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Vegetarianism in America:



‘House-keeping is as much a science, and in view of its results in the formation of human health and character, as deserving of study, too-as geography or mathemetics’. 

Wm. A. Alcott. THE YOUNG HOUSE-KEEPER OR THOUGHTS ON FOOD AND COOKERY. Boston: George W. Light, 1838. third stereotype edition. essays on the keeping the home, the dignity of that role, food and recipes. simplicity in diet and food preparation and avoidance of meat. with essays about fruits and vegetables and recipes. Lowenstein (1954) 173 1st, 2nd & 3rd stereotype edition published the same year. 424 pages + advertising by publisher. decorative blind stamped fabric, spine sunned, title on spine, make do thin cord book marks. a tight copy seeing a bit of light foxing. $175.00



Mrs. J. R. Leadsworth. THE NATURAL FOOD OF MAN AND HOW TO PREPARE IT. San Francisco: Pacific Press Publishing Co., 1899. a slim volume of recipes eschewing  meat and dairy. A  presentation copy with enclosed letter to Dr. Kellogg at Battle Creek from Dr. Leadsworth pleased that her  book was included in the library at Battle Creek.  40 pages, decorative stamped green cloth with gilt title. Embossed stamp from the Kellog Library on the title page. $165.


John Smith of Malton. SUBSTANCE OF THE WORK ENTITLED FRUITS AND FARINACEA THE PROPER FOOD OF MAN. Manchester: John Heywood, 1873. 112 pages. friom the private library of   J. H. Kellogg. $165.







Miss Louise D.E. Schmieder.  Mount Vernon, New York. 1884.

2-3 hands.polished cotton sewn cover over boards.  $165. 


A WELL ORGANIZED SCRAP BOOK. New England Homestead Cook Book.

recipe  clippings from the journal which ran from 1842-1969. organized subjects within this Compositions book. unnamed clipper.  $60. 



American ephemera, from Boston: dated July 1805.

6.75” x 4.75”  chinz border. A receipt for ribbons, hand written on verso. signed both sides by D. Walker, a dry goods shop in Boston. $300.



from  NYC, Broome Street, now called SoHo:

THE HANDBOOK OF CARVING WITH HINTS FOR THE DINNER-TABLE. London: George Routledge and Sons & New York: 416 Broome Street, n.d. ca. 1860 or before.  #6, in the ‘Miniature Series.’  82 pages + several pages of Routledge advertising. gilt edges, bent upper corner. pebbled, purple cloth boards. $115. 



VOLUMES XXVII & XXVIII,  JANUARY 1855- DECEMBER, 1855. A  Popular Ladies’ monthly magazine, containing fiction and non, needlework ideas and sewing patterns and each month a color plate of the newest Parisian fashions and a full page etching print on a meditative subject— Saint Joan of Arc, Moses Smiting the Rock, The Thunder Storm, nine more, on stiffer papers. One year was considered as 2 volumes, this being complete for the year 1855, all color plates are present with tissue guards. Tight binding, clean copy. Contemporary binding with the binder’s embossed stamp on the FEP. $125.


Mrs. W. H. Brewer. AUNT MARY’S NEW ENGLAND COOK BOOK. Boston: Lockwood, Brooks & Co., 1881. 72 pages of plain cooking.  A small selection of cooking and household recipes, beef stews, chowders, potatoes and other northern fruits and vegetables, apples & quinces, New Hampshire Cakes, Election Cake,  Gingerbread—cold weather foods. a slim volume, some spine loss upper and lower, moisture stains to some pages, all pages present. small bookseller sticker from Tessa McKirdy of Rottingdean. condition noted. Bitting 59. $200.


Rundell, Maria Eliza  Ketelby. THE EXPERIENCED AMERICAN HOUSEKEEPER, OR DOMESTIC COOKERY, FORMED ON THE PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMY FOR THE USE OF PRIVATE FAMILIES. New York: Johnstone &  Van Norden, 1823. 2 plates 1 folding plate. 216 pages. heavily foxed. many 4 leaf clovers pressed inside this copy. see LOC. see HOLLIS. $450.


Mrs. E. A. Howland. THE NEW ENGLAND ECONOMICAL HOUSEKEEPER, AND FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK. Worchester: S.A. [Southworth Allen] Howland, Publ., 1847. very ‘used’ but very readable. very useful as well. $145. 


H. L. Barnum. FAMILY RECEIPTS, OR PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR THE HUSBANDMAN AND HOUSEWIFE, CONTAINING A GREAT VARIETY OF VALUABLE RECIPES, RELATING TO AGRICULTURE, GARDENING, BREWERY, etc…. Cincinnati: Lincoln & Co., Printers, 1831. some spine covering loss, gilt title still visable, scuffing to the covers, some water stains. generally in poor shape but still holding together.  $165.


Carter. THE FRUGAL HOUSEWIFE OR, COMPLETE WOMAN COOK. WHEREIN THE ART OF DRESSING ALL SORTS OF VIANDS WITH CLEANLINESS, DECENCY, AND ELEGANCE IS EXPLAINED IN 500 HUNDRED APPROVED RECEIPTS IN GRAVIES, SAUCES, ROASTING, BOILING, FRYING, STEWS....etc. New York: Rogers and Berry, Pearl Street [1795]. Lowenstein 8a [1972] .several handwritten recipes and observations written in the fore pages. a later dated inscription dated June 30, 1830. lacking the illustrated Bill of Fare for November and December, one page, plus any blank ep's. $2000.


Another copy: Philadelphia: Mathew Carey, 1802. Missing the frontis. 131 pp. Front index with one plate entitled, ARRANGEMENT OF A DINNER OR SUPPER TABLE, CONSISTING OF NINE DISHES. $800.


A Society of Gentlemen in New York. THE UNIVERSAL RECEIPT BOOK, OR, COMPLETE FAMILY DIRECTORY; BEING A REPOSITORY OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE IN THE SEVERAL BRANCHES OF DOMESTIC ECONOMY; CONTAINING SCARCE, CURIOUS, AND VALUABLE RECEIPTS, AND CHOICE SECRETS. New York: I. Riley, 1814. in NYPL, LCOC, AAS, Schlesinger. leather covered boards with small red title label on spine. 16mo. 284pp. household, cookery and health recipes are mixed together- with an index. -name plate of Richard Manning, Raymond, Me. -signature of Richard Manning of Raymond on half-title page-signature Susan De Manning on FEP

In AAS: ( American Antiquarian Society) Notes: Attributed to Richard Alsop in Field, David D. A statistical account of the county of Middlesex, in Connecticut (Middletown, Conn., 1819), p. 52. See also Harrington, Karl P. Richard Alsop "a Hartford wit" (1939), p. 139, where it is suggested that Alsop was one of the society of gentlemen and Alsop is identified as the brother-in-law of Isaac Riley. $450.


Mrs. T.F Willis & Mrs. W. S. Bird.  HOUSEKEEPING AND DINNER GIVING IN KANSAS CITY. Kansas City, Mo.: Ramsey, Millett & Hudson, 1887. 229 pages. scarce title in deplorable state. Needs a clamshell box to keep it together. spine missing, several front pages detached. That said, all pages present, several pages of handwritten recipes on those detached front pages, several hand written recipes on end pages. title stamped  on front cover. several pages of advertising. owners signature on inside front cover Mrs.John Martin. $200.


Laura Thornton Knowles. SOUTHERN RECIPES TESTED BY MYSELF. New York: George H. Doran Company, 1913. A v.good clean copy— $200.


William Kitchiner. THE COOK’S ORACLE CONTAINING RECEIPTS FOR PLAIN COOKERY. etc, etc. Boston: Munroe and Francis, 1823. second American edition, 1822. originally published as Apicius Redivivus or Cook's Oracle in 1817 in London, with many editions. Well written, references within the recipe using different typeface for emphasis. $350.


THE NEW FAMILY RECEIPT-BOOK, CONTAINING EIGHT HUNDRED TRULY VALUABLE RECEIPTS IN VARIOUS BRANCHES OF DOMESTIC ECONOMY, SELECTED FROM THE WORKS OF BRITISH AND FOREIGN WRITERS OF UNQUESTIONABLE EXPERIENCE AND AUTHORITY, AND THE ATTESTED COMMUNICATIONS OF SCIENTIFIC FRIENDS. New Haven: Howe & Spaulding, and Samuel Wadsworth, 1819. 429 pp + publisher’s advertising. Calf with paste-on title on spine. 38 chapters of various topics and their recipes—agriculture, bird catching, brewing and management of malt liquors, curiosities, distilling, domestic economy, firearms and management of gunpowder, gardening, health, perfumes, water, wine, etc. Longone, American Cookery 1796-1996. Lowenstein/Lincoln(1954) 75. $350.


THE COOK NOT MAD OR RATIONAL COOKERY; BEING A COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL AND SELECTED RECEIPTS, embracing….the AMERICAN PUBLICK IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. Watertown (NY): Knowlton & Rice, 1830. 1st ed. 24mo. 120pp. advocating temperance in the quality and quantity of our diet and adapting the diet to the meridian of the locality. Makes good sense. numbered entries covering the sick room and household receipts. fep missing, all else complete. a charming little book with paper covered wooden boards, showing at the edges, calico cloth spine, in a protective folding card box ribbon tied. $2200.


Mrs. Mary Randolph. THE VIRGINIA HOUSEWIFE. Philadelphia: E.H. Butler & Co., 1848. c.1824. Bitting 388. Lowenstein. 287b (1954) Cagle. LOC; Schlesinger. The earliest regional American cookbook using familiar early 19th century terminology and Americanisms as well as Spanish and French influenced recipes. A nice recipe for Morello cherry shrub, and a fair number of chicken and bird recipes, and recipes for local river fish.

180 pages, missing prelims but starts with the title page. some pencil scribbling to inner front and back covers. Covers very worn. Binding holding. A scarce and coveted American title.( Mary Randolph 1762-1828, link to Randolph is from the MSU libraries) $650.


another copy. THE SKILLFUL HOUSEWIFE OR COMPLETE GUIDE TO DOMESTIC COOKERY, TASTE, COMFORT, AND ECONOMY. EMBRACING 659 RECEIPTS PERTAINING TO HOUSEHOLD DUTIES, HEALTH, EDUCATION OF CHILDREN, GARDENING, FLOWERS, BIRDS, ETC, ETC WITH VALUABLE ADDITIONS BY AN ENGLISH HOUSEKEEPER. NY: J. M. Fairchild & Co., Publishers N.D. copyright page entered 1852 according to Act of Congress. 216 pp. 12mo. Fortieth thousand. Last blank leaf missing. ¼ cloth, printed boards. Early signature of owner on FEP. Mrs. Eliza Berry, Portland, Me. And the later signatures of Mary E. Berry (p.212) also a bit of family history, John R. Berry left for Baltimore the 24th of May 1859 written on the end page. 2 plates front and verso of a butchering diagram and the frontis kitchen illustration of a woman rolling pastry with her children acting like children. $450.


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, LADIES' TOILETTE TABLE, DIRECTIONS FOR MANAGING CANARY BIRDS; ALSO, SAFE DIRECTIONS FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF CHILDREN; INSTRUCTIONS FOR LADIES UNDER VARIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES; A GREAT VARIETY OF VALUABLE RECIPES, FORMING A COMPLETE SYSTEM OF FAMILY MEDICINE.  New York, 1851. 136pp + 1p. adv. medical and food recipes. in very good condition with foxing. title page print off center, drypoint illustration of animal menagerie on copyright page, 1 hand written recipe for Torte Cake in pencil. An inscription, Presented to Mrs. Hanford by her Father on FEP. Bitting 570. LOC on line catalog, AAS, NYU. $350.


Mrs. J.S. Bradley. MRS. BRADLEY'S HOUSEKEEPER'S GUIDE: OR A NEW, PLAIN AND ECONOMICAL COOK-BOOK, CONTAINING THE GREATEST VARIETY OF NEW, VALUABLE AND APPROVED RECEIPTS EVER PUBLISHED IN ONE BOOK. Cincinnati: J. Applegate & Co., 1853. Bitting 54. x-187pages. One recipe written on ep. An embossed bookseller's stamp placing it in Zanesville, Ohio. $300.


P. H.(Hart) Mendall. THE NEW BEDFORD PRACTICAL RECEIPT BOOK. New Bedford: Charles Taber & Co, 1859. This being the first printing.  A cookbook written by a woman of fortitude and resilience. Supporting her family and to keep her home in New Bedford  she used her cooking skills  and aesthetics to making wedding cakes-  Though a slim volume, it is by by a great name in New England culinary history.  This copy is well used, loose binding, damp stained, all pages present save for the missing last EP. Mrs. William N. Smith Springfield Mass is written in a neat script on the FEP, in the usual position of the top third of the page.  $225.


ARTS REVEALED, AND UNIVERSAL GUIDE; CONTAINING MANY RARE AND INVALUABLE RECIPES AND DIRECTIONS FOR THE USE OF FAMILIES, FROM THE BEST AUTHORITIES. NY: H. Dayton, Publisher, 1859. 155 pp. 8vo. blind stamped cloth cover with a small gilt title. worn edges. a small household encyclopedia of household recipes and advice; medical recipes with a guide to collecting roots, bark herbs and flowers; instructions on dress and cleanliness and etiquette for men and women; instructions for needlework arts; miscellaneous recipes to which are added several recipes for confectionery which precedes a section on killing borers in fruit trees; diseases of children, accidents and emergencies and a chapter of cake recipes. $250.


J. R. Stafford’s FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK: CONTAINING THE CELEBRATED 100 METROPOLITAN HOTEL RECIPES AND ALSO OVER 150 OTHER VALUABLE RECEIPTS, AND MANY SUBJECTS OF INTEREST TO ALL CLASSES. New York: Benj. Urner, Steam Book and Job Printer, 248 Canal Street, 1860. 8vo. 32 pp. + advertising. sewn binding. paper covers for this booklet of the Metropolitan Hotel in lower Manhattan now familiarly called SOHO. The hotel was located on Broadway between Houston and Prince Streets and there is a history of the development on the second page with etching of the massive hotel built in 1852. foxed and in ‘used’ condition. ephemera. $65.


LADIES' INDISPENSABLE ASSISTANT, BEING A COMPANION FOR THE SISTER, MOTHER, AND WIFE. CONTAINING MORE INFORMATION FOR THE PRICE THAN ANY OTHER WORK UPON THE SUBJECT. HERE ARE THE VERY BEST DIRECTIONS FOR THE BEHAVIOR AND ETIQUETTE OF Mrs. S.G. Knight. TIT-BITS; OR, HOW TO PREPARE A NICE DISH AT A MODERATE EXPENSE. Boston: Crosby and Nichols, 1864. 12mo. 124pp. brown, blind stamped decorative cloth, bumped and scuffed corners and rubbed spine with the cloth separating but repaired and a nice gilt title. a clean bright copy inside. recipes: a general cookbook with a leaning toward puddings, cakes, fritters and carbs. $200.


Smith & Swinney. THE HOUSEKEEPER'S GUIDE AND EVERYBODY'S HAND-BOOK: CONTAINING FIVE HUNDRED NEW AND VALUABLE RECIPES. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1868. fourth edition. 12mo. Recipes for the food pantry and the household-- soap, jam, puddings, poison antidotes.96 pages, bound with PORTRAITS AND BIOGRAPHIES OF THE LEADING MILITARY AND NAVAL OFFICERS INCLUDING THOSE OF PRESIDENTS LINCOLN AND JOHNSON. By L. M. Smith. Illustrated with portrait etchings.

Printed board covers, heavily foxed. Complete. The cloth spine is split with the covers detached. LOC, MSU Library. $250.


Julia C. Andrews. BREAKFAST DINNER & TEA: VIEWED CLASSICALLY, POETICALLY, AND PRACTICALLY. CONTAINING NUMEROUS DISHES AND FEASTS OF ALL TIMES AND ALL COUNTRIES. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1869. c 1859. 351 pages. deep blue stamped and gilt titles front cover and spine. rubbed. each page is framed in a double rule. pages are clean with toning.Inscription on the fep reads: Mrs John Appleton. From her loving husband.Feb 12 1874. $165.


THE HOUSEHOLD TREASURE, OR, THE YOUNG HOUSEWIFE'S COMPANION, CONTAINING COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS IN, AND RECEIPTS FOR PREPARING, etc...Philadelphia: J. Thomas Huey, 1871. 12mo. 5 +158 +11 pages of advertising from Philadelphia. As well as advertising throughout. Illustrated with 8 color plates + a 2 page sepia colored advertisement from Dobbins' Electric Soap. All pages present. Some tears. Blind stamped cloth cover with gilt stamped National Life Insurance Co. advertising. Title faded and worn on spine. $95.


 Dr. Ludwig Flentje. HAUS-REZEPTE. Philadelphia: von M. Dahlem, 1872. in German. recipes, receipts and formulae, cooking, medicinal, household, garden. 1st printing. 288 pages. for a history of the Germans in the Middle Atlantic States see all the books of William Woys Weaver who has written extensively on this culture and also a general Wikipedia search. see here for a digital edition. blind stamped, gilt title, slightly cocked. Flentje also wrote books on Wine. in NYPL. not in Bitting or Brown. $250.




Thomas Hawkes Tanner. M.D., F.L.S. MEMORANDA ON POISONS. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1875. vade mecum. All sorts of recipes. Definition, diagnosis, detection! Classifications, Mineral, Corrosive Vegetable, Alkalies, Salts, Simple Vegetable, Irritant Gasses, several more chapters. 155 pages. Small, 5 ¼ x 3 1/2”, cloth. $150.


P.H. Felker. THE GROCER’S MANUAL, CONTAINING THE NATURAL HISTORY AND PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE OF ALL GROCER’S GOODS ALSO, THEIR ADULTERATIONS AND HOW TO DETECT THEM; RATES OF TARE, AS ALLOWED BY CUSTOM AND LAW…Claremont: Claremont Manufacturing Company, 1878. 312pp. 12mo. alphabetically listed and defined items on the grocer’s shelf, from Adulterations to Yeast. Bitting 155. 1st ed. a bit worn. $125.


Professor H. Blit. CANNING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES BY HOT AIR AND STEAM, AND BERRIES BY THE COMPOUNDING OF SYRUPS AND THE CRYSTALLIZING AND CANDYING OF FRUITS, ETC., ETC. Pittsburgh, 1890. a new edition and supplement to which is added recipes for making household articles and valuable formulae also medical and toilet formulae with an errata sheet, in addition chapters on improving and strengthening memory and also THE MNEMOTECHNIC DICTIONARY, containing most of the English words in common use, combining classical, geographical, ancient and modern terms and proper names, all arranged in numerical order. cracked hinges but a strong binding. waxed cloth interesting for historical references. $90.


JOHN G. CARLISLE’S KENTUCKY COOK BOOK.  Chicago: F. Tennyson Neeley, 1893. 249 pages.  1 or 2 recipes per page. A distinctive cookbook of white polished fine cloth with a printed flower motif, an Arts and Crafts era inspired font.  Scuffed and stained cover with a tight binding, 2 full page handwritten recipes and a gift inscription to Dear Grandmama… dated 1893. $165.


Dr. Lyman Abbott, L.W. Betts, Elizabeth Bisland, H.C. Candee, John M. Gerhard, Constance Cary Harrison, P.G. Hubert, Jr., Thomas Wentworth Higginson, M.G. Humphreys, M.C. Jones, E.W. Mc Glasson, Samuel Parsons, Jr., Dr. J. West Roosevelt, W.O. Stoddard, Kate Douglas Wiggin.THE HOUSE AND HOME A PRACTICAL BOOK. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1896. in 2 volumes. with 400 illustrations. 400, 396pages. 18 chapters covering such diverse subjects as Occupations for Woman; Woman in their Business Affairs; The Principles of Housekeeping; The Training of Children; Books and Reading; The Flower Garden; House Decorating; Woman's cloth, heavy paper, some pages loosening though a tight binding, very clean. nicely illustrated with color & black and white illustrations. a fine 'how to' household reference, nicely indicative of the era. $125.


(Estelle Woods Wilcox) TRIED AND APPROVED. BUCKEYE COOKERY AND PRACTICAL HOUSEKEEPING. Minneapolis: Buckeye Publishing Company, 1880. revised and enlarged. 536 pages.  Some of the chaptres listed cover Bread-Making, Creams and Custards, Canning, Housekeeping, Marketing, Cellar and Ice-House, Accidents and Sudden Sickness. a used, neatly kept copy with some notations by M.F. Jenkins the previous owner. bright gilt titles front cover and spine. $125. 

From Jan Longone’s description in Feeding America at the University of Michigan  website: This was the great mid-American cookbook of its day. It began life as a charity cookbook when, in 1876, the women of the First Congregational Church in Marysville, Ohio, published a cookbook to raise money to build a parsonage. They named it The Centennial Buckeye Cook Book, in honor of America's Centennial.

The author, Estelle Woods Wilcox, who grew up in Marysville had moved with her husband to Minneapolis, where he managed the Minneapolis Daily Tribune. From Minneapolis, Mrs. Wilcox edited the contributions of the Marysville women and wrote the introductory essays to each section. The book was published in Minneapolis and the ladies of Marysville accomplished their goal by raising two thousand dollars for the parsonage.

The Wilcoxes, who recognized the ongoing potential of the book, bought its copyright and established themselves as the Buckeye Publishing Company. Thus began a long and varied publishing saga. Estelle Wilcox continued editing, revising and publishing the book for the next twenty-eight years. The book was sometime published as the Dixie Cook Book, to reach a southern audience. It was published in German to reach the largest ethnic group in the Upper Midwest. An edition was published almost every year in Dayton, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago and St. Paul as well as many in Minneapolis. At least thirty different printings have been recorded. As early as 1880, the title page indicated "Eightieth Thousand." It is interesting to note that only the first Marysville edition benefitted the First Congregational Church; most later editions were part of the Wilcox publishing business.

All in all, this is one of America's most popular cookbooks - and it is an American classic.


a nation of fundraisers       ***************************


HOUSEKEEPER'S MANUAL A SELECTION OF RECIPES TRIED AND APPROVED BY THE LADIES OF THE VALLEY FALLS (New York) M.E. CHURCH. North Adams, Mass: Walden & Crawley, 1899. 93 pages + several pages of local NY advertising. not in any, that I have searched, on line digital libraries. $95. 


Ladies’ Literary Circle of the Summit Ave. M.E. Church. THE EAST ST. LOUIS COOK BOOK. East St. Louis: John Haps printer, 1899. a big production, portraits of The Ladies, full page church etching, many, many local ads including an index to the advertisers, index to the recipes each having a flying American flag ‘bullet’ 272 pp. and some hand written additions. a worn and stained white oilcloth cover. Toned paper.  $150.


The Ladies of the First Universalist Society. CHOICE RECEIPTS. Haverhill, Franklin P. Stiles, 1897-98. 131pp. Brown 1320. oblong shape, 24mo. (5.75 x 8.25”) gray cloth with Kenoza in large gilt script on front. the recipes are signed by the contributor, many ads, good shape, clean and unmarked. With the small mimeographed errata sheet. $100.


M.B. Bosson. AUNT MENA’S RECIPE BOOK. Philadelphia: The National Baptist, 1888. 8vo. 209pp. decorative stamped front cover. in poor condition, complete. sold for the benefit of the Baptist Orphanage, Angora, Philadelphia. $95.


The Ladies of the M.W.C.T.U. MASSACHUSETTS WOMAN’S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION CUISINE. A VALUABLE COMPILATION OF RECIPES KNOWN TO BE RELIABLE TOGETHER WITH REPORTS, CONSTITUTION, BY-LAWS, ETC. Boston: E.B. Stilling & Co., 1878. 8vo. 23 pp + 127pp + 15 pages of advertising by sponsors, including advertising on end pages and free end pages. one of the greatest of all charitable cookbooks compiled for the cause of Temperance in alcoholic drink and for the establishment of inns and homes for women and men to encourage their reform from the evils of intemperance. brown cloth cover with gilt titles, worn edges. with many added recipes on lined leaves, clippings inserted and pasted in and one leaf inserted of a temperance song. recipes for cooking and hints for households. an incredible 19th century relic. $350.


Mrs. D.R. Barfield, ed. OUR GIRLS' COOK BOOK. Evansville, 1910. Published by the Working Girls' Association. 107 pages + several blanks at the end of the book 18 pages of those blanks with hand written recipes. In worn, used condition, pages are stained. That being said, the binding is tight. The Working Girls Association was a 19th century charitable development started to help the many girls and young women who might migrate from one state to another to find work. It was a charitable association providing shelter and security for them. In Brown, 1006.  $100.


THE KIRMESS COOK BOOK. Jersey City, Nov.7-8-9-10, 1906] 519 pages. bound in green cloth covered boards in library binding. [A COLLECTION OF WELL-TESTED RECIPES FROM THE BEST HOUSE-KEEPERS OF JERSEY CITY AND ELSEWHERE]. A charitable cookbook compiled for the benefit of Christ Hospital, with gleanings from "The Up To Date Waitress," Salads, Sandwiches and Chafing-dish Dainties," The "Cook Books" of Mrs,. Seeley, Marion Harland, Miss Parola, Oscar, Filippini, The Boston Cooking School Cook Book and others, from the preface, present, title page missing. (This information was taken from the Open Library copy that is missing the first few pages of Chapter 1 though has the title page). with several added correction and addition slips, penciled notations, and several library repairs. in LOC, NYU (Bobst), Schlesinger, Open Library. Bitting 569. $125.


Shishmaref Day School. ESKIMO COOKBOOK. Alaska, 1952. small, nearly 4 1/2 x 6" , stapled binding. A very famous little charitable cookbook, published for the Alaska Crippled Children's Association of Anchorage, Alaska. A mere 36 pages but so exacting of the culture of the native peoples. Local flora and their descriptions, meats and birds with their Eskimo recipes. A treasure. Paper wraps, typewriter layout, recipes are contributed by the schoolchildren with their names signed. an early printing of this booklet with period Santa stickers and inscription done in 50's style penmanship. $50.




Julia Lovejoy Cuniberti. PRACTICAL ITALIAN RECIPES FOR AMERICAN KITCHENS. Washington D.C., 1918. A charitable cookbook to aid the orphan boys of Italy in Citta' di Castello, Collestrada and in Rome. Included is the original insert accompanying the cookbook, which is 32 pages, green wraps with front cover paste-on, rag paper. 2 staples as binding. missing the title page. Still very foreign. A scarce title and a very early Italian cooking title in America. $45.


Gleaners’ Society of the Congregational Church. GLEANER’S PRIDE COOK BOOK. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, 1904. second edition. 8vo. 178 + blank pages for write-ins. the usual recipe subjects and the names of the contributors. Worn, all blank pages are used, with added clippings. $50.


LADIES GUILD. CHOICE SELECTIONS OF TESTED RECIPES FOR MANY HOUSEHOLDS PUBLISHED AND REVISED BY THE CONGREGATIONAL LADIES’ GUILD SOCIETY. Sidney, Montana. N.d 1925. Oil cloth cover, some local advertising but commercial ads too. No mention of the guild’s beneficiaries. $100.


COOK BOOK OF THE NORTHWEST, COMPILED BY THE LADIES OF THE WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. KEOKUK, IOWA. Keokuk: R. B. Ogden, Publishers, 1875. A later printing. Local advertising, well used, clippings and added hand written recipes. $150.


50 YEARS WITH THE SPRINGS VILLAGE IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY. 1959. Local advertising, unpaginated, 20 pages, stapled, photographs of the town. Snippets of history. Recipes for clams and crullers. $25.

a nation of sweet makers....

THE ART OF CONFECTIONERY. PRESERVING FRUITS AND FRUIT JUICES; THE PREPARATION OF JAMS AND JELLIES; FRUIT AND OTHER SYRUPS; SUMMER BEVERAGES, AND DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING DESSERT CAKES. ALSO DIFFERENT METHODS OF MAKING ICE CREAM, SHERBET, ETC. Boston: J.E. Tilton and Company, 1866, c. 1865. 346 pages. cloth with decorative stamped decorations and spine. Bitting 518. see description in Cagle 48. hinge cracked at title page with stitches showing but holding. solid, clean. $300.


J.D. Hounihan.  BAKER’S AND CONFECTIONERS GUIDE. Buffalo: John D. Hounihan, 1877. Fep’s were removed. Title page present, a book for the trade, 355 pages. + advertising. A beautiful blue colored cake top designs, also tiered cakes. A very clean copy.  Rear cover edge fraying from the bindery  and a small amount of scuffing on the spine. Bright gilt titles. $325.


G.V. Frye. THE HOUSEWIFE'S PRACTICAL CANDY MAKER COMPRISING RECEIPTS FOR THE FINEST HOME-MADE CANDIES ESPECIALLY ADAPTED FOR MANUFACTURE IN THE AMERICAN KITCHEN. Chicago: Belford, Clarke and Co., 1889. lacking the last 2 leaves (4 pages) 162 pages. Black stamped design on front cover, gilt title on spine. $125.


J. M. Sanderson; Parkinson. COOK AND CONFECTIONER, THE COMPLETE COOK. THE COMPLETE CONFECTIONER, PASTRY-COOK AND BAKER. (Bitting 416; 355) Bitting lists this later compilation in her description of Eleanor Parkinson’s The Complete Confectioner but not for Sanderson, only listing the 1846 edition. And so the frontis title has also been meshed of the 2 books. cloth cover, decorative ¼ leather spine with chip at the top. 196 +154+ advertising by the publisher. $125.


May E. Southworth. 101 LAYER CAKES. San Francisco: Paul Elder, 1907. Uniform to the 101 series. This is a very scarce hardcover edition. 103pages + index. Fep removed. $75.


Ellen Terry Johnson. HARTFORD ELECTION CAKE AND OTHER RECEIPTS CHIEFLY FROM MANUSCRIPT SOURCES. Hartford: The Fowler & Miller Co., 1889. a sweet, wonderfully titled charitable cookbook. mostly cakes, puddings, creams and other desserts, and a very nice selection of Election Cakes. 123pp.12mo. in very good condition. uncommon. $425.


Miss. F. THE AMERICAN HOME CONFECTIONARY BOOK CONTAINING RECEIPTS FOR ALL SORTS OF CAKES, SWEETMEATS, PRESERVES, PASTRY, PUDDING AND PIES AS PREPARED IN BOTH AMERICAS AND THE INDIES, ADAPTED FOR THE USE OF AMERICAN AND ENGLISH HOUSEKEEPERS. Paris: Guillard, Aillaud & Co., 1888. CCC (300) recipes the last being Chinese Bungabung, using mulberries, strawberries, currants and raspberries. Quite scarce, in fragile condition. $425.


THE CANDY MAKER A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE VARIOUS KINDS OF PLAIN AND FANCY CANDY. NY: Excelsior Publishing House, 1901, c. 1896. Paginated as 476-556. printed paper covered boards, cloth spine. #64 in a series of popular subjects: dreams, foreign languages, drills and marches, tricks, training animals, recitations & many other subjects. Originally published by the Excelsior Publishing House in 1878 giving the author Jesse Haney credit for the work. Not in listed in Bitting. A very clean crisp copy with one unfortunate repaired tear to page 525, clean and bright inside. Scarce. Not in Stafford, Bitting. $125.


Perfecto. NOTES ON AMERICAN CONFECTIONERY. WITH METHODS OF WORKING WITH DIFFERENT BRANCHES OF CANDY MAKING, ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. Philadelphia, 1891. Small book probably for the shop owner or a small manufacturer of saleable shop pastries and sweets.  Covering nuts, chocolate, creams, syrups, soda waters and a final chapter on The Window and Counter. Advertising. Loose binding. $75.


Mme. Blanche. CAKES FOR WEDDINGS AND ANNIVERSARIES. Self published 1914. Bakery shop brochure with photographs of cakes. 243 East 57th Street, New York. 22 pages, 32mo. Title page, portrait page of Mme. Blanche Le Ralac, pricing page. Shop established in 1904. $150.


Marion H. Neil. CANDIES AND BONBONS AND HOW TO MAKE THEM. Philadelphia: David McKay, Publisher, 1913. From the cookery editor of The Ladies Home Journal, lessons for chocolate, marzipan, caramels, taffies, many more sweets. Illustrations. 287 pages. dj an unused copy. Pages lightly toned. $75.


Vicenta T. de Rubio. MANUAL DE COCINA MICHOACANA. Zamora: Imprenta Moderna, 1896. 796 pages + xxxii of home remedies and after thought recipes, 8vo. 1/4 leather, gilt title and bands on spine. pebbled dark cloth over boards in worn condition, a sound binding,  fep and ep missing, all plates and pages intact. several mementos from a previous owner. last on market auction in 2013 ( Dorothy Sloan, Austin, Texas) in several university libraries, the Schlesinger, UCSD, Los Angeles Public Library & Uni. New Mexico. not in Cagle. 

from the UTSA, (University of Texas at San Antonio) Blog about the special collections: Manual de Cocina Michoacana, (1896) by Vicenta Torres de Rubio.  Published in Zamora, Michoacán, this cookbook is the first regional cookbook written by a woman in Mexico, and possibly the first regional cookbook to be published in Mexico.  It began with local recipes contributed to Vicenta Torres de Rubio by women within the state, but then expanded to include recipes submitted by cooks across the country [1], leading to a collection of hundreds of traditional recipes, including moles, chlemole, pipian, guisos, tortas, and numerous salsas. A glossary of terms and definitions is also included.

[1] Pilcher Jeffrey Pilcher, Que Vivan los Tamales!: Food and the Making  of Mexican Identity(Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1998), 67.

a scarce copy. 

This copy offered $2500.




Mrs. A.P. Hill. HOUSEKEEPING MADE EASY. MRS. HILL’S NEW FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK FOR THE KITCHEN. A PRACTICAL SYSTEM FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. NY: Wm. L. Allison & Co., 1869. C.1867. 427 +7 pages of publisher’s advertising. A ‘good’ copy. ‘Kitchen’ repairs to the cover, text block firmly anchored to the covers though somewhere in the middle some pages are not plumb to the book. All pages present. Cooking and household recipes, first aid remedies for home and for those who could have suffered injury in the war.  Damon L. Fowler wrote an introduction to the 1995 University of South Carolina edition and graciously acknowledges Karen Hess, her guidance and scholarship and vast collection of reference material. We get a thorough perspective of Mrs. Hill and her rightful place in American cookbook history. $325.



A Practical Manufacturer. THE BORDEAUX WINE AND LIQUOR DEALERS' GUIDE. A TREATISE ON THE MANUFACTURE AND ADULTERATIONS OF LIQUORS. NY: Dick and Fitzgerald, Publ., 1858. c. 1857 Mabie & Co. How to make beer out of peas, Page 106; whiskey out of spirits, page 19, champagne out of cider, page 57. many other interesting formulae and recipes as well as directions for distilling. A very good copy with the gilt titling bright. $150.



OUR OWN BOOK OF EVERYDAY WANTS, CONTAINS PORTRAITS OF THE PROBABLE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES IN 1888. / THE HOME COOK BOOK: A MANUAL FOR FARMERS AND THEIR WIVES, MERCHANTS, MECHANICS AND THEIR CHILDREN. Etc. Elmira (NY): The Gazette Company, 1888. 319 pages. toned pages, VG except for final page repaired, cracked rear hinge. All else firmly in place. A general all purpose book with chapters to appeal to everyone from Cookery, Indian Recipes, Young Ladies Guide,  Sullivan’s Expedition many more. Brown cloth with stamped front title. Owners name and town & County, NY and date, Jan. 11, 1888. 4 full page portraits of the presidential candidates. not in OCLC or Culinary Collections.  $165.

THE HOUSEHOLD TREASURE, OR, THE YOUNG HOUSEWIFE'S COMPANION, CONTAINING COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS IN, AND RECEIPTS FOR PREPARING, etc...Philadelphia: J. Thomas Huey, 1871. 12mo. 5 +158 +11 pages of advertising from Philadelphia. As well as advertising throughout. Illustrated with 8 color plates + a 2 page sepia colored advertisement from Dobbins' Electric Soap. All pages present. Some tears. Blind stamped cloth cover with gilt stamped National Life Insurance Co. advertising. Title faded and worn on spine. $95.


J. R. Stafford’s FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK: CONTAINING THE CELEBRATED 100 METROPOLITAN HOTEL RECIPES AND ALSO OVER 150 OTHER VALUABLE RECEIPTS, AND MANY SUBJECTS OF INTEREST TO ALL CLASSES. New York: Benj. Urner, Steam Book and Job Printer, 248 Canal Street, 1860. 8vo. 32 pp. + advertising. sewn binding. paper covers for this booklet of the Metropolitan Hotel in lower Manhattan now familiarly called SOHO. The hotel was located on Broadway between Houston and Prince Streets and there is a history of the development on the second page with etching of the massive hotel built in 1852. foxed and in ‘used’ condition. ephemera. $65.

Laura C. Holloway. THE HEARTHSTONE OR. LIFE AT HOME. A HOUSEHOLD MANUAL. CONTAINING HINTS AND HELPS FOR HOME MAKING; HOME FURNISHING; DECORATION; AMUSEMENT; HEALTH DIRECTIONS; THE SICK ROOM; THE NURSERY; THE LIBRARY; THE LAUNDRY ETC. TOGETHER WITH A COMPLETE COOKERY BOOK. Chicago: L.P. Miller & Company, 1887. 582 pages, frontis of an inglenook with tissue guard, cover of stamped designs on deep blue cloth. full page illustrations, toned pages, a very good ++ copy in excellent condition. $150.


Alvarado Middleditch, M.D.  HOMES AND HOME LIFE.  Philadelphia: P.W. Zieglaer & Co., 1883. 576 pages. 4 color chromoliths of garden flowers. How to achieve Good Health, Long Life and a Happy Home— brown cloth with gilt and stamped cover— light shelf wear. An excellent copy. profusely illustrated. $95.


Cynthia M. Westover. WHAT ONE WOMAN THINKS. ESSAYS OF HARYOT HOLT CAHOON. New York: Tait, Sons & Company, Publishers, 1893. presumed first. essays pertaining to women, the home, equal rights- suffrage, raising a family, having a voice in the late 19th century in the State of  Arkansas. $95. frontis  portrait of Cahoon, with tissue guard. gray cloth cover with stamped decorative title.  see here for her brief bio. 269 page. $95.

Mary S. Scott. INDIAN CORN AS HUMAN FOOD. Nevada Iowa: Representative Office, Payne & Son, 1889. Out of Iowa kitchens, advocating small corn production and small milling practices. Describing her grandmother's recipe for corn-dodgers, “a carefully mixed and seasoned dough, made from corn meal and water, wrapped in wet corn husks, pressed into a flat form, and baked in the hot coal and ashes. These cakes were brought to the table directly from the glowing hearth, broken (not cut), and eaten with butter or hot gravy from hot ham." A small book with other descriptions of pioneer preparation, cooking and serving of corn recipes. Recipes too. scarce title.  4 ¾ x 6”. stained red paper covers, wobbly, loose page, cloth spine has a 1" piece missing. - $200.

A Water Patient, ed. THE WATER CURE IN AMERICA: TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY CASES OF VARIOUS DISEASES TREATED WITH WATER, BY DRS. WESSELHOEFT, SHEW, BEDORTHA, SHIEFERDECKER, AND OTHERS; WITH CASES OF DOMESTIC PRACTICE; NOTICES OF THE WATER CURE ESTABLISHMENTS; DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF HYDROPATHIC PUBLICATIONS, ETC. DESIGNED FOR POPULAR AS WELL AS PROFESSIONAL READING. New York & London: Wiley and Putnam, 1848. 288 pages, blue blind stamped cloth, gilt title on spine. case studies and discussions. Vermont, Ohio, Syosset, Cooperstown, Waterford. A list of establishments. a very good copy. $350.


Joel Shew, M.D. THE WATER CURE MANUAL: A POPULAR WORK EMBRACING DESCRIPTIONS OF THE VARIOUS MODES OF BATHING, THE HYGIENIC AND CURATIVE EFFECTS OF AIR, EXERCISE, CLOTHING, OCCUPATION, DIET, WATER-DRINKING, &c. TOGETHER WITH DESCRIPTIONS OD DISEASES, AND THE HYDROPATHIC MEANS TO BE EMPLOYED THEREIN. ILLUSTRATED WITH CASES OF TREATMENT AND CURE. CONTAINING, ALSO, A FINE ENGRAVING OF PRIESSNITZ. New York: Fowlers and Wells, Publishers, 1854. c.1847. 280 pages. index + advertising. in 2 parts. black blind stamped cloth, gilt titles on spine. missing the frontis. in very good. 14 chapters covering, the cure, the diseases and the uses of the water. $125.



S. Kneipp. MA CURE D'EAU OU HYGIENE ET MEDICATIONS POUR LA GUERISON DES MALADIES ET LA CONSERVATION DE LA SANTE. Strasbourg & Paris: Le Rpoux & Cie. & Retaux, 1893. 540 pages + index. general discussions, applications of the waters--internal or external, hot or cold, with pharmacie, maladies. 1/4 leather, marbled boards. underlining + marked passages, several small bookmarks, illustrations. In French. $150.