ADVERTISING FAN. ephemera from Cafe Martin [1901-1913], NYC. early 20th century. credit for my description goes  to Henry Voigt for his highly informative blog entitled THE AMERICAN MENU. Cafe Martin was opened in 1901 by the Martin brothers, Jean and Louis- on the foundation of Delmonico’s restaurant at 26th Street between 5th and Broadway. It was sumptuous and well orchestrated, easily accommodating a society wedding or political caucus nominating supper. Fan is Japonisme-Victorian style, wooden sticks(9”) and guards, brass rivet and loop, cotton cord tassel. In VG. $150.


Scrap Book from Towada Pa. November 15, 1916. assembled newspaper clippings pasted into a repurposed book that was entitled DARING DEEDS OF AMERICAN HEROES, 1856. $95



This is a  dominotier for an éventail or handfan. The bright colors are reminscencent of Tarascon fabric-- at least to me.   It's in the shop until I'm ready to part with it-- bright and  charming and framed with provenance seems to have been a museum deaccession.   $950.



Dated receipt, Sept 28th, 1814. from Leverit Chapman to Joseph Knibloe, Dr. carting quantities of Rum, Brandy, Gin and Candles. 

Also for purchases in 1814 of Rum & Tea, a Pocket Book and Brandy. fold marks. very legible. approx.  6.25 x 8"     $100. 






Mme. Blanche. CAKES FOR WEDDINGS AND ANNIVERSARIES. Self published 1914. Bakery shop brochure with photographs of cakes. 243 East 57th Street, New York. 22 pages, 32mo. Title page, portrait page of Mme. Blanche Le Ralac, pricing page. Shop established in 1904. 12 pages. 2 staples.  Her business card.  $150.

CROIX-VERT     BON LAIT EN GARE      Large broadside.       WW1 folded, in VG $200.