From Soups to Wine (making them), recipes from 19th century sources, a neat little history, with some illustrations. Scarce in a dust wrapper, some pencil marginalia. $150.

Luia Forbes. DINNER IS SERVED.  1941. Drawings by Brian Fawcett. Written in English and Spanish. A chapter of Peruvian recipes. Cooking for ‘influential’ friends. A book dedicated to the vice-president of Peru. 213 pages. with a deep blue dust wrapper. $125.

from an on line archived newspaper: LADY FORBES TO GIVE AFTERNOON LECTURE   "Wild Flowers I Have Picked" will be the title  of an afternoon lecture to be presented by Luia, Lady  Forbes in the Society rooms on Tuesday, March 30  at 2 P.M.   Lady Forbes has led a brilliant and exciting life.  Born in Capetown, South Africa, she spent her girl-hood playing on the slopes of Table Mountain and enjoying the company of famous men like Cecil Rhodes and Rudyard Kipling. After her marriage to Sir Victor Courtenay Forbes, British Ambassador, she lived in Mexico City, Madrid, Rome and Lima. All who have heard Lady Forbes speak have been enchanted by her profound knowledge and her fascinating recollections of the places she has lived. Members will be admitted free and may bring guests upon payment of a $3.00 guest fee. Guest tickets must be obtained in advance.


A large 13" circular bowl made by Beatrice Wood. This bowl 'glows' with her characteristic opalescent glazes that she used in her pottery. The motif is a beautiful Madonna and Child- a madonna who looks very much like Beatrice Wood herself. Signed 'Beato' on the back. No edge chips, a hairline crack in the glaze, appears to be part of the firing. $3500.

A sturdy 2 piece teapot ca. 1950’s. from the designer Swedish Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997) Often pretty teapots like this are put in a display cupboard and never used. This was in a cupboard. The large base pot would be used for hot water. The spout of the teapot has strainer holes to catch the leaves. Dark brown matte glaze with traces of green under glaze in the lower pot, white shiny glaze in the inside teapot.  8 ½”h x 5” bottom pot diameter. no chips or cracks. a generous 2 cup upper pot. $600.


Adolphe Torelli. 900 RECETTES DE COCKTAILS ET BOISSONS AMERICAINES. Paris: Bornemann, 1947.192 pages alphabetically listed, in French.  an as new copy with just a bit of ageing. $325.

16 PAGES OF NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS SCRAPBOOK. pasted over the Pembroke Conservatory of Ontario program booklet. additional paste-ons-on the front and back covers. Dated 1916.  from  housewife in Guelph, Ontario. $95.

S I G N E D   B O O K S

Madeleine Kamman. THE MAKING OF A COOK. NY: Atheneum, 1971. A TV chef with a French accent, author of When French Women Cook-- easier haute. 559 pages, red end pages, deckled edges, dust jacket, fine insides, previous owners signature on FEP. Madeleine’s signature on title page, dated ’98. sold

ENGLISH BREAD AND YEAST COOKERY.Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1987. 1977. Paperbound copy, with a signature of Elizabeth David on the title page. A very good, clean copy that has a small moisture stain on the front cover. $365.

Maida Heatter. NEW BOOK OF GREAT DESSERTS. NY: Alfred Knopf, 1982.  First edition, stated. A near fine copy in a near fine dust jacket,

in a protective sleeve. 468 pages. $125.


A  small broadside that would be in the dining halls where the guests ate with the Shakers. beginning with Gather up the fragments that remain, that none be lost.’ John 6:12.

Here then is the pattern               Tho' Heaven has bless'd us

Which Jesus has set;                      With plenty of food:

Double column, double lined, 8 verses, in a double lined frame. 2 punched holes at the top. This printed ca, 1900. From the visitor’s dining room, Shaker Village, N.H.  unframed. $225.

Descriptions of the clothing worn in 1857.

A 2 page handwritten letter by C. J. Cowles of Charlottesville N.C., who was a cousin of Livinia Andrews of New Britain, Ct.  C.J. who was  disappointed that Livinia wasn’t able to join her for the meeting in Shaker Village, known also as Watervliet. 

The letter gives a interesting description of what she saw and experienced.  Dated August 9 1857.  

The letter was dispatched from Albany as a ‘free’ letter meaning the postage was paid by C.J. Cowles and the carrier would not need to collect a stamp fee from Lavinia Andrews. $300.

           I am spending the day with the Shakers---- attended their meeting which was thronged today and felt that you would have enjoyed the scene exceedingly. We had dozens of  mediums.   The Sisters looked rather grotesque in their plain white hoopless habits------- all were dressed alike ------ all wore white muslin Crepes---the skirt pleated back from the front-------- broad pleat front & then narrow ones not unlike a shirt bosom on a large scale------ with kerchiefs laid smooth across   shoulders---- folded from corner to corner----- bobinet caps------long bodied cap(e?)s with a slightly pleated fill of same----- no ribon  ---- that hid their faces better than our fashionable bonets  do ours girls. ---- shoes with heels further  forward than is customary & much higher and Hkfs. 

A small dessert plate, white, sturdy, 7 1/4" ca. 1945. back marks, Walker China, from Redford Ohio. 11-45.   $200.



To drink tea ceremoniously, in the proper setting, with the correct tools, 2 early 19th century printed books, for the ceremony and for the setting.

61 Pages of printed text and illustrations. Showing water vessels, silk pouches, screens, covered bowls, food trays, teapots, whisks, furniture & lanterns and commentary for the tea ceremony. Sewn binding and many worm trails.

58 pages of commentary and diagrams of garden plans, indoor and outdoor lanterns, brooms, hibachi  trivets, water vessels. Worm trails, minus worms in both.   $325.