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Vincent M. Holt. WHY NOT EAT INSECTS? Faringdon: E. W. Classey, Ltd., 1978, c.1885. 99 pages. with menus. I closed the book after seeing  the word slugs. $25.




M. W. Maigne. VERITABLE TRESOR DES MENAGES.Paris: P. Lebrigre-Duquesne, Editeur, 1868. 580 pages. a huge compilation of recipes and receipts for cooking and household. In French. Inside many mementos, clippings, advertising and 4 leaf clovers. $115.


J. F. Dastur. MEDICINAL PLANTS OF INDIA AND PAKISTAN. Bombay: D. B. Taraporevala Sons & Co., 1962. second edition. 212pages. a good reference in VG condition, easy to read, with explanations for preparation and administration. $65.


Osbert & Sacheverelle Sitwell. ALL AT SEA. [London] Duckworth, 1927. first edition. VG/VG. Cecil Beaton illustrated, ‘bright’ pink jacket of a cocktail bar on an ocean liner. not a cook or a cocktail book. observational essays and a play entitled ‘All At Sea.’ (Being) A Social Tragedy in 3 Acts For First Class Passengers Only. $150. 


D. H. Lawrence. TWILIGHT IN ITALY. New York: W. Huebsch, 1916. a collection of essays including one entitled ‘The Lemon Gardens.’ Lake Garda infamous for her terraced gardens to the west of the lake. A travelogue of a particular, and some might say peculiar person. $75. 


Sumption and Ashbrook. COOKIES AND MORE COOKIES. Illinois: Charles A. Bennett, 1938. with a dj over a VGood copy. Drawings by Amelia Reinmann;  a few penciled check marks. Cookies From Many Lands. includes Basler Lekerli. $60.


Martin Parr. MEXICO. London: Chris Boot Ltd., 2006. Oblong shape publication. Bold, bright, lively colors of Mexico are captured in signature focused vinyettes by Parr, many here are food related. an inscribed copy. $75. 


Martha Stewart. HOMEKEEPING HANDBOOK. NY: Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2006. first edition stated. 744 pages. from the basics of hanging laundry on a clothesline to patching a hole in a shirt. Endless information. SIGNED. $75. 


Pollard & F. W. Beech. CIDER MAKING. London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1957.  A lovely little technical study on the subject. with jacket.  $65.



Mrs. E. Lord.  THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF LAUNDRY WORK FOR SCHOLARS. London: T. Nelson and Sons, 1898. Fourth edition. 62 pages. blue cloth cover. The value of laundry work as a technical subject, all methods for all cloths. A text book for young girls with a few photographs and  diagrams of folded garments. $50.


Caroline Reed Wadhams. SIMPLE DIRECTIONS FOR THE LAUNDRESS. New York & London: Longmans, Green and  Co., 1917. 82 pages of essays covering all aspects  laundry work—assuming the person is a professional laundress, work days and day off, her manners, her room, care of the equipment— hampers and baskets, clothes horses, how to sort, boiling rinsing, wringing, drying, dampening, towels and linens, table linens, lace, wool, etc., etc. in a scarce dust jacket. $400. 



-SIMPLE DIRECTIONS FOR THE CHAMBERMAID. New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1917. 82 pages. who is qualified, manners, wardrobe, duties of a maid, covering all rooms and closets. in VG with no jacket. color frontis, stamped decorative front cover.  $165.


THE LAUNDRY MAID; HER DUTIES AND HOW TO PERFORM THEM. London: Houlston and Sons, [1877]. 96 pages. part of the Houlston Industrial Library. There were 31 titles in that series, covering professional careers of the  household. a bright little copy, stamped decorative cover with gilt, title on spine. 12 chapters covering mangling, starching, implements used in ironing, labour-saving machinery, ink spots and stains, with some illustrations of clotheslines and heating stoves for irons. quite scarce in an original edition. $350.



A LIFE-TIME COLLECTION OF 688 RECIPES FOR DRINKS. London: Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1934. first printing stated. clean and unmarked with a less than stellar jacket, stained and sticking to the book at the spine and back cover— $300. 


j. George Frederick & Jean Joyce. LONG ISLAND SEAFOOD COOK BOOK.  NY: The Business Bourse, Publishers, 1939.  324 pages. 85% Book is clean and perhaps unused in a complete dust jacket, bright but a bit worn. Celebrating Long Island regional cooking. Chowders, oysters, clams, flounder, mussels, eel, crab, shrimp, scallop, recipes from Rockaway, Great South Bay, Little Neck, Montauk, Sea Island, Block Island, Belle Harbor, many, many, many more towns. collectable. $300. 



Daniel Spoerri. MYTHOLOGY AND MEATBALLS. Berkeley: Aris Books, 1982. hardcover edition with DJ. $50.