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NY vintage classics:


Ludwig Bemelman. LA BONNE TABLE. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1964. first printing. essays of his dining experience, in the US and abroad. $90.



Michael and Ariane Batterberry. ON THE TOWN IN NEW YORK. NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1973. ‘a history of eating, drinking and entertainments from 1776 to the present,’ 354 pages, dj. a good sized bibliography. signed by both on the title page. $60. 


Craig Claiborne. A FEAST MADE FOR LAUGHTER. NY: Doubleday & Company, 1982. first edition. signed on the half title. I used his galantine recipe from the Times Cookbook many times. DJ quite a good copy. $60.

Robert J. Courtine. CELEBRATION DE L'ASPERGE. Haute-Provence, 1965. part of the CELEBRATION series published by Robert Morel. The books were tributes to the everyday unheralded -- sardines, honey, eggs, eels.... 24 books in the series, uniform in size but with varying cloth covers and book marks. This copy is inscribed to Tony Curtis--the actor, presumably--with a drawing depicting a glamorous woman's face & If I hadn't  myself onetime seen Curtis at the Nice airport accompanied by a jeune fille, I might doubt the inscription. See the link above for information about Courtine. $145. 


G. Vine. HOME MADE WINES: HOW TO MAKE AND KEEP THEM. London: Groombridge & Sons, 1870. General observations for gathering, pressing and fermentation of small, soft, stone, apple,turnip & parsnip, rhubarb and citrus. 48 pages + several pages of publishers advertising. some staining, loose pages, all present. Flexible, cloth covered covers with a stamped title on front. a bit grubby with frayed edges and staining to edges,  but a good subject for fruits now coming into season. $115.


Housekeeping made interesting. a later printing.                     May 5, 2018

Mrs. Mary Randolph. THE VIRGINIA HOUSEWIFE: OR METHODICAL COOK. Philadelphia: E. H. Butler & Co., 1855. c.1824. see the usual serches for geneology of Mrs. Randolph. Vinegar of the Four Thieves— page 177 recommends to pick your herbs in June when they are in full vigour— a refreshing vinegar for crowded rooms, in apartments of the sick and is very refreshing sprinkled around the house in damp weather. America’s earliest ‘regional’ cookbook.  $365.


April 28:


Mrs. E. Lord.  THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF LAUNDRY WORK FOR SCHOLARS. London: T. Nelson and Sons, 1898. Fourth edition. 62 pages. blue cloth cover. The value of laundry work as a technical subject, all methods for all cloths. A text book for girls with a few photographs and folding diagrams. $50.



Caroling Reed Wadhams. SIMPLE DIRECTIONS FOR THE LAUNDRESS. New York & London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1917. 82 pages of essays covering all aspects of laundry-- work days and days off, her manners, her room, care of the equipment— hampers and baskets, clothes horses, how to sort, boiling rinsing, wringing, drying, dampening, towels and linens, table linens, lace, wool, etc., etc. in a scarce dust jacket. $400. 


-SIMPLE DIRECTIONS FOR THE CHAMBERMAID. New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1917. 82 pages. who is qualified, manners, wardrobe, duties of a maid, covering all rooms and closets. in VG with no jacket. $165.



THE LAUNDRY MAID; HER DUTIES AND HOW TO PERFORM THEM. London: Houlston and Sons, [1877]. 96 pages. part of the Houlston Industrial Library. There were 31 titles in that series, covering professional careers of the  household. a bright little copy, stamped decorative cover with gilt, title on spine. 12 chapters covering mangling, starching, implements used in ironing, labour-saving machinery, ink spots and stains, with some illustrations of clotheslines and heating stoves for irons. quite scarce in an original edition. $350.


April 25.

E. T. H. Shaffer. CAROLINA GARDENS. NY: Huntington Press, 1937.  vivid descriptions of the North and South Carolina gardens, plantation farms, Colonial gardens, coastal & alpine, pineland and sandhill, illustrated with black and white photographs. signed and numbered by the author. $75. 


William N. White. GARDENING FOR THE SOUTH; OR THE KITCHEN AND FRUIT GARDEN: WITH THE BEST METHODS FOR THEIR CULTIVATION TOGETHER WITH HINTS UPON LANDSCAPE AND FLOWER GARDEN. NY: A. O. Moore & Co., 1859. The author was from Athens, Georgia. Covering improvements of the soil, kitchen gardens, fruit trees, medicinal herbs. 402 pages + publishers advertising. A well worn copy with impressive and creative book repairs.  $115.

3 Canton plates, broken and repaired with staples.  $225 set.

April 19, 2018


Ladies of the Presbyterian Church. HOUSEKEEPING IN THE BLUE GRASS. A NEW AND PRACTICAL COOK BOOK CONTAINING NEARLY A THOUSAND RECIPES. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co., 1888. c. 1874. eighteenth thousand. Edited by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, Kentucky. 184 pages. additional newspaper clippings glued in on several pages, 5 additional pages of handwritten recipes include the unspiring Cottage Pudding, Sponge Cake and Potato Salad- barely regional but there is a Blue Grass Fruit Cake recipe (no nuts) on page 178. a bit worn & front cloth cover has a bit of puckering. $75.


The Right Honorable Lady LLanover. GOOD COOKERY ILLUSTRATED. AND RECIPES COMMUNICATED BY THE WELSH HERMIT OF THE CELL OF ST. GOVER, WITH MANY REMARKS ON ANY THINGS PAST AND PRESENT. London: Richard Bentley, 1867. related in prose form. 482 pages, 1/2 leather marbled boards, all illustrations present.— recipes, history, ‘techniques’ and the old ways of the Welsh. Recipes are gathered at the end of the book. see here for a history of Llanover and see here for an article from The Spectator about this book.   $375.


Christiane Sand. A LA TABLE DE GEORGE SAND. Flammarion, 1988. Inscribed by the author. excellent condition. $35.


Marie Christine and Didier Clement. COLETTE GOURMANDE. Paris: Albin Michel, 1990. excellent condition, inscribed by the authors. $45. 


Richard Olney. THE FRENCH MENU COOKBOOK. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1970. First printing stated. With NY Times obituary by R. W. Apple jr. laid in. beautiful clean unused copy- lightest jacket wear. $150.00


DICK’S QUADRILLE CALL-BOOK, AND BALL-ROOM PROMPTER ….AND OVER 1ONE HUNDRED FIGURES FOR THE “GERMAN. NY: Dick & Fitzgerald, Publishes, date is covered by an owner’s signature and date, in good used condition. paper printed boards. $65.