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Catharine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe. THE AMERICAN WOMAN’S HOME: OR, PRINCIPLES OF DOMESTIC SCIENCE; BEING A GUIDE TO THE FORMATION….New York: J. B. Ford and Company, 1870. dedicated to the women of America.  500 pages, + advertising. many illustrations. chapters covering The Christian Family, A Healthful Home, Scientific Domestic Ventilation, Home Decoration, Domestic Exercise, Domestic Manners, The Care of Infants, Earth-Closets, Care of the Homeless, the Helpless, and the Vicious. a very good, clean and tight copy with bright gilt titles. decorative title page and frontis with tissue guard. $149. 




(Estelle Woods Wilcox) TRIED AND APPROVED. BUCKEYE COOKERY AND PRACTICAL HOUSEKEEPING. Minneapolis: Buckeye Publishing Company, 1880. revised and enlarged. 536 pages.  Some of the chaptres listed cover Bread-Making, Creams and Custards, Canning, Housekeeping, Marketing, Cellar and Ice-House, Accidents and Sudden Sickness. a used, neatly kept copy with some notations by M.F. Jenkins the previous owner. bright gilt titles front cover and spine. $125. 

From Jan Longone’s description in Feeding America at the MSU website: This was the great mid-American cookbook of its day. It began life as a charity cookbook when, in 1876, the women of the First Congregational Church in Marysville, Ohio, published a cookbook to raise money to build a parsonage. They named it The Centennial Buckeye Cook Book, in honor of America's Centennial.

The author, Estelle Woods Wilcox, who grew up in Marysville had moved with her husband to Minneapolis, where he managed the Minneapolis Daily Tribune. From Minneapolis, Mrs. Wilcox edited the contributions of the Marysville women and wrote the introductory essays to each section. The book was published in Minneapolis and the ladies of Marysville accomplished their goal by raising two thousand dollars for the parsonage.

The Wilcoxes, who recognized the ongoing potential of the book, bought its copyright and established themselves as the Buckeye Publishing Company. Thus began a long and varied publishing saga. Estelle Wilcox continued editing, revising and publishing the book for the next twenty-eight years. The book was sometime published as the Dixie Cook Book, to reach a southern audience. It was published in German to reach the largest ethnic group in the Upper Midwest. An edition was published almost every year in Dayton, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago and St. Paul as well as many in Minneapolis. At least thirty different printings have been recorded. As early as 1880, the title page indicated "Eightieth Thousand." It is interesting to note that only the first Marysville edition benefitted the First Congregational Church; most later editions were part of the Wilcox publishing business.

All in all, this is one of America's most popular cookbooks - and it is an American classic.



Thomas J.  Murrey. COOKERY FOR INVALIDS. NY: White, Stokes & Allen, 1887. Uniform to the series. a little scuffed. $125.

P. H.(Hart) Mendall. THE NEW BEDFORD PRACTICAL RECEIPT BOOK. New Bedford: Charles Taber & Co, 1859. This being the first printing.  A cookbook written by a woman of fortitude and resilience. Supporting her family and to keep her home in New Bedford  she used her cooking skills  and aesthetics to making wedding cakes-  Though a slim volume, it is by by a great name in New England culinary history.  This copy is well used, loose binding, damp stained, all pages present save for the missing last EP. Mrs. William N. Smith Springfield Mass is written in a neat script on the FEP, in the usual position of the top third of the page. $425.


Mitzi Wagner. COCINA VEGETARIANA. MEXICO, 1933. second printing. 20 pages + wraps a very good , unused copy. toned paper. 2 stapled binding. 90 recipes. $65. in Spanish.


Sadahide. A VIEW OF YOKOHAMA.  The right panel of the triptych  shows the one of many labeled Tea Houses, The Gankiro, in Yokahama, with  Cherry blossoms in bloom.  There are rice paddies near the river, walled compounds or houses, many westerners identified by their outfits and a steamer. early 19th century. There are 3 printed panels, 1 pictured above and another just below the Bocuse menu.  $600. 


Edith and John Watts. JESSE’S BOOK OF CREOLE AND DEEP SOUTH RECIPES. NY: The Viking Press, 1954. first edition. a tribute of a book for the self-made chef for the prominent Ballard family of Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. ‘as new’ copy with slight jacket scuffs. $150. 


Elizabeth Craig & Andre Simon. MADEIRA WINE CAKES & SAUCE. London: Constable & Co., 1933. 153 pages. a few Madeira essays and recipes. an unused copy, title on spine, brown polished cloth. $75. 


Menu.signed on cover.  PAUL BOCUSE. Collonges au Mt.d'Or, France. etes 1981. 26 x 39.5 cm. white card glossy & matte, one fold. detailed image.   $125.


Interesting table decorations--


Derby Porcelain. 2 cows, often found in  pairs like these two, or a variant of the pair, very early 19th century. No chips, scratches or repairs. An unusual decorative addition to a 21st Century table!  the set-  $900.

above:  5 matching early 19th century Fitzhugh syllabubs


                  below:36 superb French claret glasses- ca.      1820

          Reese. SIGNED   Reese on the light blue title page . as new $125.    pictured above. 

Mrs. T.F Willis & Mrs. W. S. Bird.  HOUSEKEEPING AND DINNER GIVING IN KANSAS CITY. Kansas City, Mo.: Ramsey, Millett & Hudson, 1887. 229 pages. scarce title in deplorable state. Needs a clamshell box to keep it together. spine missing, several front pages detached. That said, all pages present, several pages of handwritten recipes on those detached front pages, several hand written recipes on end pages. title stamped  on front cover. several pages of advertising. owners signature on inside front cover Mrs.John Martin. $200.


Aneas MacDonald. WHISKY. Petto: Henry & Longwell, 1930. Limited edition of 307, this being #131. pre publication excerpt entitled Briefcase Breviaries, The Nature of Whisky. ‘Of the History, Geography, Literature, Philosophy, morals, use and abuse, praise and scorn  of whisky volumes might be written.’  Signed by Aneas MacDonald, Christopher Morley, Frank Henry & Dan Longwell. an excellent copy. $175. 



M.F.K. Fisher signed postcard. dated August, 1986. $65.