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Vintage Chinese handloomed fabric from the Cloth House, London.

2 tea towels, white blue and red. hemmed on all sides.  16” x  28”  $75.


MFK Fisher. WITH BOLD KNIFE AND FORK. NY: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1969. lots of essays with recipes ! a bright, tight copy. 


Okakura Kazuko. THE BOOK OF TEA. NY: Duffield and Company, 1912, c.1906. an early VG copy. shadow of news clipping in the inside front covers. green cloth. bright titles. 


Madame Romaine de Lyon. THE ART OF COOKING OMLETTES. NY: Doubleday, 1963. over 500 recipes. A v.g./v/g copy. The back jacket photograph is of Mme. de Lyon in her restaurant which was on East 61st Street in NYC. Mostly savoury but a few sweet. 


Mildred S. Friedman editor. DESIGN QUARTERLY 104. JULIA'S KITCHEN A DESIGN ANATOMY. Minneapolis, 1977. stiff paper covers, 39 numbered pages. pages + business card page. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Nicolas Polites. With photographs by Dick Swift. Black and white photographic images of Julia in her kitchen at home, analyzed graphically, architecturally and ergonomically. A vg++ copy with a pristine folded poster. 


MRS. BEETON'S BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT A GUIDE TO COOKERY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. London: Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd., 1906. new edition. 2056 pages + 35 pages of advertising. 74 chapters of cooking recipes and household management. A big book. 


Isabella Stewart, Sally Sill and Mary Duffield. THE HOME MESSENGER BOOK OF TESTED RECEIPTS. TOTAL ABSTINENCE. E.B. Smith & Company, 1878. second edition. 12mo. 287pp. Respectfully dedicated to the Patrons and Friends of the Detroit Home of the Friendless. pebbled boards with a decorative gilt designs and titles. with the addition of 2 hand written recipes in an early hand on the first EP’s allotted for hand written entries and several more in a later hand. in LOC, Harvard, Brown 1722, Bitting 133. with an earlier repair to the binding. Worn & stained. 


A. Escoffier. A GUIDE TO MODERN COOKERY. London: William Heinemann, Ltd., 1930.  891 pages. all in VG/VG. 


C. Brown. THE RASTA COOKBOOK. ITAL VEGETARIAN OF THE RASTA-FAR-I. Malika Publishing Company, n.d. ca 1979. unpaginated. card paper cover. 40 pages. recipes interspersed with images of famous leaders; Haile Sellassie;  passages from the Old Testament; health news & culture; writings  by Ras Kassai Berhan, revealer of light. A cover price of $2.50 indicates a second printing, another copy found on line with a price of $2. rare American/Rastafarian cookbook. 


H. Warner Allen. SHERRY AND PORT. London: Constable, 1952. 215 pages of good histories. In vg/vg. 


Elizabeth Craig & Andre Simon. MADEIRA WINE CAKES & SAUCE. London: Constable & Co., 1933. 153 pages. a few Madeira essays and recipes. an unused copy, title on spine, brown polished cloth. 


Lei, Wai-Hing, et al. CHOP SUEY. Boston: Gladys. Smith, 1940. “A Mixture of the Chinese Language, Customs and Culture. Understanding that culture, touching on speech and pronounciation, home decoration, etiquette and customs. 160 pages. flexible cover, with a jacket. bright and clean. 





VOLLSTÄNDIGES KOCHBUCH FÜR DEUTSCH-AMERIKANISCHE KÜCHE, NEBST EINER ANWEISUNG ZUM TRANCHIEREN, MIT ILLUSTRATIONEN UND EINEM DEUTSCH-ENGLISCHEN VERZEICHNISSE DER SICH AUF DIE KÜCHE BEZIEBENDEN GEGENSTÄNDE. Philadelphia: Loës & Sebald, n.d. (1855-1857). 408 p. numbered recipes of which there are 1134. From the entry description in Additions and Corrections to Lowenstein’s Bibliography of American Cookery Books, 1742-1860, by William Woys Weaver, it is calculated to these dates based on careful analysis of public records of who was where and when—an incredible amount of sleuthing. ‘Extremely rare’ tightly repaired, some relics of clippings and 4 written recipes on back paste down. 

NOVEL SUGGESTIONS FOR SOCIAL OCCASIONSPaul Pierce wrote 4 entertaining recipe books. rare as a set and with dust jackets. 2 jackets have sticker remains, 1 has chips, 1 is perfect. Suggestions for different entertaining gatherings, a Midsummer Luncheon, a Fourth of July Dinner, A German Whist Party, A Flag Party for Decoration Day, For the Children's Fourth, Amateur Vaudeville, An Autumn, Leaf Party, A Chafing Dish Party, Folk Lore Party, A Dicken's Supper, Cake walk Supper, April Breakfast, Breakfast Alfresco, A Book Title Tea, A Flower Tea, to name just a few. with menu suggestions and recipes. All are clean, bright and appear to have not been used.

DINNERS AND LUNCHEONS. Chicago: Brewer, Barse & Company, 1907. 96 pages. blue cloth with gilt and black decorations.

SUPPERS. NY: Barse & Hopkins, 1907. 96 pages, orange cloth, gilt and black.

BREAKFASTS AND TEAS. New York, Barse & Company, 1907.



Michael and Ariane Batterberry. ON THE TOWN IN NEW YORK. NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1973. ‘a history of eating, drinking and entertainments from 1776 to the present,’ 354 pages, dj. a good sized bibliography. signed by both on the title page. 


Dorothy Allhusen. UNUSUAL SAVOURIES. London: Chapman & Hall, Ltd., 1935. Illustrations by Beatrice Christy. Recipes from friends who entertain-- Lady this and Duchess that. A charming little book with a very scarce jacket woodcut engravings by Beatrice Christy. 


PAPER PLATE. Roy Lichtenstein. dated 1969. Stamped on verso. bright, archivally framed. 


Julia Child. THE FRENCH CHEF COOKBOOK. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1968,  a very clean, bright copy, in a similar jacket.  Recipes from her PBS shows. center pages of photographs. This is a signed on the half-title page copy. Internally clean and bright, deckled edges. shadow of an inscription on the FEP erased. 



ALICE B. TOKLAS. reading from The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook and Gertrude Steins’s The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. recorded April 29, 1960, Paris. cover photo by Carl Van Vechten. an opened copy a perfect LP, from Verve Records, literary series. one complete side from the Cook Book. a thrill to hear.    


A Practical Manufacturer. THE BORDEAUX WINE AND LIQUOR DEALERS' GUIDE. A TREATISE ON THE MANUFACTURE AND ADULTERATIONS OF LIQUORS. NY: Dick and Fitzgerald, Publ., 1858. c. 1857 Mabie & Co. How to make beer out of peas, Page 106; whiskey out of spirits, page 19, champagne out of cider, page 57. many other interesting formulae and recipes as well as directions for distilling. A very good copy with the gilt titling bright. 




Mary J. Lincoln. THE BOSTON COOK BOOK.  1954. Revised 1951. A very clean unused copy in a good jacket. 


Nina Nikolaevna Selivanova. DINING AND WINING IN OLD RUSSIA. NY:  E.P. Dutton & Co., 1933. First edition.  A bit of  Russian history prefacing the chapters from  the Seventeenth Century onwards. A very clean copy with toned pages,  a chipped jacket in a protective sleev red colored jacket over red cloth covered boards.


THE GASTRONOMICAL ME. NY: World Book Cmpany, (Duell, Sloan and Pearce,) 1943 later printing. published as a war time edition. 'The Measure of My Powers' and food, security and love. bright jacket with small chips over a clean copy. 


Escoffier. LE GUIDE CULINAIRE. AIDE-MEMOIRE DE CUISINE PRACTIQUE. Paris: E. Flammarion, 1924. Quatrieme edition. ¼ leather, personalized copy. 2 small L’art Culinaire  stamps on a title page and another on the facing page small picture clipping of Escoffier. A pinned recipe on the back FEP and some clippings inside. All in all a very good copy. 


LAROUSSE GASTRONOMIQUE. Preface of A. Escoffier. Paris. (1938-1949) a solid ,clean, bright copy. inside endpapers in a dandelion pattern, owner's signature dated 1952. cover bright, gilt bright. 


Buwei Yang Chao. HOW TO COOK & EAT IN CHINESE.  


Dolly Chow. (Mrs. C.T. Wang) CHOW ! SECRETS OF CHINESE.  COOKING WITH SELECTED RECIPES BY DOLLY CHOW. RUtland: Tuttle, 1953. c1952. 174 pages. an introduction to the nuances of etiquette, cooking method, ingredients. dj. and book both in vg.


Mrs. Arthur Webb. DOCTOR IN THE KITCHEN. London: George Newnes,

n.d. DJ. Nutritional recipes and advice to help one get better during convalescence. 



Mrs. D.R. Barfield, ed. OUR GIRLS' COOK BOOK. Evansville, 1910. Published by the Working Girls' Association. 107 pages + several blanks at the end of the book 18 pages of those blanks with hand written recipes. In worn, used condition, pages are stained. That being said, the binding is tight. 

The Working Girls Association was a 19th century charitable development started to help the many girls and young women who might migrate from one state to another to find work. It was a charitable association providing shelter and security for them. In Brown, 1006.



A. Pollard & F. W. Beech. CIDER MAKING. London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1957.  $65.


An Anglo-Indian. INDIAN COOKERY “LOCAL’ FOR YOUNG HOUSE-KEEPERS. Bombay: The Imperial Press, 1887. second edition. 128 +14 pages. a very scarce copy, in worn condition. card covers, cloth covering over spine - very worn, vg and unmarked inside- though all is in a fragile state— intact. FEP torn, back cover has a corner missing. excellent recipes. in English. 


Harriet Lawrance. “COOKERY FOR THE MILLION” BEING 333 PRACTICAL, ECONOMICAL RECIPES IN INDIAN COOKERY. Madras: Higginbotham & Co., 1904. 333 recipes, 187 pages, iv index,  a very good copy with additional owner notes and clippings. printed board covers, cloth tape spine.


W. S. Burke. EVERY-DAY MENUS FOR INDIAN HOUSE-KEEPERS WITH A KITCHEN DICTIONARY AND SOME EASILY MADE CUPS AND COCKTAILS. Calcutta: Thacker, Spink & Co., 1923. fourth edition. 163 pages. 84 suggested menus, hotweather menus, recipes. A well used copy with a loose binding. Menus for breakfast, tiffin and dinner, combining traditional British foods with traditional  Indian foods. menus, recipes and kitchen vocabulary ‘The Hindustani phonetically spelt; the verbs in Imperative Mood.’  with a split, loose binding, taped spine, bumped edges and scuffed boards. scarce title. 

Martha Stewart. HOMEKEEPING HANDBOOK. NY: Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2006. first edition stated. 744 pages. from the basics of hanging laundry on a clothesline to patching a hole in a shirt. Endless information. SIGNED. 


Mitzi Wagner. COCINA VEGETARIANA. MEXICO, 1933. second printing. 20 pages + wraps a very good , unused copy. toned paper. 2 stapled binding. 90 recipes. in Spanish.


Giuseppe Prezzolini. MACCHERONI & C. Milano: Longanesi, 1957. a rare copy of the maccheroni essays. Gli Spaghetti, Il Conditore, C'E Chi Vuol, Lasagne e Ravioli, many more. 262 pages +8. with a dust jacket. in Italian, illustrated. color frontis.