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7 1/2" & 9  3/4"  sterling cap on a balene twist. delicate and sweet.  $200. 



IKEBANA, the Japanese art of flowering arranging. 

The pottery vase pictured  here in white and another in black, in the original box,  was designed by Sōfū Teshigaharwa .

FLAWLESS VASES, each $350..  


George Read. THE COMPLETE BISCUIT AND GINGERBREAD BAKER’S ASSISTANT. London: Dear and Son, 1855. c. 1843.  not in Bitting. copy in the Bodleian Library

16mo. 116pp. originally 3 plates, 2 missing. p. 11/12 missing within the introduction section, but carefully noted in small script by the owner. probably was rebound, leather, but worn with age and use. a bit musty, foxing. some pages repaired, but carefully done. a professional manual. completely devoted to the bakers craft. Chapters on hard biscuits, biscuits made with yeast, soft biscuits, pound cakes, sponge mixture, gingerbread, buns and cakes, muffins and crumpets. scarce and delightful.      $275.


J.D. Hounihan.  BAKER’S AND CONFECTIONERS GUIDE. Buffalo: John D. Hounihan, 1877. Fep’s were removed. Title page present, a book for the trade, 355 pages. + advertising. A beautiful blue colored cake top designs, also tiered cakes. A very clean copy.  Rear cover edge fraying from the bindery  and a small amount of scuffing on the spine. Bright gilt titles. $325.


G.V. Frye. THE HOUSEWIFE'S PRACTICAL CANDY MAKER COMPRISING RECEIPTS FOR THE FINEST HOME-MADE CANDIES ESPECIALLY ADAPTED FOR MANUFACTURE IN THE AMERICAN KITCHEN. Chicago: Belford, Clarke and Co., 1889. lacking the last 2 leaves (4 pages) 162 pages. Black stamped design on front cover, gilt title on spine. $125.


J. M. Sanderson; Parkinson. COOK AND CONFECTIONER, THE COMPLETE COOK. THE COMPLETE CONFECTIONER, PASTRY-COOK AND BAKER. (Bitting 416; 355) Bitting lists this later compilation in her description of Eleanor Parkinson’s The Complete Confectioner but not for Sanderson, only listing the 1846 edition. And so the frontis title has also been meshed of the 2 books. cloth cover, decorative ¼ leather spine with chip at the top. 196 +154+ advertising by the publisher. $125.


Herman Hueg. ORNAMENTAL CONFECTIONERY AND THE ART OF BAKING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. New York, 1905. ninth edition. Bitting 236. 1-223 +8 blanks; 4-93 +48 pages + index. assumes you know how to bake, recipes for the confectioner--ice cream, cakes, breads, sugar arts, brown and white duo-tone linear designs of icing decorations, illustrations of 3 dimensional pièces monteés, illustrations of hardware for the confectioner. shopworn and some stains. maroon colored, pebbled cloth with gilt stamped titles. $165.

-another edition. 1901 seventh. $225.  


May E. Southworth. 101 LAYER CAKES. San Francisco: Paul Elder, 1907. Uniform to the 101 series. This is a very scarce hardcover edition. 103pages + index. Fep removed. $75.


Ellen Terry Johnson. HARTFORD ELECTION CAKE AND OTHER RECEIPTS CHIEFLY FROM MANUSCRIPT SOURCES. Hartford: The Fowler & Miller Co., 1889. a sweet, wonderfully titled charitable cookbook. mostly cakes, puddings, creams and other desserts, and a very nice selection of Election Cakes. 123pp.12mo. in very good condition. uncommon. $425.


Miss. F. THE AMERICAN HOME CONFECTIONARY BOOK CONTAINING RECEIPTS FOR ALL SORTS OF CAKES, SWEETMEATS, PRESERVES, PASTRY, PUDDING AND PIES AS PREPARED IN BOTH AMERICAS AND THE INDIES, ADAPTED FOR THE USE OF AMERICAN AND ENGLISH HOUSEKEEPERS. Paris: Guillard, Aillaud & Co., 1888. CCC (300) recipes the last being Chinese Bungabung, using mulberries, strawberries, currants and raspberries. Quite scarce, in fragile condition. $425.


THE CANDY MAKER A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE VARIOUS KINDS OF PLAIN AND FANCY CANDY. NY: Excelsior Publishing House, 1901, c. 1896. Paginated as 476-556. printed paper covered boards, cloth spine. #64 in a series of popular subjects: dreams, foreign languages, drills and marches, tricks, training animals, recitations & many other subjects. Originally published by the Excelsior Publishing House in 1878 giving the author Jesse Haney credit for the work. Not in listed in Bitting. A very clean crisp copy with one unfortunate repaired tear to page 525, clean and bright inside. Scarce. Not in Stafford, Bitting. $165.


Perfecto. NOTES ON AMERICAN CONFECTIONERY. WITH METHODS OF WORKING WITH DIFFERENT BRANCHES OF CANDY MAKING, ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. Philadelphia, 1891. Small book probably for the shop owner or a small manufacturer of saleable shop pastries and sweets.  Covering nuts, chocolate, creams, syrups, soda waters and a final chapter on The Window and Counter. Advertising. Loose binding. $75.


Mme. Blanche. CAKES FOR WEDDINGS AND ANNIVERSARIES. Self published 1914. Bakery shop brochure with photographs of cakes. 243 East 57th Street, New York. 22 pages, 32mo. Title page, portrait page of Mme. Blanche Le Ralac, pricing page. Shop established in 1904. $150.



6 SUNDERLAND DESSERT PLATES. 17.5 cm diameter. Embossed flower border, picture pattern of a sylvan park, people conversing, and a structure reminiscent of Strawberry Hill, Twickenham the home of Horace Walpole see here. The plates are of the mass produced sort- variations in color application and glaze. Sweet set. $350.





TIFFANY & Co. Octagonal Clear Crystal Cake Stand: 12" beautiful crystal plate with 7" tall pedestal. A discontinued item from Tiffany's stores


with the little blue stamp, with the blue rigid box and lightly tinted packing paper.    $400.




Chinese picnic basket tote.  In VG condition, with all brass fixtures and handles. Famille Rose pattern, velvet lined wicker basket. $250. 



7 early milk glass sundae cups with fluted edge.





COPPER LUSTRE MUG.  View of New York.  transfer design.  3"h.  $250. 



Beatrice Wood. large pottery bowl. 13” Madonna and Child painted glaze with Beato's opalescence overglaze. Signed BEATO. No chips.  I believe Beatrice Wood used a mirror image to depict the Madonna. $3500.






Vintage Chinese cotton is a narrow fabric that was woven on traditional handlooms in small communities and in peoples homes.  A tightly woven thick fabric that is hard wearing. Very rare and beautiful. Cotton fabric is from The Cloth House in London.


one set left: 18.5" x 24" hemmed. $150. 







JAPANESE WOOD LACQUERED PLATES. 5 dishes @ 6 3/4” diameter . A deep brown edge with a warm dark orange color and a thin gold edging at the rim. very pretty. These are old -- purchased by me in Tokyo from an antiques dealer several years ago. $400 set.



A PAIR OF PIERO FORNASETTI.  BEER MUGS. 5" high x 3 1/2" wide. a good hefty vintage mug. some light wear to the gilt at the rim-- over all very bright. a hairline interior crack on one.  Pretty. $450. 





MURANO GLASS. either a drinking vessel or a small vase or maybe a pretty conversation piece. just over 4 1/4 " high and 3" diameter. undulating shape, brilliant translucent colors. I wish I had 6. in perfect condition. perhaps from the 60's. label intact. $600.




Andy Warhol might have approved of my the tchotchke decorations-- old Staffordshire cats.


LARGE pair  $300.

SMALL pair  $275.


5 matching early 19th century Fitzhugh. entwined handle &  a strawberry knop on the lid. syllabubs.





Derby Porcelain. 2 cows, often found in pairs, very early 19th century. No chips, scratches or repairs. An unusual decorative addition to a 21st Century home! the set-  $900.



TEAPOTS . 19th century.


Light-gray salt glaze, bamboo like handle and flower motif patterns. with incised maker marks. very pretty.  3 3/4"     $350.


Globe like small pot, with a repaired spout. 5"h. $225.

2 very early Bennington Potters mugs. Stamped David Gil signature. Oval shaped with a very delicate handle. Sold as a pair.  $425.

13 Copper luster pitchers and 1 small cup. Sold as a group. Impressive, all in excellent condition. All  differing  designs and heights. All in very good condition.  $600. set of 14.


6 SMALL MATCHING COFFIN BACK. 12cm. just under 5". Initialed I S R very small and delicate. maker unmarked. $500.


SERVING SPOON. 23cm. initialed D. worn maker's mark. $175.


 A pretty red clay teapot, unglazed and unmarked, ca. mid 18th century-  British maker.  A stamped pot would be a pseudo Chinese stamp in imitation of red  stone wares  then being imported from China. Chinoiserie was all the rage in England, popularized by publications like The Lady's Amusement. See the entry in The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

2 teeny nibbles in the lid.  $600. 


A sturdy 2 piece teapot ca. 1950’s. from the designer Swedish Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997) Often pretty teapots like this are put in a display cupboard and never used. This was in a cupboard. The large base pot would be used for hot water. The spout of the teapot has strainer holes to catch the leaves. Dark brown matte glaze with traces of green under glaze in the lower pot, white  glaze in the inside teapot.  8 ½”h x 5” bottom pot diameter. $600.



GUNNER NYLUND for Rorstrand. white mat with some darker shadows, original handle. 2 separate cavities in the pot. marked inside. perfect. $650.



A COVERED DISH. Wedgwood, caneware covered bowl and dish 19th century. unused. sunflower pattern. $400.



3 STERLING spoons. very early. with a basket of flowers on the back of the bowl of the spoon. just under 4 ½” long, delicate, narrow bowl in shape and size with a double H engraved on the back of the stem. a very pretty little group. English possibly Thomas Dealtry, mid 18th century, with a lion passant. $350.




6, deep cobalt blue, DECO cocktail cups.

early VINTAGE.  $225.


4 small -2.5" diameter

2 large- 3"



from a description from the Museum of London: Ogee bowl, formed in a mesh honeycomb dip-mould and blown, pinched into basal knop; on conical pad foot. rough pontil mark. rim burst off and flattened on hot surface. see link to the described piece at the Museum and here offered for sale. clear rings in different tones. beautiful. Me, not being a glass scholar I can list descriptions from various sources MOL, Scottish Antiques & The Corning Collection.  gleaned from the WWW from Scottish Antiques:

We have never liked the purpose as described by Corning for Monteith and Bonnet glasses. Certainly very large Monteith glasses with notched rims were used as wine rinsers. Literature says that Monteith glasses were named after a Scotsman Montrigh who wore a coat with a scalloiped hem. This is a bonnet glass, not a Monteith and it is not a rinser. Some authors state that they were used for servinge dried or candied fruits or spices. Personally they serve most very well with a wee nip of whiksy.

    This set:     $3000.


36 superb French claret glasses- ca. sold as a set.     1820.