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3 Canton plates with  stapled repairs. a conversation piece. $225 set.

       3 early blue Bristol .....$150.  perfect condition for these and the following glasses.



4 etched, grape leaf design  Bristol--

1st half 19th century. 

polished pontils





5 beautiful tulip shaped


Bristol green glass, rough pontil


12.4 cm h, 6.4 cm at rim


lead glass  early 19th century  






small TRANSFER CUP.  2" h  $50.



NOREN. Natural colored linen with hand painted winter squash motifs. rod sleeve for hanging. 2 panels  hand stitched  at the top. 34” W x 47”L .very pretty. $300.


BREAD BANNER. 46”L X 36”W.  medium weight cotton muslin with sizing. a vintage banner from  the Bread and Puppet Theater. as new. with curtain rod sleeve. unfinished edges.
Schumann founded the Bread and Puppet Theater in 1963 in New York City. The theater is named for its combination of puppetry shows with free freshly baked bread.(Sommer, The Buffalo News) They are in Glover, Vermont now and the theater’s peace
productions themes are politically themed.  $250.



CRUETS  from Bennington Potters. early wares with script signature underside. perfect condition. original corks. see image below.  $125. 

2 very early Bennington Potters mugs. Stamped David Gil signature. Oval shaped with a very delicate handle. Sold as a pair.  $425.




TIFFANY & Co. Octagonal Clear Crystal Cake Stand: 12" beautiful crystal plate with 7" tall pedestal. A discontinued item from Tiffany's stores


with the little blue stamp, with the blue rigid box and lightly tinted packing paper.    $400.

13 Copper luster pitchers and 1 small cup. Sold as a group. Impressive, all in excellent condition. All  differing  designs and heights. All in very good condition.  $600. set of 14.


AMERICAN PRIMITIVE. TEAPOT soldered handle, rolled tin edges. approx 6.5" h x 8.5" w $125.

AMERICAN PRIMITIVE. VEGETABLE PEELER. soldered handle, rolled tin edges. approx 6.5" h x 8.5" w $125.

DOUGH SCRAPER. Hand forged,  5” long. Small loop hooked end. $125.

6 SMALL MATCHING COFFIN BACK. 12cm. just under 5". Initialed I S R very small and delicate. maker unmarked. $500.


SERVING SPOON. 23cm. initialed D. worn maker's mark. $175.




TEAPOTS . 19th century.


Light-gray salt glaze, bamboo like handle and flower motif patterns. with incised maker marks. very pretty.  3 3/4"     $350.


Globe like small pot, with a repaired spout. 5"h. $225.



A sturdy 2 piece teapot ca. 1950’s. from the designer Swedish Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997) Often pretty teapots like this are put in a display cupboard and never used. This was in a cupboard. The large base pot would be used for hot water. The spout of the teapot has strainer holes to catch the leaves. Dark brown matte glaze with traces of green under glaze in the lower pot, white shiney glaze in the inside teapot.  8 ½”h x 5” bottom pot diameter. $600.



GUNNER NYLUND for Rorstrand. white mat with some darker shadows, original handle. 2 separate cavities in the pot. marked inside. perfect. $800.





Large Teapot designed by Wilhelm Kage for Gustavsberg, Sweden. brown and teal blue glaze with tea strainer inside. with stamps and original paper label adhered to the bottom of the pot, original handle. perfect condition. $400.







3 STERLING spoons. very early. with a basket of flowers on the back of the bowl of the spoon. just under 4 ½” long, delicate, narrow bowl in shape and size with a double H engraved on the back of the stem. a very pretty little group. English possibly Thomas Dealtry, mid 18th century, with a lion passant. $350.




6, deep cobalt blue, DECO coctail cups.

early VINTAGE.  $225.


4 small -2.5" diameter

2 large- 3"


10 JELLY GLASSES. A remarkable group of small jelly glasses, ca, 1730-1760.

from a description from the Museum of London: Ogee bowl, formed in a mesh honeycomb dip-mould and blown, pinched into basal knop; on conical pad foot. rough pontil mark. rim burst off and flattened on hot surface. see link to the described piece at the Museum and here offered for sale. clear rings in different tones. beautiful. $3000.

4 NESTING SPONGE WARE BOWLS. 8.25; 7.25; 6.25 & 5.25" Unmarked, blue and brown. curved base, cinched top band. no cracks, crazing on the bottom table surface, some interior glaze imperfections. $400.




Beatrice Wood. large pottery bowl. 13” Madonna and Child painted glaze with Beato's opalescence overglaze. Signed BEATO. No chips.  I believe Beatrice Wood used a mirror image to depict the Madonna. $3500.





MURANO GLASS. either a drinking vessel or a small vase or maybe a pretty conversation piece. just over 4 1/4 " high and 3" diameter. undulating shape, brilliant translucent colors. I wish I had 6. in perfect condition. perhaps from the 60's. label intact. $400.



A COVERED DISH. Wedgwood, caneware covered bowl and dish 19th century. unused. sunflower pattern. $400.

FOSTORIA CAKE STAND  with 4 matching dessert plates. $225.



Edward S. Morse. JAPANESE HOMES AND THEIR SURROUNDINGS. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1895. 4th edition. 372 pages. very clean, tight binding. with many illustrations by the author. A book covering many aspects of 19th century Japanese life. Covering House Construction; Carpenters Tools; City and Country Houses; Shingled Roofs; Tiled Roofs; Thatched Roofs; Interiors, Plans, Mats Sliding Screens; Interiors Showing Tonkonoma and Chigai-Dana; Tea Rooms; Kura Interiors, Doors; Ceiling, Ramma, Windows; Portable Screens, Curtains; Kitchens, Stairways; Bathing Conveniences; Pillows, Hibachi, and Tabako-Bon; Candlesticks, lamps, shrines; Privies; Entrance Hall; Verandah and Balcony; Amado; Chodzu-Bachi; Gateways; Fences; Stone Lanterns; Garden Bridges; Summer Houses, Windows, and Paths; Flower Pots, Dwarf Trees; Garden Views; Wells and Water Supplies; Flowers; and other Miscellaneous topics with illustrations. Very informative to understanding the eastern perspective of aesthetics.   $165.


Hugo Munsterberg. THE FOLK ARTS OF JAPAN. Rutland: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1982, c1958. 12th printing. 168 pages. near fine, with dust jacket and slipcase. Listed here because of the many kitchen and household arts pictured, fabrics, pottery, wooden ware, baskets, and house exteriors. $60.


Iona Plath. THE DECORATIVE ARTS OF SWEDEN. NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, Ltd., 1948. 246 pages, a very good copy with a dust jacket. a historical overview of glass, cloth, clay and wood. old and new designs in black and white photographs with several color pages of designs. $60.


Alec Davis. PACKAGE & PRINT. NY: Clarkson & Potter, 1968. 208 pages. 19th century advertising on packages and the history leading up to the fine art of merchandising products. Covering many aspects of that art, typefaces, labels and packaging—clay, pottery, metal, wood & paper. Innovative. Includes a bibliography & many illustrations, many of it on food products or food products in it.A near fine copy. $60.


W.W. Kent. THE HOOKED RUG. NY: Tudor Publishing Company, 1941. C 1930. 210 pages. A VG/VG beautifully designed copy of this title. Black and white photograph illustrations. For beautification and warmth, from thriftiness and creativity. covering the similarities of other countries, patterns & techniques. $60.


Alan Davidson. THE COOK'S ROOM. NY: Harper Collins, 1991. 240 pages, in color. a coffee table sized book of country kitchens, all evoking warmth, nourishment, nurturing thus the idea that the kitchen is the heart of a home-- and it is indeed. $40.


Martin Pegler. GOURMET & SPECIALTY SHOPS. NY: Visual Reference Publications, 2001. Floor plan layouts of food shops-- 21st century formulaic but perhaps a starting point for a new idea. photographs, color. 175 pages. $30.


Hillary Rodham Clinton. AN INVITATION TO THE WHITE HOUSE. AT HOME WITH HISTORY. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2000. 311 pages. color photographs of entertaining at the White House during that administration. menus, preparations in the kitchen, table settings and the usual Who's Who. $65.


TIFFANY TABLE SETTINGS. NY: Thomas Crowell, 1960. 196 pages. Beautiful table settings in black and white photographs, dishes, flatware, wall paper, dining tables, chairs beautifully arranged. $40.


C.T. Bailey. KNIVES & FORKS. London: The Medici Society, 1927. 72 figures of black and white full page photographs of 14th to 18th century utensils in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Red cloth covered boards, clean, tight, unread or carefully read reference of exquisite designs. A previous owners name plate on FEP. $95.



PATRIOTIC APRON. Vintage. $95.