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Simonetta (Duchessa Colonna di Cesaro). A SNOB IN THE KITCHEN. NY: Doubleday and Company, 1967. dated and signed. a fashion icon with her own perfume. beautiful recipes too. a bright copy in a jacket.  $250.





TIFFANY & Co. Octagonal Clear Crystal Cake Stand: Discontinued, decorative from Tiffany's. 12" beautiful crystal plate with 7" tall pedestal. NEW IN BOX.  with the little blue stamp, with the blue box and

packing paper.    $400.

Brother Walter Arnold. THE LIFE AND

DEATH OF THE SUBLIME SOCIETY OF BEEFSTEAKS. London: Bradbury, Evans, & Co., 1871. xxiv-157 pages. founded by Henry Rich of Covent Garden Theatre, 1735, it seems to have evolved as an association of men who loved their beef, liberty and the theatre. Strict rules for 24 count membership. This was the only edition commemorating the club and its members. With 6 sepia toned, tipped in photographs of the sacred relics of the club. The rituals of the beef steak consumption are explained. Full of toasts, Songs and Testimonials. 1/4 leather yellow pebbled boards. a scarce copy.  $350.



LARGE ADVERTISING FAN. 11inch radius. wood frame. Summer 1880. H. O'Neill & Co. 321 to 329 6th Avenue NY. hat styles with names on both sides-- bright colors and in VG condition. detail of the shop address below. $175.






ADVERTISING FAN. ephemera from Cafe Martin [1901-1913], NYC. early 20th century. credit for my description goes  to Henry Voigt for his highly informative blog entitled THE AMERICAN MENU. Cafe Martin was opened in 1901 by the Martin brothers, Jean and Louis- on the foundation of Delmonico’s restaurant at 26th Street between 5th and Broadway. It was sumptuous and well orchestrated, easily accommodating a society wedding or political caucus nominating supper. Fan is Japonisme-Victorian style, wooden sticks(9”) and guards, brass rivet and loop, cotton cord tassel. In VG. $150.


May Beattie. RECIPES FROM BAGHDAD.  Baghdad: The Indian Red Cross, 1946. A mixture of recipes, Ajjat el Quarnabit, Kabab Mafrum, Marabba mal Qaddah, Abu Nawas—a cocktail, Kubba Lebania, Bubble and Squeak—to name a few. A mixture. 163 pages. DJ. Beattie was a distinguished scholar of eastern carpets—a link to her studies and travels is here. $165.



Townley Searle. STRANGE NEWES FROM CHINA. A FIRST CHINESE COOKERY BOOK. NY: E.P. Dutton & Co., n.d. (1932) Printed in England at the Burleigh Press, as new copy with just a touch of shelf wear. decorations by Searle. paper lantern decorative inside covers. $225.



Marithe de Alvarado. ARTE MEXICANO DEL AZUCAR. Campania Editorial Continental, 1978. c.1959. 728 pages. in Spanish, covering all aspects of baking— ingredients to decorations. profusely illustrated. $165.


Salazar Montroy. LA TIPICA COCINA POBLANA Y LOS GUISOS DE SUS RELIGIOSAS.    Puebla: 1945. 48 pages + 24 pages of advertising.
[The typical poblano cuisine is characterized by its tiles, for its semi-circular and  circular braziers, for their round or square burners with andirons, for their grinding stones and bowls granite stone for their pot-bellied clay pots with glazed rim for turkey mole, by its whorls for soups, for its large clay pots for cooking tasty tamales and atole or champurrados, and for refreshments horchata, by iron grills to forge roasting meats. The recipes were taken from old journals and notes from religious orders preserved in their monasteries and convents. Old measures were modernized.] $95.





Tintype. Cleanup crew, ladies with brooms and brushes. $150.

Marion Hicks Campbell. PHEBE MENDALL A MAKER OF WEDDING CAKES IN OLD DARTMOUTH. A paper read at meeting of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, November 30, 1938. Recounting the long life of Phebe and her baking skills. A sweet story that begins with the author of this paper, collecting wild flowers and chance acquaintances exchanging life stories that lead back to wedding cakes. $35.


Phebe was the author of:

THE NEW BEDFORD PRACTICAL RECEIPT BOOK. New Bedford: Charles Taber & Co, 1862. Title page missing. A rough copy but a scarce copy of a scarce book. $135.  


Diana L Oppedal . HIMALYAN GOURMET. Kathmandu: Matri Bhoomi Press, 1967. A cookbook for the Peace Corps Volunteer. Innovation and ingenuity and not being too fussy. Many western recipes but Nepal foods too. 323 pages. paper wraps. $90.


Laurie Colwin. HOME COOKING. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1988. Personal essays of a writer in her kitchen. A perfect copy, first edition. $60.

Florence Jack. 100 HOME BREWED WINES; 100 PICKLES AND RELISHES; 100 JAMS AND JELLIES; 100 DRINKS AND CUPS. London: Country Life Ltd., 1927, 1928. Almost new. Some paper toning. Pristine. Flexible covers, uniform in size, charming. $135.


OUR OWN BOOK OF EVERYDAY WANTS, CONTAINS PORTRAITS OF THE PROBABLE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES IN 1888. / THE HOME COOK BOOK: A MANUAL FOR FARMERS AND THEIR WIVES, MERCHANTS, MECHANICS AND THEIR CHILDREN. Etc. Elmira (NY): The Gazette Company, 1888. 319 pages. toned pages, VG except for final page repaired, cracked rear hinge. All else firmly in place. A general all purpose book with chapters to appeal to everyone from Cookery, Indian Recipes, Young Ladies Guide,  Sullivan’s Expedition many more. Brown cloth with stamped front title. Owners name and town & County, NY and date, Jan. 11, 1888. 4 full page portraits of the presidential candidates. not in OCLC or Culinary Collections.  $165.


Edward S. Morse. JAPANESE HOMES AND THEIR SURROUNDINGS. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1895. 4th edition. 372 pages. very clean, tight binding. with many illustrations by the author. A book covering many aspects of 19th century Japanese life. Covering House Construction; Carpenters Tools; City and Country Houses; Shingled Roofs; Tiled Roofs; Thatched Roofs; Interiors, Plans, Mats Sliding Screens; Interiors Showing Tonkonoma and Chigai-Dana; Tea Rooms; Kura Interiors, Doors; Ceiling, Ramma, Windows; Portable Screens, Curtains; Kitchens, Stairways; Bathing Conveniences; Pillows, Hibachi, and Tabako-Bon; Candlesticks, lamps, shrines; Privies; Entrance Hall; Verandah and Balcony; Amado; Chodzu-Bachi; Gateways; Fences; Stone Lanterns; Garden Bridges; Summer Houses, Windows, and Paths; Flower Pots, Dwarf Trees; Garden Views; Wells and Water Supplies; Flowers; and other Miscellaneous topics with illustrations. Very informative to understanding the eastern perspective of aesthetics.   $165.

Catherine Owen. PROGRESSIVE HOUSEKEEPING KEEPING HOUSE WITHOUT KNOWING HOW, AND KNOWING HOW TO KEEP HOUSE WELL. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1889. 180 pages + 12 pages, timely advice, well written.  Scarcer title of Owen.

Fine weave cloth cover with stamped title in a type-face of the Arts and Crafts style. $225.


By Several Ladies. THE POCUMTUC HOUSEWIFE  A GUIDE TO DOMESTIC COOKERY AS IT IS PRACTICED IN THE CONNECTICUT VALLEY. Deerfield, 1906. A charitable publication for the Deerfield Academy and the First Church. 56 pages with several pages of advertising. revised printing of 1906. Originally printed in 1805. Flexible covers. 2 staples hold it together. $65.


G. Hennequin. NOUVEAU MANUEL COMPLET DU CHARCUTIER DU BOUCHER ET DE L’EQUARRISSEUR TRAITANT DE L’ELEVAGE MODERNE DU PORC. Paris: Encyclopedie- Roret, 1923. With recipes, equipment illustrations, diagrams of the animals, 390 pages, fold out diagram of the different quality of the meat for the butcher. Table of contents and 36 pages of advertising from the publisher. $165.


Restaurant Receipt. LA PYRAMIDE. Lunch with a Hermitage. Ca. 1960’s- early 70’s. $125.


3 CHAP BOOKS. Ephemera.





3.  No.4 PPIZE (sp?) COOK BOOK PRICE 5 CENTS. 16 pages. from Bread to Baked Mutton. One staple.


SOLD AS A SET-- $365.





Joseph A. Lambeth. LAMBETH METHOD OF CAKE DECORATION AND PRACTICAL PASTRIES. London: Virtue and Company Limited, 1936. First edition stated. 308 pages + advertising. A very nice copy with firm binding, no pencil marks or stains, with insert DESIGN FOR GONDOLA Page 256 present. $350.






Ross Wilson. SCOTCH MADE EASY. 959. $65.

Harry Craddock. THE SAVOY COCKTAIL BOOK. 1976. $90.


Jean Lupoiu. COCKTAILS. 1948. $275.

THE A B C OF COCKTAILS. Peter Pauper Press. 1962. $50.


Charles Schumann. AMERICAN BAR. NY, 1995. $65.


“Jimmy” late of Ciro’s. COCKTAILS. Philadelphia. $265.




Ted Saucier. BOTTOMS UP. 1962. $95.

DeGouy. THE COCKTAIL HOUR. 1951. $100.

Lucius Beebe. THE STORK CLUB BAR BOOK. 1946. $325.

THE HOLIDAY DRINK BOOK. NY: Peter Pauper Press, 1951.$45.


Nina Toye & A. H. Adair. PETITS & GRANDS VERRES. Paris: Au Sans Pareil, [1927] card covers, colors bright, choice recipes. $295.  


Rupert Croft-Cooke. PORT. London: Putnam, 1957. 17 Chapters covering A Part of English Life to The Bottle Goes Round. History, types of Port and an extra chapter on port-cooking, charts on vintage years. In a bright jacket, almost new. $60.


H. Warner Allen. SHERRY & PORT. London: Constable, 1952. 215 pages of good histories. In vg/vg. $40.


William Todd. PORT HOW TO BUY, SERVE, STORE & DRINK IT. London: Jonathan Cape, 1926. The little bible, in excellent condition, in a dust jacket. illustrated with black and white photographs. $75.


DR. A. W. Chase. DR. CHASE’S RECIPES; OR INFORMATION FOR EVERYBODY: AN INVALUABLE COLLECTION OF ABOUT EIGHT HUNDRED PRACTICAL RECIPES FOR MERCHANTS, GROCERS, SALOON-KEEPERS, PHYSICIANS, DRUGGISTS, etc, etc. ALL ARRANGED TO THEIR APPROPRIATE DEPARTMENTS. Second Canadian edition. London, Ontario: E. A. Taylor Booksellers and Stationers, n.d. ca. 1872. In a good tight binding in ¼ leather with title on spine, pebbled boards. With a previous owners Rufus Powers Sutton Que, signature on the FEP. $225.

The Ladies of Toronto and Chief Cities and Towns in Canada. THE HOME COOKBOOK. TRIED, TESTED, PROVED. Toronto: Rose Publishing Company. N.d. ca. between 1883 & 1894. A book with a very checkered and long history of printed editions, see Elizabeth Driver: A Bibliography of Canadian Cookbooks, 1825-1949, pp 322-337, with all its variants. This copy is a ‘Fiftieth Edition’ and does contain the Carrot Pudding recipe (Page 197) contributed by Mrs. McMaster, founder of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. A good clean copy, toned papers, owner sig, Louie Mayfair Toronto/82 on the FFP. $175.

RECIPE SCRAPBOOK. Guelph, Ontario. 1916. pasteovers into a Pembroke Conservatory brochure. front cover paste on decoration, date changed for booklet use, 14 pages of densely patched newspaper clippings of cooking, health remedies and household hints. $95.


2 very early Bennington Potters mugs. Stamped David Gil signature. Oval shaped with a very delicate handle. Sold as a pair.  $300.

Bertha. NYESTE OG FULDSTAENDIGSTE KOGBOG.  Kristiania: Sophus Kriedts Forlag, n.d. 1890. for small and large households. 206 pp. $150.


Josefine St. Hilaire and others. BUDAPESTER KOCHBUCH. Budapest: Rob. Lampel. N.d. ca late 19th century. 594 pp. bound in boards with restored endpages. Chromolithed pasteon cover. Txt in German. $125.

VINTAGE FILM PRINT FROM 8 1/2. Anouk Aimee with cigarette and drink & Marcello Mastroianni. $125.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF JEWISH COOKERY. London: George Newnes Ltd., (1912). 96 pages. 6 x 9 cm. gold coloring to top edge. Part of a series that were uniform in size. $225.

H. Gribbin.SUITABLE GOODS FOR HOT PLATES. RECIPES FOR MUFFINS, PIKELETS, CRUMPETS, SCONES, &c., &c. London: Maclaren & Sons, Ltd., n.d. [1900]. 52 pages + many pages of advertising of oven and flour producers & other products for the commercial baker. $65.

Madame Lebour-Fawssett “A Cordon Bleu”. FRENCH COOKERY FOR BEGINNERS. London: H. Virtue and Company, 1899. 486 pages. a good French cookbook of thirty-six chapters that are prefaced by ‘lectures’ of technique that might include references to other authors and a complete menu for that entree. Suggesting teal as a flavorful duck, red cabbage is better after a frost has passed over it, utensils best used and general opinions and theories about how to cook, a good cookbook for anyone willing to read a bit about how it is done. Pretty flowered end papers, a good sturdy copy. $65.

“AUNT BABETTE’S HOME CONFECTIONERY. Chicago: Bloch Publishing & Printing Co., 1893. 38 pages + advertising page by The American Hebrew Publishing & Printing House, The Bloch Pub. & Printing Co. publishers of Hebrew books of every description. All candy recipes, boiled and unboiled. Cloth covered, flexible card covers – a bit worn, reinforced text block & new end pages. $95.

Mary Hooper. HANDBOOK FOR THE BREAKFAST TABLE. VARIED AND ECONOMICAL DISHES. London: Griffith and Farran, 1873. 64 pages. small green cloth covered boards with stamped decorative front titles. Text block wobbly, exposed mull. With a charming gift inscription: eggs and various savoury dishes. $75.

H. Gribbin. SUITABLE GOODS FOR HOT PLATES. RECIPES FOR MUFFINS, PIKELETS, CRUMPETS, SCONES, &c., &c. London: Maclaren & Sons, n.d. ca 1900. 52 pages. Industrial sized early 20th century large production hotplates with accompanying recipes for bakeshop baking. $65.

Walter W. Chenoweth. HOW TO MAKE CANDY. NY: The Macmillan Company, 1936. 212 pages, dust wrapper, many photographic illustrations. A VG/VG copy. $65.

Mrs. E.R. Tennent. HOUSE-KEEPING IN THE SUNNY SOUTH. Atlanta: Jas. P. Harrison & Co., 1885. 286 pages. a worn copy, restored decorative paste-downs, a repaired copy— covers worn & stained, title is legible. Virginia Hams, curing hams- using ash and straw as a covering ( I was very fortunate to have once had a gift of a ham cured in this manner- it was from South Carolina and I was a very young NYC homemaker), to boil a ham, souse, backbone pie, similarly- beef recipes- nose to tail. Mince meat for six pies & blackberry mush. Wine, beer, shrubs & cordials using blackberries,cherries, corn, sweet potato, persimmons, Catawba, scuppernong & apples. a list of all recipe contributors, household hints and keeping poultry in the garden is part of it. $250.

The Marietta Journal February 4, 1909 Mrs E R TENNENT, wife of Dr Gil--- TENNENT, died at the family residence, on Atlanta street, on Monday afternoon last, after a brief illness. This occurrence carried sadness and sorrow to hundreds of people and friends who knew this remarkably brilliant and talented woman who possessed an intellect and culture of a high order. Gifted as a writer, she was the author of that famous cook book, "Housekeeping in the Sunny South." Mrs TENNENT was formerly of Paris, Ky., and of a distinguished family. She was kind-hearted, generous, noble impulses, and was always ready and eager to be of service, or do others a kindness or favor. As a member of the Presbyterian church, she was loyal and devoted. Besides her husband, Dr G TENNENT, she is survived by one daughter, Mrs Virgil Odgen WARD, wife of Captain D T WARD, of Franklinton, N. C. We sympathize with the bereaved in the loss they have sustained. The funeral services were held Wednesday morning at 10:30 at the family residence, conducted by Dr J H PATTON.


Laura Thornton Knowles. SOUTHERN RECIPES TESTED BY MYSELF. New York: George H. Doran Company, 1913. A v.good clean copy— $200.


M. W. Maigne. LE TRÉSOR DES MENAGES.Paris: p.Lebrigre-Duquesne, Editeur, 1868. 580 pages. a huge compilation of recipes and receipts for cooking and household. In French. Many mementos, clippings, advertising inside. $75.

J. M Erich Weber. PRAKTISCHE KONDITOREI-KUNST. “PRA-KO-KU” DAS GROSSE KONDITOREN-FACHWERK DER WELT. Dresden, 1924. 90 color plates, of cake and pastry designs. 11 ½ x 12 “. Missing the stencils. Bumped edges and a bit wobbly, still an impressive pastry cookbook. $225.

Georg Steinberger. MODERNE TORTEN- VERZIERUNGEN. 78 MODERNE VORLAGEN EIGENE ENTWURFE MIT KLAREN ERLÅUTERUNGEN. Bayern, 1910. Gray cloth covers, 40 color plates, pastel color designs. 12 x12 “ a very clean sturdy copy. With the original cardboard envelope. $375.

A. Heckmann. SUSSE KUNST. Nordhausen: 1930. impressive 'look book' of cakes and pastries with recipes, in German language, 10 x 14". in very good, bright and clean condition. $300.

Mary S. Scott. INDIAN CORN AS HUMAN FOOD. Nevada Iowa: Representative Office, Payne & Son, 1889. Out of Iowa kitchens, advocating small corn production and small milling practices. Describing her grandmother's recipe for corn-dodgers, “a carefully mixed and seasoned dough, made from corn meal and water, wrapped in wet corn husks, pressed into a flat form, and baked in the hot coal and ashes. These cakes were brought to the table directly from the glowing hearth, broken (not cut), and eaten with butter or hot gravy from hot ham." A small book with other descriptions of pioneer preparation, cooking and serving of corn recipes. Recipes too. scarce title.  4 ¾ x 6”. stained red paper covers, wobbly, loose page, cloth spine has a 1" piece missing. - $200.


Yogi Wassan. SECRETS OF THE HIMALAYAN MOUNTAIN MASTERS AND LADDER TO COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. India, 1927. 413 pages. Essays covering Yogi Wassan Plans; Hindu Yoga Yug; How to Recharge and Vibrate Everything; How I Bathe My Eyes; How I Make Home Made Candy; What Padam Concentration Really Is; The Magnetic Tones; Vibrating Mind Brain; Chant Chart; Maha Atma Bramvidya Brahm Giyan, Vigiyan, Jeven Mukti--many many essays for climbing the ladder included are food recipes and instructions for their preparation. This is a signed copy.

From the web is a small essay about Yogi Wassan, born in the Punjab region of India and immigrated to Portland, Ore., in 1905, and there, worked as a labourer. Finding that sort of work was not his calling, he traveled to Southern California where he developed a cottage industry as a Yogi, and there, had a large following.

Green textured cloth covers with gilt stamped titles, 408 + 5 unnumbered pages of Contents. This copy has a 1939 printers mark x’ed next to the last page. $450.

Mrs. A.P. Hill. HOUSEKEEPING MADE EASY. MRS. HILL’S NEW FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK FOR THE KITCHEN. A PRACTICAL SYSTEM FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. NY: Wm. L. Allison & Co., 1869. C.1867. 427 +7 pages of publisher’s advertising. A ‘good’ copy. ‘Kitchen’ repairs to the cover, text block firmly anchored to the covers though somewhere in the middle some pages are not plumb to the book. All pages present. Cooking and household recipes, first aid remedies for home and for those who could have suffered injury in the war.  Damon L. Fowler wrote an introduction to the 1995 University of South Carolina edition and graciously acknowledges Karen Hess, her guidance and scholarship and vast collection of reference material. We get a thorough perspective of Mrs. Hill and her rightful place in American cookbook history. $325.

F.S. Bodenheimer. INSECTS AS HUMAN FOOD. The Hague: Dr. W. Junk, Publishers, 1951. Anthropological studies throughout the world. Spiders, ants, beetles, grubs, bees, locusts, stink bugs too. Insect consumption from pre-history to the present day. While there are no recipes, a description of how they were prepared was recorded. An extensive bibliography. 352 pages. in clean tight condition. $175.


Mary Margaret McBride. LONDON IS A MAN’S TOWN [BUT WOMEN GO THERE]. NY: Coward-McCann, Inc., 1930. A travel and guide book from her point of view—no qualms about meeting the Queen or being part of a pheasant shooting party. By the author of PARIS IS A WOMAN’S TOWN. With a scarce dj, faded spine. $125.

FOR A ROUND CUSHION. Hand sewn booklet, with metallic thread. Early 19th century, England, ink designs on watermarked paper, J Green & Son 1829. 14 drawings, 12 in the booklet, one design with a 1 fold page design and another with a 2 fold page design. Suitable for framing. $95.

NEEDLEWORK SCISSOR PATTERNS. Rubbings made from scissor ends-- an undated journal of 30 pages, 15 pages are of the different patterns--rubbings are on both sides of the page-- with a small fragment insert that appears to be a salesman's example of patterns. undated but early 19th century script. the booklet, itself, has marbelized paper covers-- all a bit grubby, but charming. $125.



Fragment velvet embroidery. Wine colored, very worn, entwined letters with added embellishments, a tiara and dated 1794. approximately 16.5 x 17 inches $400.

VOLLSTÄNDIGES KOCHBUCH FÜR DEUTSCH-AMERIKANISCHE KÜCHE, NEBST EINER ANWEISUNG ZUM TRANCHIEREN, MIT ILLUSTRATIONEN UND EINEM DEUTSCH-ENGLISCHEN VERZEICHNISSE DER SICH AUF DIE KÜCHE BEZIEBENDEN GEGENSTÄNDE. Philadelphia: Loës & Sebald, n.d. (1855-1857). 408 p. numbered recipes of which there are 1134. From the entry description in Additions and Corrections to Lowenstein’s Bibliography of American Cookery Books, 1742-1860, by William Woys Weaver, it is calculated to these dates based on careful analysis of public records of who was where and when—an incredible amount of sleuthing. ‘Extremely rare’ tightly repaired, some relics of clippings and 4 written recipes on back paste down. $350.