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3 CHAP BOOKS. Ephemera.





3.  No.4 PPIZE (sp?) COOK BOOK PRICE 5 CENTS. 16 pages. from Bread to Baked Mutton. One staple.

SOLD AS A SET-- $365.


Lucy W. Bostwick. MARGERY DAW’S HOME CONFECTIONERY. New York: Brentano’s, 1891. Silk cloth with a stamped gold colored bon-bon. 46 pages + blanks. 16mo. A tiny bit of foxing and front cover stain. Candy making at home, simple recipes, no pictures. sold


Mme. Blanche. CAKES FOR WEDDINGS AND ANNIVERSARIES. Self published 1914. Bakery shop brochure with photographs of cakes. 243 East 57 Street. 22 pages, 32mo, Title page portrait of Mme. Blanche Le Ralac, pricing page. Shop established in 1904. $150.




Princess Pamela. SOUL FOOD COOKBOOK. NY: New American Library, Signet, 1969. First printing. From The Little Kitchen on East 10th Street in NYC. Recipes on the right side of the open book and a quote from Pamela on the left page. 248 pages, the 1969 paperback was the only printing. An unused copy. $80.

Alice. B. Toklas. THE ALICE B. TOKLAS COOKBOOK. NY: Harpers and Brothers, 1954. A later printing with corrections made. DJ. In VG/VG.  $95.


THE ALICE B. TOKLAS COOK BOOK. London: Michael Joseph, 1954. with the famous recipe for Haschich Fudge, in the Desserts, Cold section, contributed by Brian Gysen- more famously, excised from the American editions. But this has the corrections of the eratta of first American printing. As a cookbook. recipes reminiscent of their garden or the local foods or lack of them. This British edition has the illustrations of Sir Francis Rose, and the dust jacket illustration is after the photograph of Alice- by Carl Van Vechten while at the Bilingin. $395.


A letter written to a Mr.  [Philip] Cummings of Woodstock, Vermont, a poet, suggesting his travel to Bilignin-- to  Alice's and Gertrude's home, via Belley. A cordial letter written in 1934 during the time G & A spent in Bilingnin. Janet Malcolm wrote a essay for The New Yorker  that easily puts their notority and so this letter into perspective in the writers and artists world, and Mr. Cummings Wiki page focuses the letter. $750.



ALICE B. TOKLAS. reading from The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook and Gertrude Steins’s The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. recorded April 29, 1960, Paris. cover photo by Carl Van Vechten. an opened copy a perfect LP, from Verve Records, literary series. one complete side from the Cook Book. a thrill to hear.    $250.

Verta Mae. VIBRATION COOKING. NY Doubleday & Co., 1970. FIRST EDITION STATED. 8vo. 190pp. d.j. autobiography, cookbook, travelogue by the granddaughter of a slave, who dedicated the book “ to my mama and my grandmothers and my sisters in appreciation of the years that they worked in Miss Ann’s kitchen and then came home to TCB in spite of slavery and oppression and the Moynihan report” a real mix of island, French, Philadelphian, African. $125.

Andrew Fuller. THE ILLUSTRATED STRAWBERRY CULTURIST. New York: Orange Judd Company, 1915, c1887. 12mo. 59pp. + Judd advertising. containing the history, sexuality, field and garden culture of strawberries, forcing or pot culture, how to grow from seed, hybridizing and all other information necessary to enable everybody to raise their own strawberries; together with a description of new varieties and a list of the best of the old sorts. stamped title on front green cloth cover. a bright, clean copy. $60.


Joseph J. White. CRANBERRY CULTURE. New York: Orange Judd Company, 1909. c1885. new and enlarged edition. 12mo. 131pp + Judd advertising. illustrated. Orange Judd published books on Agriculture in the late 19th and early 20th century. this title covers the early natural history and the cultivation of the cranberry with 4 recipes for using cranberries for household use. a nice bright copy with green cloth cover and decorated gilt title on spine. $125.


William Falconer. MUSHROOMS: HOW TO GROW THEM. New York: Orange Judd Co., 1910 c. 1891. 12mo. 169pp. A practical treatise on Mushroom culture for profit and pleasure. illustrated. blind stamped and gilt cover and spine design. a very nice copy. $75.


J.M. Trowbridge. THE COMPLETE CIDER MAKERS’ HAND BOOK. New York: Orange Judd Co., 1901. c. 1890. 119 pages + publishers advertising. a complete guide for making and keeping pure cider. illustrated with press machinery, industrial and home and with filtering racks and cloths, with terminology defined and instructions. gilt decorative title on spine on a blind stamped brown cloth cover. uniform to the other Judd publications. a nice copy. $150.


B. Eastwood. THE CRANBERRY AND ITS CULTURE. NY: C.M. Saxton & Co., 1856. 1st book published on Cranberries. 13 chapters covering the natural history, proper locations for plantings, diseases, blossoming times, the markets. illustrated with a decorative title page and 9 additional plates. brown blind stamped cloth cover with a decorative gilt title on the spine. $225.


Peter Henderson. GARDENING FOR PROFIT; A GUIDE TO THE SUCCESSFUL CULTIVATION OF THE MARKET AND FAMILY GARDEN. New York: Orange Judd & Company, 1867. 1st ed. 12mo. 243pp + publisher’s advertising. green cloth with gilt title on spine with a stamped cabbage motif on front cover. dealing with the garden and planning with chapter 17 covering the descriptions of vegetables and their varieties and the cultivation of them, illustrated throughout. $75.


Robert Buist. THE FAMILY KITCHEN GARDENER, CONTAINING PLAIN AND ACCURATE DESCRIPTIONS OF ALL THE DIFFERENT SPECIES AND VARIETIES OF CULINARY VEGETABLES; WITH......New York: A.O. Moore, Agricultural Book Publisher, 1858. illustrated with 25 engravings. Toning to the pages but a very nice copy gilt decorative front cover. $250.


Irma S. Rombauer. THE JOY OF COOKING. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1946. dj in pieces— parts missing. many handwritten recipe inserts--typewritten page with recipes from Hilda Goldberger from Santiago, Chile, in German. see Wiki Germans in Chile, 1940-50's; a recipe written on an envelope with an Indianapolis, Indiana address. some marginalia.  Well used copy, repaired. stains. $90.


Henriette Davidis. PRAKTISCHES KOCHBUCH FUR DIE DEUTSCHEN IN AMERIKA. Milwaukee: George Brumder’s Verlag, 1897. green decorative covers, 646 pages. some illustrations, black and white. in German. Milwaukee had a very large German population at the turn of the 20th century. A popular, all purpose cookbook having many editions with many book designs. first published in 1845. Wiki states that this cookbook became very popular and sold well  but that Henriette was not able to assert control over her work. This is a crisp copy. $75.

Mary J. Lincoln. THE BOSTON COOK BOOK. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1923. c. 1904. Revised edition, containing over 250 additional recipes. an incredibly clean, unused copy, repaired split rear hinge, binding cloth showing. with an un-clipped ($2.25), with chips, in a protective sleeve, dust jacket. $265.


Fannie Merritt Farmer. THE BOSTON COOKING-SCHOOL COOK BOOK. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1926. c 1924. new edition, revised and enlarged with 122 half-tone illustrations. 808 pgs. + several pages of advertising. very clean, slight cocking, repaired split front hinge, with a chipped dust jacket. sold


--another copy. 1933. C1930.a bright jacket with some chips and stains. Tight binding in VG. $100.


--another copy.  Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1938. 6th edition, revised. with a dust jacket in a protective sleeve. a very good copy with some yellowing from age. $100.


--another copy. Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1942. Revised 1941. Seventh edition. tightly bound, some chips in the bright jacket. $100.


--another copy. 1954. Revised 1951. A very clean unused copy in a good jacket. sold


-- another copy. 1962. Revised 1959, tenth edition. bright modern jacket over an unused copy. $65.

John McPhee. ORANGES. NY: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1967. a pristine copy in a protective dust wrapper sleeve. $135.



Artemas Ward. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOOD. New York: The Baker & Taylor Company, 1929. large 4to. 596pp. an encyclopedia of food and its sources. illustrated. full page and half page photographs and illustrations. Deep grey/green cloth cover. a very good copy. $150.

--THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOOD. New York: Artemas Ward, 1923. a very good copy in grey/green cloth cover. a very good copy. $175.

- A THOUSAND WAYS TO PLEASE A FAMILY. WITH BETTINA’S BEST RECIPES. NY: A.L. Burt, 1922. 397 pages. 59 Chapters of more scenarios and seasonal cooking with Bettina’s family. Book 2 in the Bettina series of cookery books. With a tatty dust jacket.   $165.

California Women.



LOS ANGELES TIMES COOK BOOK = NO. 2. (THE TIMES COOK BOOK – NO.2 957 COOKING AND OTHER RECIPES) Los Angeles: The Times Mirror Co., 1905. 105 pages. Red cloth covers, worn, 25 cents stamp, including a first chapter of Spanish Dishes. Early edition of this title with the first being 1902. $115.




Nina Nikolaevna Selivanova. DINING AND WINING IN OLD RUSSIA. NY:  E.P. Dutton & Co., 1933. First edition.  A bit of  Russian history prefacing the chapters from  the Seventeenth Century onwards. A very clean copy with toned pages,  a chipped jacket in a protective sleev red colored jacket over red cloth covered boards.  $175.


Aristene Pixley. THE GREEN MOUNTAIN COOK BOOK. Brattleboro, Stephen Daye Press, 1934. 1st ed. 90 pages+ Local advertising including George Aiken's (Putney neighbors) butternuts. a well preserved copy. With the original banner advertising the book. Vermont cuisine ! All the better if you buy your ingredients locally or get it from your garden. Simple and good. $95.


Auntie”, Aunt “Dell”, Aunt Elinor,Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Emery, Aunt Gertrude, Aunt “Mattie”, Aunt “Robbie”, Aunt Virginia, Grandmother Holden. THE AUNT'S COOK BOOK. Cleveland: Horace Carr, 1937. a published family cookbook with the recipes gathered from the Aunts and from other tried and true sources - New England and American south. clean and tight, Jacket is sunned. Decorated inside endpages and a wonderful frontis in the manner of Luca Della Robbia. $95.


Della Lutes. THE COUNTRY KITCHEN.  Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1941. c.1935 &1936. later printing. 264 pages. near fine. With a very good jacket. A late 19th century family story of life in southern Michigan. Ms. Lutes stories were first printed in Atlantic Monthly magazine and they attracted a great following. 12 chapters and recipes interspersed. $45.


Lafcadio Hearn. LA CUISINE CREOLE. New Orleans: F. F. Hansell & Bro., Ltd.,1885 [1922]. third printing of this title by the author and traveler, known for beautifully written Japanese essays and studies. La Cuisine has brief essays and recipes: a 'gombo' of American and French with American ingredients. 268 pages, red cloth cover, a tight binding with  much wear.


Natalie Scott. 200 YEARS OF NEW ORLEANS COOKING. NY: Jonathan Cape & Harrison Smith, 1931. decorations - line drawings by by William Spratling. 238 pages. medium sized, white polka dotted cloth cover. with a d/j, page marker. $175.

--another copy without the jacket. large polka dotted cloth cover. clean and bright. black topped pages. Scott moved in artistic, visual and literary circles, she also wrote a charming book on Mexican Cooking.sold

--another copy without the jacket. small dots on red cloth. fep missing, oherwise in VG. $100.


Blanche S. Rhett. 200 YEARS OF CHARLESTON COOKING, with recipes gathered by Blanche S. Rhett, published by Cape & Smith in 1930. yellow and red calico cloth cover. $125.


Virginia Cooper. THE CREOLE KITCHEN COOK BOOK. FAMOUS NEW ORLEANS RECIPES. San Antonio: The Naylor Company, 1941. bright jacket over a  VG+ copy. $50.

Photograph: POTATO MAN FROM JOHN'S ISLAND (SOUTH CAROLINA.) Attributed to George W. Johnson. ca.1910's.original photograph. 4 x 5", unmarked on back, documented in Bostick & Crooks, On the Eve of the Charleston Renaissance: The George W. Johnson Photographs, a pristine photograph. used as an illustration in 200 Years of Charleston Cooking, Blanche Rhett, NY: 1930. $400.


MFK Fisher


-SERVE IT FORTH. NY: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1937. 1st ed. with dust jacket. salmon colored endpapers. her first book of essays. $900.

-another copy NY: World Book Company (Duell, Sloan and Pearce,) [1937]. undated published after 1943, War edition. $165.


HOW TO COOK A WOLF. NY: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc. 1942. Second printing. dj. a very good bright copy. $165.

- another copy. NY: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1951. Revised edition withfootnotes & marginalia and.  With a dust jacket. 282 pages. $150.


THE GASTRONOMICAL ME. NY: World Book Cmpany, (Duell, Sloan and Pearce,) 1943 later printing. published as a war time edition. 'The Measure of My Powers' and food, security and love. bright jacket with small chips over a clean copy. $90.

another copy. Cleveland: The World Publishing Company (Forum Books Edition,)1948. green jacket. $90.


HERE LET US FEAST A BOOK OF BANQUETS. NY: The Viking Press, 1946. an anthology of essays by other writers. dj. $100.


NOT NOW BUT NOW. NY The Viking Press, 1947. Dj. Fiction. $110.


AN ALPHABET FOR GOURMETS. NY; The Viking Press. 1949. $145.


THE ART OF EATING. Cleveland: The World Publishing Company, 1954. dj. $85.


WITH BOLD KNIFE AND FORK. NY: Putnam's Sons, 1969. lots of essays with recipes. a bright copy. $75.


THE PHYSIOLOGY OF TASTE.  NY: The Heritage Press, 1949. Illustrations by Sylvan Sauvage. In the slipcase, with original mylar, all in vg +++. With the monthly newsletter issued.  $150.


A CONSIDERABLE TOWN. New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1978.


AS THEY WERE. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1982. dj .$50.


-SISTER AGE. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1983. 1st ed. 15 essays. nearly new. SIGNED MFK Fisher Glen Allen 1983 on FEP. $250.


SPIRITS OF THE VALLEY. NY: Targ Editions, 1985. first edition, limited to 250 copies, SIGNED by Fisher. beautifully designed hand printed boards. a memoir of Bareacres. $22.


LONG AGO IN FRANCE. THE YEARS IN DIJON. NY: The Prentiss Hall Press, 1991. dj. $40.


CONVERSATIONS WITH MFK FISHER. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1992. A selection of interviews with writers and journalists. $80.


STAY ME, OH COMFORT ME, JOURNALS AND STORIES, 1933-1941. NY: Pantheon Books, 1993. first edition, dj. $20.


M.F.K. FISHER A LIFE IN LETTERS CORRRESPONDENCE 1929-1991. Washington: Counterpoint, 1997. as new. hard cover. $35.


Jones, Fisher, Keller, Glaser. THE ADVENTURES OF CHEF GALLOIS. Covelo, California, 2000.Limited signed copy, 213/275. slip case, fine/fine. A story by Idwal Jones, illustrations by Milton Glaser. $400.HE POTS AND PANS


Joan Reardon. MFK FISHER AMONG THE POTS AND PANS. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008. as new. $22.




The knife article:

HARPER'S MAGAZINE. CRUSADE RESUMED. November, 1951. Bernard DeVoto wrote the 'knife' article, read by Julia Child, when she and Paul were in France, wrote to DeVoto whose wife Avis wrote back to Julia, and so the story goes, was the long 'fruitful' friendship and spark to Mastering the Art, published by Knopf in 1961. $45.

A small piece of the larger Mastering the Art of French Cooking puzzle. Louisette Bertholle is credited with this 1955 British edition, the American edition was published in 1952, though Simone Beck and Helmut Ripperger are credited inside on the back of the half-title page. Culled from more than 600 recipes submitted, this is 58 pages and just over 65 recipes. Mastering the Art was published 6 years later, with Bertholle, Beck and Child as the authors.


Louisette Bertholle, Simone Beck, Helmut Ripperger. WHAT'S COOKING IN FRANCE. NY: Ives Washburn, 1952. spiral bound, 63 pages. $95.

another copy: Louisette Bertholle. WHAT'S COOKING IN FRANCE. London: MacGibbon & Kee, 1955. A lively introduction to the delights and simplicity of French cooking. Red, white and blue stiff paper covers, spiral bound, crisp though lightly toned inside, bumped corners. Illustrations by Otto Fried. $95.


Child, Beck, Bertholle. MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1968. C 1961.  Blue end pages, bright dust jacket, nearly new. $90.

-another copy. London: Cassell, 1964. C 1961.  Some wear, in a dj. Overall good ++. $75. 


Julia Child. THE FRENCH CHEF COOKBOOK. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1968. First edition stated. Nearly new, a couple of edge stains. Vg++/vg++. sold


Mildred S. Friedman editor. DESIGN QUARTERLY 104. JULIA'S KITCHEN A DESIGN ANATOMY. Minneapolis, 1977. stiff paper covers, 39 numbered pages. pages + business card page. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Nicolas Polites. With photographs by Dick Swift. Black and white photographic images of Julia in her kitchen at home, analyzed graphically, architecturally and ergonomically. A vg++ copy with a pristine folded poster. $165.




Marithe de Alvarado. ARTE MEXICANO DEL AZUCAR. Campania Editorial Continental, 1978. c.1959. 728 pages. in Spanish, covering all aspects of baking— ingredients to decorations. profusely illustrated. $165.


Salazar Montroy. LA TIPICA COCINA POBLANA Y LOS GUISOS DE SUS RELIGIOSAS.    Puebla: 1945. 48 pages + 24 pages of advertising.
[The typical poblano cuisine is characterized by its tiles, for its semi-circular and  circular braziers, for their round or square burners with andirons, for their grinding stones and bowls granite stone for their pot-bellied clay pots with glazed rim for turkey mole, by its whorls for soups, for its large clay pots for cooking tasty tamales and atole or champurrados, and for refreshments horchata, by iron grills to forge roasting meats. The recipes were taken from old journals and notes from religious orders preserved in their monasteries and convents. Old measures were modernized.] $95.




Alma Lobo Aragon. LAS MEJORES RECETAS DE LAS COCINAS MEXICANA ESPANOLA Y FRANCESA. Mexico, D.F., 1975. Paper wraps. 157 pages. toned paper, near as new. $50.


Nancy Crow, editor and Helene Ginsberg. RECIPES  OF NA-BOLOM. Self published, 1971. Second edition. An effort on behalf of Gertrude Blom to preserve the Na-Bolom Library in San Cristobal  de Las Casas. Proceeds were for the maintenance of the archeological library and museum founded by Frans and Gertrude Blom. with paper clippings and letters. $75.


Natalie Scott. MEXICAN COOK-BOOK. Mexico: Godinez, 1953. 3rd edition. an inscribed copy. decorated & stamped cloth covers-- a bit soiled, clean and tight interior with more illustrations. 88 pages. decorations by Enrique Alvarez. a charming cook book ! $250.

--another copy. Mexico, 1955. A bright, little copy in a clean bright jacket. sold


Erna Fergusson. MEXICAN COOKBOOK. Santa Fe: The Rydal Press, 1934. first. stencil illustrations by Valentin Vidaurreta. 119 pages. another very pretty little Mexican cookery book. in English. with recipes and menus, index. a very bright copy. sold


Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert. THE GOOD LIFE NEW MEXICAN FOOD. Santa Fe: San Vicente Foundation, Inc., 1949. 8vo. 96pp. a title notable for its design by Merle Armitage. again incorporating Armitage colors of yellow, black and red. paper covered boards with dust jacket. light sunning to the spine. red endpapers. introductory stories of simple food gathering, harvesting, cooking, of weddings, religious seasons and recipes. a lovely copy of this rarer of Armitage designs. sold


Sylvain Claudius Goy. LA CUISINE ANGLO-AMERICAINE; LA CUISINE DE L'AMERIQUE CENTRALE. NY: Weiss and Company, 1915. 1st edition. 489 pages, brown cloth boards. in very good condition. L.O.C. on line digital library. Bitting 197. in NYPL. not in Cagle. $145.


Carmen Aboy Valldejuli. COCINA CRIOLLA. Boston: The Alpine Press, 1964.c 1962. Eighth printing. 467 pages. $50.


Rosa  Marquesa de Castellar. MY STOVE IS MY CASTLE. Mexico, 1956. Her collection of recipes. A charming book, nicely designed. $65.


Laura Esquivel. LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE. Ny: Bantam Doubleday, 1992. Paperback, first edition stated. Signed and dated on the half title page. As new. Translated in 1992.  c.1989. monthly installments of love and recipes and lots of tears—read the book, forget about the movie. $145.


Alice Erie Young and Patricia Peters Stephenson. DISCOVERING MEXICAN COOOKING. San Antonio: The Naylor Company, 1958. Third edition. 61 pages + pages of 2 notes with recipes. Otherwise a carefully kept copy with a dj. $60.


Diana Kennedy. THE CUISINES OF MEXICO. NY: Harper and Row Publishers, 1972. Edition not stated. A fine clean copy in a very good clean jacket. the best. $45.


MY MEXICO. NY: Clarkson Potter, 1998. First stated edition. price clipped. Bright yellow jacket over a perfect copy. $45.


Eliza B. Dooley. PUERTO RICAN COOK BOOK. Richmond: The Dietz Press, Inc., 1950. Second printing. Authentic recipes. The author ranked a few notches above the natives. Illustrated by Dooley. Dj/vg/vg. $60.



Mexico, Centro Benefico de Mayorazgo. PUEBLA Y SU COCINA. 1978. c1971. second edition. dj photograph of a tiled kitchen with pottery bowls. 357 pages of recipes contributed by residents of the Mayorazgo community. Well preserved copy. $90.


EL COCINERO PRACTICO CHILENO. Santiago: Imprenta Gutenberg n.d. 1920-30’s. well worn, loose binding. 251 toned pages. pictorial boards. $90.


Natalie Scott. COCINA TO YOU. MEXICAN DISHES FOR AMERICAN KITCHENS. Mexico: La Natioanl Impresora, 1942. c.  86 pages. no jacket. 1st edition of THE MEXICAN-COOKBOOK. $75.


Teresa Calleja and Gloria Sesto. LA COCINERA POBLANA. 300 RECETAS DE ENTREMES, SOPAS, PESCADOS, CARNES, AVES, ENSALADAS, SALSAS, PASTELES, DULCES.  La Cocinera Poblana. Mexico: El Libro Espanol, ca.1950. bright pictorial paper covers, uncut pages. $225.





Paul Pierce wrote 4 entertaining recipe books. rare as a set and with dust jackets. 2 jackets have sticker remains, 1 has chips, 1 is perfect. Suggestions for different entertaining gatherings, a Midsummer Luncheon, a Fourth of July Dinner, A German Whist Party, A Flag Party for Decoration Day, For the Children's Fourth, Amateur Vaudeville, An Autumn, Leaf Party, A Chafing Dish Party, Folk Lore Party, A Dicken's Supper, Cake walk Supper, April Breakfast, Breakfast Alfresco, A Book Title Tea, A Flower Tea, to name just a few. with menu suggestions and recipes. All are clean, bright and appear to have not been used.

DINNERS AND LUNCHEONS. Chicago: Brewer, Barse & Company, 1907. 96 pages. blue cloth with gilt and black decorations.

SUPPERS. NY: Barse & Hopkins, 1907. 96 pages, orange cloth, gilt and black.

BREAKFASTS AND TEAS. New York, Barse & Company, 1907.


sold as a set $300.


"Yacoubi the chef is mapping timeless areas of magic." Wm. Burroughs

"Ahmed is a Great chef- a master." - Allen Ginsberg

"Ahmed Yacoubi, whose paintings have been acclaimed in one man shows through out the world, was born in El Keddane, one of the most ancient quarters of Fez, Morocco. He is a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed on both parents' sides, and his early education including his culinary artistry, were passed on to him from his father and grandfather. For several generations Yacoubi's family has exercised the profession of F'qih, healing by the laying of hands, by the manipulation of fire, by collecting herbs and brewing concoctions of them, and by the writing of sacred formulas at propitious moments. The office of F'qih was destined to be assumed by Ahmed; his education consisted solely of learning of learning how to treat the sick, of learning the legends, songs and dances of the region, and of memorizing and paraphrasing the Koran. His cuisine, by no means the usual Moroccan fare, is famous among those privileged to attend his table." Paul Bowles


Ahmed Yacoubi.  ALCHEMIST'S COOKBOOK. Omen Press: Tucson, 1972. 142 pages, multicolored pages. using meats, poultry, eggs and grains, with several desserts using hash and kif. Yacoubi traveled in the same Bowles/Burroughs a painter and writer... but penned a cookbook as well. collectible. a very good, bright copy. $200.

another copy- Tucson: Omen Press, 1972. softcover. small 8vo. 142pp. Moroccan scientific cuisine. illustrations by Michael Cotton and Prairie Prince. some typical Moroccan recipes and a few recipes using questionable mind altering ingredients. Associated with Bowles, Ginsberg and Burroughs; an artist in his own right, reputed to be a direct descendant of Mohammed. a very good copy, signed by Yacoubi on the title page.  $250.

Joseph Tilden. JOE TILDEN’S RECIPES FOR EPICURES. San Francisco; A. M. Robertson, 1907. 16mo. 132pp. + 3 pp index. an odd assortment of recipes but that’s not what this book is about. aesthetic, arts and crafts designed book. 2 color printed pages with a decorative motif beginning the chapter. thicker cream colored paper. a very good copy with the issued glassine cover protector. $125.

Robert Coote. BALL ROOM DANCING WITHOUT A MASTER. FOR HOME PRACTICE. WITH ILLUSTRATED FIGURES AND DIAGRAMS. London: Reynolds & Co.,n.d. ca 1870. new edition. by Robert Coote, Professor and Teacher of Dancing and Deportment. 63 pages of instruction + adv. small 32mo. maroon stiff paper covers with gilt titles andedges. sewn binding, strong and clean but with a bit of wear. a priceless little treasure for slipping into your pocket for a quick reference. in the collection at Harvard and in Stanford's extensive collection on dance.     $350.


“Dance one or two evenings a week.”

Professor A.C. Wirth. COMPLETE QUADRILLE CALL BOOK AND DANCING MASTER. Chicago: Frederick Drake & Co., 1902. 148 pp. stamped decorated cloth cover. if you can follow directions..... actually a reference for those who are having instruction on the dances. $60.


Two Amateur Leaders. THE GERMAN HOW TO GIVE IT. HOW TO LEAD IT HOW TO DANCE IT. Chicago: A.C. McClure & Co., 1890 c.1878. 132pp. the dances also known as The Cotillion. the etiquette: from the invitations to the favors. some pencil marginalia x’s. dark green cloth with gilt titles. descriptions of figures or that which will be danced, from the simple to those  with ’properties’- $50.


Thomas Hillgrove. THE COMPLETE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE ART OF DANCING. NY: DICK & FITZGERALD, 1869. C.1863. illustrations throughout of dancers and of foot  positions. This publisher also produced many, many how to’s parlor games, speeches, letter writing and gender specific titles such as the popular drink manuals for men. last 2 pages missing which would have been the solid yellow last page and a page of titles from the publisher. dark green cloth with decorative gilt title on front and spine. $100.



LARGE ADVERTISING FAN. 11inch radius. wood frame. Summer 1880. H. O'Neill & Co. 321 to 329 6th Avenue NY. hat styles with names on both sides-- bright colors and in VG condition. detail of the shop address below. $175.

ADVERTISING FAN. ephemera from Cafe Martin [1901-1913], NYC. early 20th century. credit for my description goes  to Henry Voigt for his highly informative blog entitled THE AMERICAN MENU. Cafe Martin was opened in 1901 by the Martin brothers, Jean and Louis- on the foundation of Delmonico’s restaurant at 26th Street between 5th and Broadway. It was sumptuous and well orchestrated, easily accommodating a society wedding or political caucus nominating supper. Fan is Japonisme-Victorian style, wooden sticks(9”) and guards, brass rivet and loop, cotton cord tassel. In VG. $150.