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This is a dominotier for an éventail or handfan. The bright colors are reminscencent of Tarascon fabric-- at least to me. -- bright and  charming and framed with provenance, seems to have been a museum deaccession.   $950.



THE FOOD INSECTS NEWSLETTER. 15 issues. Published at the Department of Entomology, Univrsity of Wisconsin, Wisconsin. 15 issues. each 8 pages. 4 mimeographed issues, 11 original issues. keeping the interest current, with programs, books, articles and addresses- pre-on 'line subscriptions' first volume July 1988. $150.


SIMPLE COOKING. 28 issues. Spring 1985 - Jan/Feb. 1996.   7 ‘xeroxed’ the rest original newsletter. food essays and recipes. $45. 


Thorne & Thorne. COOKBOOK. THE FOOD BOOK REVIEW FOR COOKS WHO LOVE TO READ. 15 issues. Missing #9.  1992-1994. $25.



EASY COOKING WITH GREAT CHEFS. exec. editor Daniel Boulud. 1988-1989. $20. 



THE ART OF EATING. Edward Behr, editor. quarterly letters. 1998-1994. 20 Issues. $65.




Maria Gentile. THE ITALIAN COOK BOOK. THE ART OF EATING WELL. PRACTICAL RECIPES OF THE ITALIAN CUISINE…. NY: Italian Book Co., 1919. 1st edition.a very good copy with a dust jacket. 160 pages. $425.



Woolf. MRS. DALLOWAY. London: The Hogarth Press. 1950. yellow jacket. VG copy with a FEP removed.  $75. 


Ambrose Heath. GOOD JAMS PRESERVES & PICKLES.  London: Faber & Faber, 1947. A very nice copy with a bright pink jacket sunned at the spine.   $75. 


E. David. SUMMER COOKING.  A Penguin Paper back edition from 1972. unused. $20. 


Waverley Root. THE FOOD OF FRANCE. A Vintage paperback edition from 1966. unused.  $12.




D. H. Lawrence. TWILIGHT IN ITALY. New York: W. Huebsch, 1916. a collection of essays including one entitled ‘The Lemon Gardens.’ Lake Garda famous for her terraced gardens to the west of the lake. A travelogue of a particular, and some might say peculiar person. $75.



Gertrude Stein. TENDER BUTTONS. OBJECTS  FOOD   ROOMS.  New York: Claire Marie (3 East Fourteenth St.) 1914. small papercovered book with green paste on, bruised corner, repaired spine  but original all there. some darkening to the spine and edges of the book, same for the back cover. inside perfect. 1 sentence to a paragraph or 2: ROASTBEEF; MUTTON; BREAKFAST; SUGAR; CRANBERRIES; MILK; EGGS APPLE; TAILS; LUNCH; CUP; RHUBARB; SINGLE; FISH;, etc.  $1900.



F. T. Marinetti e Fillia.  LA CUCINA FUTURISTA. Milano: Casa Editrice Sonzogno, 1932. # 759. 12mo. 267pp. bright yellow wraps with bold red titles. a very good copy ! $4000.


anonymous. PUSH CAFE. typewritten 2 page food related poem, pasted into painted boards. interior cloth is holding. glue spots. I can't tell anything more about this mysterious found poem. Looks to be1960's. excerpted portion illustrated below.  $125.