Dated receipt, Sept 28th, 1814. from Leverit Chapman to Joseph Knibloe, Dr. carting quantities of Rum, Brandy, Gin and Candles. 

Also for purchases in 1814 of Rum & Tea, a Pocket Book and Brandy. fold marks. very legible. approx.  6.25 x 8"     $100. 






FLUXUS. POMMES DE TERRE.... uncut elements, here, as a broadside, George Maciunas' graphic designs.  $125.

6 MENU CARDS. Delicate sepia toned ink and color wash drawings, Italy inspired. Late 19th century, tape repair on the backside, one card has a menu written directly on the card. One inserts the written menu between the 2 cards of the menu and aligns it in the small frame. Gold colored edges.

Scenes include: Temple di Nettune, Capri da  Massa, Hotel Tramantano in Sorrento, Duomo Fiesole, Lucerne, Chiesa di Santa Croce Firenze. $145.

RAYMOND PEYNET menu cover Illustration.   France's own.  









                            $125. ea

CROIX-VERT     BON LAIT EN GARE      Large broadside.       WW1 folded, in VG $200.