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D. H. Lawrence. TWILIGHT IN ITALY. New York: W. Huebsch, 1916. a collection of essays including one entitled ‘The Lemon Gardens.’ Lake Garda famous for the terraced gardens to the west of the lake. A travelogue of a particular, and some might say peculiar person. $75. 


early printings of Il Vespro:

ERBUARIO SICILIANO.   Il Vespro, 1977. as new copy. $100. 


SICILIANA IN BOCA. Il Vespro, 1974. bright with bumping to the corners. $200.


F. T. Marinetti e Fillia.  LA CUCINA FUTURISTA. Milano: Casa Editrice Sonzogno, 1932. # 759. 12mo. 267pp. bright yellow wraps with bold red titles. a very good copy ! $4000.


Simonetta (Duchessa Colonna di Cesaro). A SNOB IN THE KITCHEN. NY: Doubleday and Company, 1967. dated and signed. a fashion icon with her own perfume. beautiful recipes too. a bright copy in a jacket.  $250. 


An obscure title:

Achille de Behec. LA CUCINA PRACTICA ed  ECONOMICA  PER LA FAMIGLIA OSSIA  L’ARTE DI MANGIAR BENE E SPENDER POCO. Napoli: Società Editrice Partenopea, n.d. ca.1910. 272 pages. bound in stiffer paper jacket. tape restored paper cover, text block solid. The New York Academy of Medicine owns the same--a different title, 1907, with restorative recipes to improve health. in Italian.  $250.00




Jean et Danièle Lorenzi. CUISINE MONEGASQUE. Imprimerie Nationale de Monaco, 1969. dessins by Jean & Danièle Lorenzi. 179 pages. 10.75 x 8.5” flexible stiff covers with decorative jacket. tipped in pictures, recipes and menus. From the library of Chef Christophe Marguin. $225.


Alexandre Dumaine. MA CUISINE. Paris: Pensee Moderne, 1972. 215 pages.  French chef and restauranteur  Dumaine also known as Le Magnifique, Le  Roi des Cuisiniers and Le Cuisinier des Roi, menus and recipes. Color glossy pictures. A coveted title and a VG copy in a VG jacket. $450.



Marie Christine and Didier Clement. COLETTE GOURMANDE. Paris: Albin Michel, 1990. excellent condition, inscribed by the authors. $45. 


Escoffier. LE LIVRE DES MENUS. Paris: Flammarion, Avril, 1912. Phileas Gilbert & Emile Fetu, collaborators. Compliment indispensible du Guide Culinaire. pages yellowed. 1st printing? no edition number printed on title page. chapters on Cartes du Jour de Restaurant, Petits Menus,Menus de Table d'Hote, Maigre, Banquets, du Carlton Hotel, de Noel et de Reveillon, Buffets et de Soupers de Bal, Presidentiels, Imperiaux et Royaux, Menus divers et documentaires, Methode de repartition du travail dans une grande cuisine, Tableau d'un service journalier. 165 pages+ 1 folding plate. vg/vg. black cloth with gilt titles. Bitting 146. $200.


Auguste Escoffier. MI COCINA.  Barcelona: Ediciones Garriga, 1965. 2500 recipes. 569 pages. Book and recipe format is comparable to the early French editions. color photographs.  this edition is in Spanish. a pristine copy in a very sturdy slipcase. $60.

Daniel Spoerri. MYTHOLOGY AND MEATBALLS. Berkeley: Aris Books, 1982. hardcover edition with DJ. $50.

Richard Olney. THE FRENCH MENU COOKBOOK. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1970. First printing stated. With NY Times obituary by R. W. Apple jr. laid in. beautiful clean unused copy- lightest jacket wear. $150.00


Christiane Sand. A LA TABLE DE GEORGE SAND. Flammarion, 1988. Inscribed by the author. excellent condition. $35.


Patience Gray and Primrose Boyd. PLATS DU JOUR OR FOREIGN FOOD. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1961. c.1957. original paperback issue with the distinctive pink covers and charming illustrations by David Gentleman. well written, mainly Italian and French Mediterranean and some Spanish dishes. a very up-to-date recipe book, with a chapters on pots and pans, vins ordinaries and fungi. a very good copy with toned pages.                       $95.


- HONEY FOM A WEED. FASTINDG AND FEASTING IN CATALONIA, THE CYCLADES AND APUGLIA. NY: Harper & Row, 1987. first U.S. edition. 374 pages. VG/VG copy. this book also contains a diverse bibliography of Gray's references. what's on your book shelf?  $95.

Henriette Davidis-Holle. PRACTISCHES   KOCHBUCH.  Bielefield und Liepzig: Verlag von Belhagen & Klasing, 1927. 667 pages, a very bright copy, decorative endpages. old Germanic typeface, color plates and line illustrations. All purpose cooking and household. In a beautifully preserved, bright  box.  $175.


---above red box and book almost as new 1935 edition. $225.  


Henriette Davidis. PRACTISCHES KOCHBUCH FUR DIE GEWOHNLICHE UND FEINERE KUCHE. Bielefeld and Leipzig: Verlag Velhagen & Klasing, 1882. with Luise Rosendorf. 680 pages. Box is dated from website as 1888. not a perfect match- book and box, but the book which varies in size from printing date to printing city-- fits perfectly in this box. in German of course.  $150.

F. Point. MA GASTRONOMIE. Paris: Flammarion, 1969.  178 pages. a tribute to the town of Vienne and to the restaurant founded

by Fernande Point, La Pyramide. silk covered boards, stamped titles, paste on decoration on front cover, original mylar cover, illustrated end pages. Bright clean, tight copy, bumped bottom corners. In French. $225.


another copy. Wilton [Ct.]: Lyceum, 1974. a VG/VG copy. clean and bright. in English. illustrations of the famous dishes and of the famous restaurant and wine cellar. $90. 


X.M. Boulestin. THE CONDUCT OF THE KITCHEN. London: William Heinemann, Ltd., 1925. #16 of 25. Limited edition. effeciency in the kitchen with essays, menus and recipes. 67 pages, deckled edges. dark patterned cloth with title stamped on the front cover and spine. tissue guard. signed by Boulestin and Laboureur. see image right.  $950.


HAVING CROSSED THE CHANNEL.  London: William Heinemann, 1934. 12mo. 188pp. cream colored polished linen. deckled edges,  engraved frontis by  J. E. Laboureur, and SIGNED neatly by X.M. Boulestin, a limited edition #19 of 25. “a little collection of scenes, impressions, excursions, itineraries and useful information about meals in those parts of France where the food and the wines are the best, also about several places abroad.”   $950.


Alexandre Dumas.  GRAND DICTIONNAIRE DE CUISINE. Paris: Lemerre,1873. 155 pages + 24 pages of advertising. title page in red and black type. frontis with tissue guard, reinforced binding, tight and clean, 1/4 leather, mended corners. intro and portrait of Vuillemot and several introductions, a calendar of months by de la Reyniere, the grand Dictionnaire, that will give histories, recipes or how the listed is used. a section of Vin. encyclopedic.  $2100. 

—PETIT DICTIONNAIRE DE CUISINE PAR ALEXANDRE DUMAS. Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1882. 819 pages. front paper covers detached, binding loose. fragile paper. clean. $550.





LA PHYSIOLOGIE DU GOUT…..Bruxelles: La Boetie, 1947. #2393 of 4660 copies printed on alfa verge superieur des papeteries. in 2 vol. wraps with original glassine paper covers in green flocked slipcase. $325.


THE PHYSIOLOGY OF TASTE; OR, TRANSCENDENTAL GASTRONOMY. ILLUSTRATED BY ANECDOTES OF DISTINGUISHED ARTISTS AND STATESMEN OF BOTH CONTINENTS. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1854. This is the first American translation. brown cloth, decorative gilt title and very decorative gilt spine.   $950.


Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. THE PHYSIOLOGY OF TASTE OR, MEDITATIONS ON TRANSCENDENTAL GASTRONOMY.  A new translation by MFK Fisher with profuse annotations by the translator and illustrations by Sylvain Sauvage. NY: Heritage Press, 1949. A very good edition for reading the book with Fisher’s notes. This is a fine copy with decorative paper boards, with its glassine cover in the red slipcase that has a little edge sunning. Some black and white and color illustrations within the text. $150.

Menon. LA SCIENCE DU MAITRE D’HOTEL CONFISEUR,A L’USAGE DES OFFICERS, AVEC DES OBSERVATIONS SUR LA CONNOISSANCE & PROPRIETES DES FRUITS. ENRICHIE DE DESSINS EN DECORATIONS & PARTERRES POUR LES DESSERTS. Paris: Compagnie des Libraires Associes, 1788. an original 16 mo., 525pp + observations and contents.  with marbled boards New edition. vade mecum for the pastry chef: preserving, candying and treatments of fruits, baking, etc... 4 plates all folding, the fifth in facsimile at page 267. with some recipes written in. $350.


Eugene Briffault. PARIS A TABLE. Paris: J. Hetzel, 1846. Beautifully bound in a black stamped binding with bright gilt decorations, title on spine. Gilt edges. Pale yellow-green endpages. 184 +iv contents. Essays on the restaurants of Paris, in history and opinions and reviews. Illustrations by Bertall and others.  $1500.


Menon. LA SCIENCE DU MAITRE D’HOTELCONFISEUR,A L’USAGE DES OFFICERS, AVEC DES OBSERVATIONS SUR LA CONNOISSANCE & PROPRIETES DES FRUITS. ENRICHIE DE DESSINS EN DECORATIONS & PARTERRES POUR LES DESSERTS. Paris: Compagnie des Libraires Associes, 1788. an original 16 mo., 525pp + observations and contents.  with marbled boards New edition. vade mecum for the pastry chef: preserving, candying and treatments of fruits, baking, etc... 4 plates all folding, the fifth in facsimile at page 267. with some recipes written in. $350.


Jules Remy. CHAMPIGNONS ET TRUFFES.  Paris: Librairie Agricole de la Maison Rustique,1861. 173pp. 12 color plates.Comestibles, identification, culture and utilization (recipes) bound in ¼ leather, marbled boards. A beautiful copy. Bitting 393. Vicaire 737. $500.


Arnould Locard. LES HUITRES ET LES MOLLUSQUES COMESTIBLES MOULES, PRAIRES,CLOVISSES, ESCARGOTS, ETC. Paris: Librairie J.B. Bailliere et Fils, 1890. farming, taxonomy with 97 illustrations. scarce title. in French. in an early green cloth cover with ¼ leather, gilt decorative title on spine and a ribbon page marker. in very good, tight condition. With illustrations, identification, cultivation and Les Maladies.  Bitting 291. No recipes. the last image on this page is LES HUITRES. $600.


Robert J. Courtine. CELEBRATION DE L'ASPERGE. Haute-Provence, 1965. part of the CELEBRATION series published by Robert Morel. The books were tributes to the everyday unheralded -- sardines, honey, eggs, eels.... 24 books in the series, uniform in size but with varying cloth covers and book marks. This copy is inscribed to Tony Curtis--the actor, presumably--with a drawing depicting a glamorous woman's face & If I hadn't  myself onetime seen Curtis at the Nice airport accompanied by a jeune fille, I might doubt the inscription. See the link above for information about Courtine. $145. 


Curnonsky & Marcel Rouff. LA FRANCE GASTRONOMIQUE. Paris, F. Rouffe.  3 of the 13 volumes in this series of the different regions of France. Small paper wraps, almost uniform in size and appearance. Small travel guides for the regions with recommendations for chosing an auberge and wine with some recipes included.

LA SAVOIE. 1923. 119 pages + advertising. $75.

L’ALSACE. 1921. 123 pages + local advertising. $75.

LA NORMANDIE. 123 pages. + advertising. $75.




Sara Bosse and Onoto Watanna. CHINESE-JAPANESE COOK BOOK. Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1914. small 16mo. 120pp + publ. early imprint of Asian cooking in America, perhaps in tribute to her Chinese mother. The story here is a little blurry. Why not? A bright little copy, bright paste on, clean and tight. lightly rubbed corners. $300. 

  An interesting wikipedia biography here.




Townley Searle. STRANGE NEWES FROM CHINA. A FIRST CHINESE COOKERY BOOK. NY: E.P. Dutton & Co., n.d. (1932) Printed in England at the Burleigh Press, as new copy with just a touch of shelf wear. decorations by Searle. paper lantern decorative inside covers. $225.


H. Lecourt. LA CUISINE CHINOISE. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1968. The complete reprinted 1923 edition. Laffont is famous for unusual and innovative and artistic book design. This edition is clean and bright.  $125.



John Moore. A VIEW OF SOCIETY AND MANNERS IN ITALY: WITH ANECDOTES RELATING TO SOME EMINENT CHARACTERS. Boston: Apollo Press, 1792. While most dialogue covers more lofty and historical descriptions of society and politics in the many cities and towns, interesting details of dress and meals punctuate the story. “ I shall mention two circumstances, from which you may form an idea of the grandeur of an Italian palace, and the number of domestics which some of the nobility retain. We passed through twelve or thirteen large rooms before we arrived at the dining room; there were thirty-six persons at the table, none served but the Prince’s domestics, and each guest had a footman behind his chair; other domestics belonging to the Prince remained in the adjacent rooms, and in the hall. We afterwards passed through a considerable number of other rooms in our way to one from which there is a commanding view.” 

No shortage of descriptions of hand gestures or extemporaneous declarations of religious passion, which we in the Roman Catholic faith call ejaculations.    $150.

Dr. Ludwig Flentje. HAUS-REZEPTE. Philadelphia: von M. Dahlem, 1872. in German. recipes, receipts and formulae, cooking, medicinal, household, garden. 1st printing. 288 pages. for a history of the Germans in the Middle Atlantic States see all the books of William Woys Weaver who has written extensively on this subject and also a general Wikipedia search.  blind stamped, gilt title, slightly cocked. Flentje also wrote books on Wine. in NYPL. not in Bitting or Brown. $250.



Bertha. NYESTE OG FULDSTAENDIGSTE KOGBOG.  Kristiania: Sophus Kriedts Forlag, n.d. 1890. for small and large households. 206 pp. $150.




Russian Cookery:

Princess Alexandre Gagarine. THE BORZOI COOK BOOK. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1923. 1st edition. Russian cookery from the house of Madame Dragomirov of Kiev. 416 recipes from bortsch to walnut jam. 247 pages, lightly tones pages, very clean and bright with batik colored boards.      front panel and flap of dust jacket. $125.  


--THE RUSSIAN COOKBOOK. London: William Heinemann, Ltd., 1924. $95.


A. Heckmann. SUSSE KUNST. Nordhausen: 1930. impressive 'look book' of cakes and pastries with recipes, in German language, 10 x 14". in very good, bright and clean condition. $300.


Georg Steinberger. MODERNE TORTEN- VERZIERUNGEN. 78 MODERNE VORLAGEN EIGENE ENTWURFE MIT KLAREN ERLÅUTERUNGEN. Bayern, 1910. Gray cloth covers, 40 color plates, pastel color designs. 12 x12 “ a very clean sturdy copy. With the original cardboard envelope. $375.


J. M Erich Weber. PRAKTISCHE KONDITOREI-KUNST. “PRA-KO-KU” DAS GROSSE KONDITOREN-FACHWERK DER WELT. Dresden, 1924. 90 color plates, of cake and pastry designs. 11 ½ x 12 “. Missing the stencils. Bumped edges and a bit wobbly, still an impressive pastry cookbook. $225.