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Joanne Hendricks, Cookbooks

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Photograph of  Olive Trees in Sylmar Ranch California.

19 ½ x 17 ¾”  Sepia toned. Sylmer California was said to be the world’s largest olive producing area of the late 19th century.This photograph is in an oak 4” frame, with a brass label on the lower frame. undated ca. late 19th early 20th. $2500.


Claes Oldenburg. DIE CUT 3 PLY CARDBOARD PRETZEL. 1994 edition stamped CO. 1994 verso unlimited-- scarce. $900. ea. 6 available.







Eat Art broadside. $450.



DANIEL SPOERRI.  Gallery announcement for EAT ART GALLERY. Dusseldorf, 1970. 29 ½ x 42 cm. Unframed. $450.



APRONS DESIGNED BY GEORGE MACIUNAS- 1973. descriptions are taken from Jon Hendricks. FLUXUS CODEX, NY.  $1500.









STOMACH ANATOMY APRON. $600. image below with description from the Fluxus Codex. NY: Abrams, 1988.






BEER, BIEREN COASTERS. Sol Lewitt, Tim Ayers, Lawrence Weiner & Marien Schouten. 1995. $325. 










Galleria Schwarz catalog announcement for   SHUSAKU ARAKAWA. (1936-2010) artist & architect who was famous for Reversible Destiny In Memory of Helen Keller, in Mitaka, Tokyo and poetic concepts of word relations in his art. 17 x 24cm. $400.



Suzy Amakane. SHOPPING BAG. ca. 2005. $500.

From the centerfold of WILD RASPBERRIES, Frankfurt & Warhol. 1959. Piglet in full color. archivally framed.

22 x 16 "         $19,000.

LITHOGRAPHIC POSTER. Maurice Neumont, artist illustrator, 1860-1930. Original framed print. 46 x 30”  (48 ½ x 32 ½ framed) printed signature dated 1923. Neumont’s work could lean toward the patriotic in the post war period the 20th century. A poster praising the benefits of buying from your local community CoOp.  

Neumont also designed fashionable menus & posters, magazines & newspapers.  $3000.





ETIENNE, 109 Rue St. Lazare &et Passage du Havre. Paris.  Lovely nineteenth century, hand written menu, frame. partial date Vendredi 13 mai, 19th century. 8.5 x 3.5", framed 13  x  6.5"  $600.




MENU. DELMONICO’S.  Complimentay Banquet of the Illinois Society of New York in Honor of Melville E. Stone, President of the Illinois Society. Dated April thirtieth, 1904, At seven o’clock. A triptich carte with courses served— reception committee named and a center design image of the honoree, Mr. Stone. $65.

Early Chez Panisse menu. ca. 1985. Bertolli menu.   $165.




From 2002,  $300.


Restaurant Receipt. LA PYRAMIDE. Lunch with a Hermitage. Ca. 1960’s- early 70’s. $125.


LUTECE. NYC. DATED 4.5.72. Restaurant receipt. $65.


FRENCH MENU LITHOGRAPHS.  8.5 x 11”  each has 2 folds.  Late 19th century. $125 ea.


Menu. LE VERT GALANT. AU COEUR DE PARIS SUR LA SEINE. inserted pink colored mimeographed menu from 1950. silk screened  on card paper signed  A J C 49. 42 Quai des Orfevres, Paris, 1st er. mentioned in PARIS CUISINE, Beard & Watt, 1952. $425.


6 MENU CARDS. Delicate sepia toned ink and color wash drawings, Italy inspired. Late 19th century, tape repair on the backside, one card has a menu written directly on the card. One inserts the written menu between the 2 cards of the menu and aligns it in the small frame. Gold colored edges.

Scenes include: Temple di Nettune, Capri da  Massa, Hotel Tramantano in Sorrento, Duomo Fiesole, Lucerne, Chiesa di Santa Croce Firenze. $145.



BILL OF FARE OF JOHN CAZALET'S DINING ROOM. 254 Fulton Street, between Washington and West Streets. New York. a relic of mid- 19th century New York. 9 x 5 3/4" folded.

The physical address is recorded in Longworth's American Almanac: New York Register and City Directory for the Sixty-Second year of American Independence. 1837, page 346: As early as 1837 it is recorded that 254 Fulton Street was a boarding house with grocers on either side: Johnson, Philip, boardinghouse. 254 Fulton Street, English, James. grocer. 256 Fulton, Denison, Charles. grocer. 252 Fulton.

In Trow's New York City Directory from 1865, page 654, there is listed a Neubeck, Conrad as either manufacturing or selling beer. Also recorded in Trow's of that year on page xcviii, is Topf, Michael, eating house.

Forty well ventilated and furnished rooms connected with the house-- not uncommon to have an eating establishment within the boarding house. American Fare. $400.


RESTAURANT VOISIN. 6 ¾ x 9 “. Cream card. With stains. Established in 1913 at 375 Park Avenue, New York by the Baumgarten brothers of Austria. After 6 successful years they sold it to start the renown Crillon. This during the WW1 years. On the back is an attendee’s handwritten tribute, intended to be read aloud, at this memorial dinner at the restaurant for Martin J. Sheriden. $95.


Menu. boldly signed on cover.  PAUL BOCUSE. Collonges au Mt.d'Or, France. etes 1981. 26 x 39.5 cm. white card glossy & matte, one fold. detailed image.   $125.


with tipped in silver gelatin and actual size tipped-in photographs


Owen Simmons, F.C.S. THE BOOK OF BREAD. London: Maclaren & Sons, n.d. 1903. 4to. 360pp. green cloth with gold stamped title. The author had the distinction of being the:

Highest Possible Medalist in the United Kingdom in Bread-making in 1886

Technological Examiner (1888-89) to the National Association of Master Bakers and Confectioners of

 Great Britain and Ireland
Certificated by Examinations under Government (Science and Art Department) in Chemistry, Mechanics, Machine Construction and Hygiene, and in Bread-Making Under the City and Guilds of London Institute (with “Honours”)
Expert since 1888 to “The British Baker”
Bread Judge at the International Exhibitions
Juror to the Universal Food and Cookery Association
lecturer on Bread-making Technology at the International Exhibitions, at the Borough Polytechnic, and
“The National School of Bakery”
etc., etc.

How to bake a good loaf, in a technological, scholarly and a scientific sort of way.

Illustrated with  “actual size” photographs- 8 black and white, as paste-ons, two superb “silver gelatin” photographs, 11 color photographic prints and 4 black and white photographic illustrations- all of types of bread loaves. In an introductory essay the author explains the difficulty in producing these photographs to illustrate the do’s and don'ts of breadmaking.Martin Parr and Gerry Badger included THE BOOK OF BREAD in their book THE PHOTOBOOK: A HISTORY VOLUME 1, 2004, and and also mention it in interviews publicizing their book- curiously comparing the book and author to a 1980’s conceptual artist. It has since “risen” in the “sought after” art book and rare book market.

Not mentioned in Elizabeth David’s bibliography in her comprehensive Bread Book published in 1977- a green cloth hardcover,  rubbed at the corners, stamped title on front and spine, clean pages tight , no cracking,  decorative end pages. several pages of advertising  by millers and of machinery.
Bitting 435; not in LOC; at Harvard $1800.

CAFE EUROPA from Havana, Cuba. Unframed advertisement for cafe EUROPA ca. 1927.a restaurant famous for the aromatic coffee and wine, sweet confections and chocolates. mucilage on the verso that bled through, thin paper. unframed. telephones came early to Havana.17 x 10 3/4". $250.

late 18th or early 19th century FRENCH satirical depiction of John Bull, blue overcoat, buff colored vest, bull dog, the dog for bull and bear baiting, ale, a hanging cockerel, cock fighting being a favorite sporting past time and a small depiction of a steer about to get the ax.


ou l'occupation favorite d'un Peuple Penseur.


Plus d'un fils albion au port grave et pesant

passe pou run penseur profond et penetrant

on se trompe en cela comme en toute autre affaire

milord ne pense pas, messeurs, mais il digere

et comme il sait fort bien que les distractions

sont souvent un obstacle aux grandes fonctions

d'un estomac qu'il craint autant qu'il le revere

il ne veut pas troubler l'utile ministere

“Having moved into smaller quarters, I will sell at Public Auction, at my home in RANDOLPH CENTER VILLAGE... AUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT. June 18th n.d. Randolph Center, Vermont. Paper toned. 25 x 19”. $150.

JAPANESE CULINARY POP. 23 X 16” Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, March & April, 1970. shrink wrapped. $600.







 original black ink drawings on white paper for gag (humorous) manga by  FUJIO AKATSUKA 1935-2008. 14 1/4 x 10" , unframed, shrink wrapped. $350.

BLONDIN COOKING DINNER ON A TIGHT ROPE. c. 1896. ca. late 19th century. unframed. $125. Close-up.






Tintype. Cleanup crew, ladies with brooms and brushes. $150.

TINTYPE. SUFFRAGETTES AND KITCHEN PANS. AN INSPIRATION ! an image of our fore-sisters, beautifully dressed, an American flag in the background and kitchen pans !! for the noise. 5 X 3.5.  NFS


Photograph: POTATO MAN FROM JOHN'S ISLAND (SOUTH CAROLINA.) Attributed to George W. Johnson. ca.1910's. original black and white, lightly sepia toned. 4 x 5 " This image of the potato man was used as an illustration in the now collectible cookbook 200 Years of Charleston Cookery by Blanche Rhett, c.1930.  $300.

Martin Miller (1917-2005) a late 1960's early 70's original print from the Martin estate. Martin was a prominent US Treasury Department official and a photographer famous for studies of unclothed women. His name and address is on the back of the photo and this is presumably his handwriting, with the number 12 circled. $675.